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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Barbie Board Games: A Discussion and List

Here's a collection and a list of new, used and vintage Barbie board games complete with a list.
Anyone who loves Barbie and board games might find themselves wondering, as I did, what Barbie-themed board games are available. A simple search revealed the short list of Barbie-themed games that I review here on this page. However, the more I looked the more games I found and so you will also find on this page a longer list of games at the bottom of this page. This list may help you if you are seeking a particular game from a specific time period. Most of the games on this page (including on the list) are vintage but there are a couple of new games that were released along with the hit Barbie movie in 2023.


First up is the game with a blue cover shown above called simply, The Barbie Game. It was released by Mattel in 1960 and could well be the first game ever made. Beware that there are two versions of Queen of the Prom as it was re-released in 1994. Both are vintage games but have a decidedly different appearance.

The description of the game on the box of the newer version reads, “You are Barbie. Win if you are the first crowned Queen of the Prom. To win you must have a steady boyfriend, a prom dress and be elected president of a school club. Midge, Skipper and Ken share the fun.”

What fun it is to see the original game in this 1960s television commercial:


This vintage 1980 game was released by Whitman. The description on the back of the box reads, “Travel with Barbie by car and plane on her tour and visit movie studios, grand openings, charity telethons and more. If you are first to appear three times and then reach the awards presentation, you win.” It evokes all of the excitement of a glamorous life in the 1980s. 


The Barbie Dream Date game was released by Golden in 1992. In this game, “…girls play the Dream Date Game with Barbie and Ken! Ken picks out beautiful gifts for Barbie and might take her horseback riding, snow skiing or maybe even to a ball! Players collect gifts for Barbie, moving around the board and taking photos of their dates. At midnight, the individual with the most gift and date cards wins!” The cover definitely reminds me of the 1990s.


Another Golden release, this game was created in 1993. In this one you “play with a Barbie doll trying to be the first player to collect all of Barbie’s fashion accessories without getting a broken heart.” This game would be especially fun for anyone who loves fashion.


Monopoly has released hundreds or more likely thousands of board games on every theme you can possibly think of. Monopolyland says estimates range between 300 and 7,000 games and that the largest known collection of Monopoly games claims to have 3,500 games. Anyway, when I looked, I could find two Barbie versions. 

This is the official Barbie Monopoly board game that was released in conjunction with the 2023 movie, Barbie.

The first version was the Barbie Boutique Edition from 2007, which was packed in a pretty pink box. Finding a description of it proved difficult though pictures show that it was beautifully presented in a jewelry-style box.

The second version was official movie merchandise that was released in tandem with the movie Barbie. It is widely available and the box reads, “You can be anything with Barbie…Follow your dreams around the board. Buy famous streets, build DreamHouses and draw Dream Closet and Dream Career cards for extra twists. Flex your unique skills, dream a bit, own it all and be anything!” I expect a lot of people received this version of the game for Christmas in 2023. If you are interested, you can find Barbie Monopoly on Amazon by clicking here.


As I was reading about the games mentioned above, I kept discovering more new, used and vintage Barbie-themed games. I guess that is not really surprising given the length of time that Barbie has been around. The gaps in years tells me that this list is not likely complete but here’s my list, not definitive, but definitely long, arranged in chronological order: 

Queen of the Prom Game (1960)
Keys to Fame Game (1963)
Skipper: Barbie's Little Sister (1964)
The Barbie World of Fashion game (1967)
Miss Lively Livin’ (1970)
Take a Personal Appearance Tour with Barbie. (1980)
Charms the World (1985)
Barbie Meets Ken in the Game of Their Dreams! (1987)
Just Us Girls (1989)
Shopping Spree Card Game (1991)
We Girls Can Do Anything (1991)
Dream Date (1992)
Fun Fashions Memory Game (1992)
Butterfly Princess (1995)
Dress Up Game (1995)
Sparkle Kingdom Game (1996)
Go Shopping! (1999)
Enchanted 3-D Game (2001)
Barbie Says (2002)
UNO: Barbie (2002)
Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)
Rapunzel (2003)
The Nutcracker Playset Game (2003)
UNO: Barbie California Girl (2004)
The Princess and the Pauper Game (2004)
Guess the Look! (2004)
Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)
World of Models (2008)
Race to the Party Game (2010)
Shopping Day (2011)
Charmed Travels (2011)
Fashion City (2011)
Gems! (2012)
Bring The Bling Game (2012)
Shop with Barbie (2013)
UNO: Barbie The Movie (2023)
Monopoly: Barbie Movie (2023)


If you are searching for any of these games, new, used or vintage, I suggest following this link to eBay's collection of new, used and vintage Barbie board games. There you will find many of these games in assorted condition. New games that are out of production will likely cost more. However, if you shop carefully, you can likely find a used game that is in good condition. 

