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Holidays Reviewed on Review This Reviews!


Treasures from the Archives of Review This Reviews! 

We all enjoy special events, celebrations, and fun holidays. Seems mankind is always seeking something new to celebrate, or a reason to bring a bit of joy into our daily lives. After all, there needs to be a balance to work and responsibilities. 
Companies, special project groups, focus groups and campaigns have brought some fun to otherwise normal days by naming days, or even months, for fun things or activities. 

Did you know there is a National Lollipop Day, or a Hot Tea Month?  For those of us who love cookies, there is even a Bake Cookies Day appropriately set a week before Christmas.  

Of course, there are days to celebrate our favorite animals.  Who wouldn't love International Rabbit Day and National Dolphin Day!

We also celebrate relaxing!  So, hang your hammock on National Hammock Day , grab a Paczki or popcorn, a book or headphones, and take the day off.  If you prefer, spend your day off enjoying your hobby.  After all, there is a National Hobby Month, even though a month is not long enough to celebrate our favorite hobby.

Come to think of it, there should be a Review This Reviews Day!  Select the best day for celebrating Review This Reviews, share your ideas in the comments below, and we will take all of the recommendations, choose a specific date, and declare it Review This Reviews Day!  

Our contributors enjoy highlighting these days of celebration.  We hope to bring a little sunshine to your day and give you a reason to smile and have fun.  In addition to the major holidays, we review the fun holidays, explain their origins when known, and encourage our readers to focus on fun and happiness.

Let's find a reason to celebrate!

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  1. As you know from some of the 'special holiday' reviews I've presented, I LOVE these fun 'extra' daily and monthly holidays celebrating all sorts of interesting things. Plus, it is so nice that there are specific dates recognizing important things that bring out public awareness, such as National Cancer Day and National Heart Month. Thanks for this collection of fun and special days, Mouse.

    1. PS: My choice for Review This Reviews Day is January 22, the anniversary of the day the very first post was published on the ReviewThisReviews.com site. :)

  2. I love these days & months of celebration. Thanks to the reviews here on Review This Reviews, I have learned a lot about the subjects. They always bring a smile to my face for sure.

    Oh, wow! A "Review This Reviews Day" would definitely be a fun day to celebrate. I really love Elf's suggestion of the date of our first publication, January 22. Until I read her suggestion, I was thinking of using the same date as Friendship Day since we are all friends.

  3. I love reading the growing collection of wonderful holiday reviews on Review This Reviews. I'm definitely in favor of appreciating and celebrating as much as we can, as often as we can! I have gotten a big kick out of discovering some of the lesser-known holidays that I might never have known about if not for the informative (and often fun) posts about them here on Review This Reviews.

    Like Sylvestermouse, I love Elf's suggestion to establish Review This Reviews Day on January 22, the anniversary of the site's first post!

  4. There are holidays for just about everything and I love discovering new ones. I love hot tea month, but I also love Feb 1st which is National Dark Chocolate Day and of course July 7th - World Chocolate Day.

    I love the idea of establishing Review This Reviews Day on January 22.

  5. Oh let me see....I don't think I can point out one special holiday, there are so many that just make me drool. Cookie Day, Chocolate Day, Hamburger Day! Do you notice the pattern? It's all about FOOD! Bring on those wacky wonderful days and I'll eat and drink to the success of the celebrations! I was also pleased to find out Review This Reviews had an anniversary date! January 22nd, it's coming soon!

  6. ReviewthisReviews is an excellent source to find products or information! Why? because everyone here is a real person, who actually uses or knows of what they speak. I trust the ladies here and no matter the celebration or need, I head over here for tips and information.


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