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Disposable Feeding Bowls for Dogs Reviewed

Disposable Dog Bowls
Disposable dog bowls are essential when traveling, on vacation, or using a pet sitter for times when you must be away.

We found out how practical these disposable feeding bowls for our dog were when we helped our daughter move across the country. Since we couldn't take our dog, Merlin, with us in the U-Haul, we left him at home with our adult son.  

Adding the care of a pet to a daily routine can initially be very stressful for anyone, but is especially challenging for someone with a full-time job.  While we were away, our son had to feed Merlin every morning before he went to work, come home during his lunch break to let him out and feed him a snack, then come home right after work.  Merlin's dinner was usually a few hours later.

I'm certain our son would have washed Merlin's food bowls several times a day like we do, but that seemed like an easy task to eliminate with the disposable bowls.  

We did start feeding Merlin from the Glad bowls a few days before we left to let him know they were okay for his meals.  I'm really glad we thought to start him on those bowls before we left because he did find them odd at first and was hesitant to just start eating from them. After a few feedings, he didn't even question the bowls. No doubt, that made feeding him easier for our son too.  Both "boys" had enough adjustments to make in their daily routines without adjusting to new food bowls.

Because these bowls are disposable, it was easy for our son to simply toss them in the trash once our pup finished his meal.

Since our return home, these disposable bowls have become handy to use when giving him water in the car or outdoors.  It is nice to have the convenience of being able to throw the bowls away instead of washing them, especially when we don't have access to a sink, running water, & dish soap.

Disposable Feeding Bowls for Dogs by Glad

 Glad for Pets Disposable Feeding Bowls | Large Dog Bowls in Gray Pattern | 3.5 Cup Feeding Size, 50 CountCheck PriceGlad is a name we all trust for kitchen products.  I was thrilled to see they made these disposable pet bowls.  The bowls are leak-proof which makes them suitable for food or water.

They are available in 2 sizes to accommodate a variety of dogs.  Since Merlin is a grown Labrador Retriever, we opted for the large size.  They are perfect for him! They hold 3.5 cups of food or water.

The smaller size holds 1.75 cups of food or water and would be great for smaller dogs.

I now consider these disposable bowls "essential" for dog owners. There will always be times that we need the convenience and cleanliness of a "one use" dog bowl. 

Now, Merlin keeps nudging me toward the door.  He wants "his boy" to come back to take care of him for another 2 weeks of grand adventures!

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  1. How cool -- and convenient. My niece-dog - Boston Terrier Abbi, whom I've pet-sit for in the past, has 'parents' who do a lot of traveling with her. (They are snow-birds, so drive back & forth twice a year from warm to warm spots in the country (no winter time left in their 'retired' routine). Abbi is a good traveler, but feeding on-the-road can be a hassle. I shall immediately tell them about these disposable feeding bowls as they are nearing their annual trip South! Thanks so much, Mouse, for this helpful and timely review.

  2. It was very thoughtful of you to make things easier for your son, and, most especially, to think about transitioning Merlin to a change in his routine. Dogs are so sensitive to changes in their routine, as you well know. I wasn't aware of these disposable dog bowls. Very handy and useful. Thanks for the introduction. Give that boy (Merlin) a hug from me. Who's a good boy?

  3. How very convenient these are. I bet your son appreciated the convivence it was thoughtful to make it easy for him. I'm sure Merlin was glad when you returned home and things got back to normal for him. It's always nice to have a family member around to help with pets.

  4. I hadn't heard of these bowls before. I will keep them in mind should the need arise. Thank you for your review and recommendation.

  5. Your love for both your human and canine “boys” is evident, and I’m sure they appreciated your very efforts to make their transition to a different daily routine easier during your absence. How considerate to think of buying large, disposable dog feeding bowls to help lighten your son’s caretaking duties! It was equally thoughtful to introduce and accustom Merlin to these new food bowls before you left to help your daughter move to New York. I really love your whole family, please give Merlin a big hug, some “skritches” behind the ears and tummy rubs from me! πŸ’—πŸΎπŸΎπŸ’—

  6. I had no idea such a thing existed. These are a handy item to keep for travel. Good planning to start them on the bowls a few days before you went away. Makes a handy gift to include in a doggie gift basket as well.

  7. These disposable dog bowls sound like a brilliant creation. Introducing them to your pet before you actually need him to accept them sounds like a solid idea to me.

  8. This really is a great idea. I will have to let my son know that for the next time we need to babysit "Dougal". They certainly would make things a lot easier on us! Great review and again thank you!

  9. I love your Labrador Merlin! We used to have a Lab and they are great dogs. We do not have a dog at present but are hoping to have one in the future and recommendations for items like this dog bowl are going on my list of things we will need! It is very important to get dogs used to a new bowl for feeding or water well before you need to use it, as they can be very sensitive to change like that. Merlin did very well. Thank you.


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