Have I missed a Barbie game that you used to play?

See you
At the toy store!
Treasures By Brenda


For Barbie enthusiasts who love to build, there's a collection of fun Mega Bloks sets.

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My Barbie Doll Memories 
I was a child when Barbie was released. Discover a few of my earliest Barbie memories.

Uncover my pick of the best Barbie movie gift idea.

Discover the movie fashioned after Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds movie!

Barbie games

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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Mega Bloks Barbie Building Sets Reviewed

Mega Bloks and Mega has been building Barbie-themed sets since 2012. Discover a few of the originals here as well as the replica of the Barbie DreamHouse as seen in the 2023 movie!

Barbie fans who enjoy building sets will enjoy constructing Barbie-themed Mega Bloks sets. They were released long before the 2023 Barbie movie on March 29, 2012. At that time, Mattel announced that it would work with Mega Bloks on the creation of a series of building toys themed around Barbie. Fans would now be able to build their own Barbie worlds.

Mega Bloks said, "We are thrilled to join forces with Mega Bloks to create the first Mega Bloks building sets based on Barbie" and I am sure they were. Who wouldn't want to work with Barbie, one of Mattel's most recognized brands? 

Mega Bloks is also a very well-known manufacturer, known for a line of building toys that are thought to be "innovative, well-designed, affordable and high-quality products." As a team, these two companies created some wonderful building sets that are reviewed here on this page.


Watch this three-minute video to see how you can build, design and decorate with Mega Bloks Barbie sets. 


Mega Bloks says that the Barbie Sets are appropriate for children aged 4 years old and up. Small parts make them inappropriate for younger children but there is no limit to how old you can be to play with them. Adult fans will have fun building, designing and decorating with Barbie Mega Bloks, too! Some more recent sets have an older recommended age of 10 and are even designed for adult collectors.


Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'N Style Luxury Mansion or House, Set 80229BUILD 'N STYLE LUXURY MANSION, SET 80229
Your builder will love this fantastic house, a mansion with eight different rooms that can be organized as she likes. There's no doubt that this set will make a little girl's eyes light up. It includes two of the Mega Blocks Barbie dolls or micro-dolls as they are called, Fab Girl Barbie and Teresa. 


Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'N Style Beach House, Set 80226

Yes, Barbie also has her very own beach house. This set includes two micro-dolls, Beach Fun Barbie and Beach Fun Nikki and the that is comprised of two rooms and a patio that can be arranged however the builder likes.


Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'N Style Pool Party, Set 80228
The Build 'n Style Pool Party is cool or at least Barbie and Ken will be when they take plunge! It comes with two micro-dolls called Pool Party Barbie and Pool Party Ken and a multi-level pool that actually holds water. The pool area is built and decorated by the builder using the umbrellas, trees, flowers and other accessories that are provided.


Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'N Style Convertible Car, Set 80223
Where would a beach-themed Barbie set be without a car? The Build 'N Style Convertible Car allows Barbie to get around with the top down! We love it. Although it is nothing like the Barbie convertible from the 1970s, it still seems very like Barbie to me. The pink car features wheels that turn, a working trunk and a doll called Go Barbie.


A few more of the very early releases:

The Pet Shop
The Fashion Boutique
The Fashion Stand
The Ice Cream Cart
Party Time 
Movie Star 
Puppy Pals


Mega Barbie the Movie DreamHouse Replica building toy for adults.

The sets discussed above were the original releases but Mega Bloks has released more Barbie sets since 2012.  The most exciting set released in 2023 must surely be the Barbie DreamHouse, which is shown above. It is a replica of Barbie's home in the hit movie of the same name and is intended for adult collectors and rated for players aged 10 and up. With 1795 pieces, it comes with micro-dolls representing Margot Robbie's Barbie and Ryan Gosling's Ken.  

Find the Mega's Replica Barbie DreamHouse here, on Amazon.

Other recent sets include:

Color Reveal Train 'N Wash Pets
Horse Stables
Horse Jumping
Dream Camper
Malibu Dream Boat
Movie Replica Dream House


Some of these sets can still be found on Amazon. Click here to see all of the Mega Bloks Barbie sets available there today. Amazon has some of the original sets as well as all of the latest sets.

The earliest sets discussed here on this page were sold under the name Mega Bloks, and have been discontinued. If you are looking for a specific one of them you may have to turn to eBay.  Click here to see what Mega Barbie sets are available on eBay today. 

The more recent sets are sold under the shortened name, Mega.

See you at the toy store!

Treasures By Brenda


Barbie in my eBay Store
Discover what's in store! 

My Barbie Doll Memories 
I was a child when Barbie was released. Discover a few of my earliest Barbie memories.

Uncover my pick of the best Barbie movie gift idea.

Discover the movie fashioned after Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds movie!

Wear a Barbie Movie apron 
Find an apron inspired by the movie!

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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition – Game Review

 Toy Review of the Game, Cards Against Humanity.

Image of the family game 'Cards Against Humanity'

The Game

My son and family recently purchased a new family game called “Cards Against Humanity”. The name seemed a bit strange to me, but the game itself is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! I had never heard of it before, but I discovered later that it is well known by others in my family and a ball to play.

Card Game "Cards Against Humanity"
My son bought the family edition, which states that it is for ages 8 and up. After playing this game one time, I agree with the age range, as my 9-year-old grandson had no trouble reading the questions and following the rules just as well as his 14-year-old brother, mom, dad and grandma! 

Simple Rules

Cards Against Humanity question & answers examples

The game comes with 600 cards – a batch of black cards with questions, and a box full of white cards with answers. Both the questions and the answers are simple, sometimes silly, all the way to absurd … and all end up hilarious depending on the answer chosen for the question. 

Each player is dealt out 10 white 'answer' cards. Taking turns, one player reads a question from a black card and the other players choose one answer they consider the funniest from the 10 white cards in their hand. 

An example of answers to a question in our family game of 'Cards Against Humanity'
Personal examples of chosen answers
to questions in our family game

The question reader reads all the answers out loud, and then chooses their choice of the funniest answer. The owner of the chosen card gets a point. At the end of the game, the player with the most points is the winner. 

Each round, a replacement white card is dealt out, so that each player continues to hold 10 answer cards, and the next person becomes the question-reader. 

Really quite a simple game, and very funny. 


Similar to other games of this genre, Cards Against Humanity has a variety of expansion packs that can be purchased separately. They range in subject matter from Nostalgia (different decades) to Nerd to Dumb Jokes to Holidays and many more, up to a Nasty Bundle with words NOT appropriate for children, but funny as an adults-only party game. :) In other words, there is a subject for just about anyone!

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

This Family Edition of Cards Against Humanity is a fun, and funny, addition to our family's game cupboard. Kids get to engage in absurd wordplay with adults, and adults get to laugh at the silly answers.

Quick Links:

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*Family game reviewed by Wednesday Elf

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023


The new Barbie movie has caused lots of us to stop, think and talk about our Barbie doll memories. Discover the memories of this Baby Boomer!


Barbie was invented in 1959, a few years before my sister and I were born and it would be a few more years before we were ready to play Barbie. When we were ready in about 1967, a young neighbor who we barely knew gave us her entire Barbie collection. She had had a few years to amass a small collection and to outgrow it. How lucky for us! That gift was the start of our Barbie collections and provided many, many hours of play. Though I have no idea who she was or where she might be today, I have never forgotten her generosity.

Over the years, we accrued, mostly from Santa Claus, but also on birthdays and with birthday money, a few more Barbie dolls and, of course, a few more Barbie-themed items to go with them. 

As with most familial memories, my sister and I have slightly differing memories but I know that we shared that collection that was passed to us over the fence. What follows is a review of the main Barbie items that I remember us having. I apologize if this list is not 100 percent accurate.


I had a Barbie convertible and tent trailer set from 1973 known as The Barbie Goin' Camping set with Breezy Buggy and Tent Trailer. The Breezy Buggy “really rolled” and the tent trailer “closed up to tow neat and tidy.” This set came with everything that Barbie needed to go camping with including a sleeping bag, a campfire and grill, a camp stool, a picnic table and cooking accessories.  I turned up a few Goin' Camping sets and items here on eBay. It is interesting to see that people still want this set today.


We played a lot with Barbie's Country Camper. How about you?

My sister had the 1970 Barbie Country Camper, which was known as “a home for Barbie wherever she explores…The swinginest camper on wheels!” It, too, came with a a couple of camp stools and sleeping bags to help Barbie on the go. I found a selection of Country Campers and replacement parts and pieces here on eBay. The picture shown here was used with permission of eBay seller Gameday28 who has other Barbie items and a large selection of vintage toys in his eBay store.  


My sister also had the three-foot-high Barbie Townhouse that featured a real ‘working’ elevator and a house full of plastic furniture. For whatever reason, I vividly remember the orange couch. 


In terms of dolls, I remember having a Barbie with short curly hair that talked. I think she may have been the Talking Busy Barbie who was released in 1972. This talking doll said things like, "I dig having my own TV," "The new fashions are wild" and "That music is groovy." 


I also remember both of us eventually owning the 1971 Malibu Barbie. She turned out to be one of the most popular Barbies ever made and was produced for quite a few years. She was the ultimate surfer girl, suntanned with long straight blonde hair. Interestingly, she was popular enough that she has even been reissued over the years. If you are curious, you can see all of the new, used and vintage versions of Malibu Barbie here on eBay. My search just now turned up more than 2,300 Malibu Barbie items!


We did not have a lot of toys when we were growing up, which was the way it was in those days for most children. Being gifted with a Barbie collection was definitely pretty special.

How about you? Did you play with Barbie? Do you have any Barbie memories?

See you 
in Barbie land!
Treasures By Brenda


Barbie's in my eBay store! See what's in store here.

My Barbie Memories include a variety of pieces from the 1970s including Barbie's Goin' Camping Breezy Buggy & Tent Trailer, the Country Camper and the Townhouse.

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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Summertime Toys for Tots


A Toy Review of Summer-themed Toys

Little boy playing with toys in a sandbox

From observation of children at play, it is easy to see that kids love to imitate the grown-ups in their lives. Thus, it is easy to see why toy manufacturers create toys that replicate a small version of the full-sized items adults use in their daily lives. 

In the summer, two of the things parents and other adults plan and do are picnics and backyard grilling. To that end, I thought it would be fun to find some mini versions of these summer-themed items. 

My Little Picnic Playset

My Little Picnic Set Toy from Baby Gund

For the tiniest of tots, this 5-piece playset in plush is perfect for babies and small children. The fun and friendly play food, including buttered toast, soft toy cherries, a rattling avocado and a toy grape juice that makes a sound,  fit inside a cute soft picnic basket that baby can carry around. 

Manufactured by Baby Gund, a leader in excellent children's toys, this play set will keep baby engaged in sensory play while encouraging exploration and helping develop their dexterity. 

So when mom & dad are setting up the picnic table for a family picnic, the youngest family member can enjoy being included with their very own soft picnic playset.

My Little Picnic Playset is available on Amazon right here. 

BBQ Grill Playset

Play-Act Pretend BBQ Play Set

One of the cutest toys I've seen in years, this BBQ Grill for kid's play is perfect for 'little cooks' who want to copy dad doing his backyard or camping grilling. 

This particular BBQ grill is interactive, bringing realistic features to a child's grilling experience. There is realistic smoke and sound functions for fun pretend play. This 18-piece set comes with grilling utensils and plates, plus a variety of food items. To add to the realistic look, the food changes color as it switches from 'raw' to 'cooked'. 

A fun toy grill that sparks a love for cooking and outdoor fun for a complete pretend play experience. 

BBQ Grill Playset by Play-Act is available here on Amazon


So, for a fun summertime playtime for your children, check out these picnic and BBQ grill playsets. Children really enjoy doing just what the adults around them do. It's more than playtime; it's a learning experience.

For more Toy Reviews, check out

*Summertime Toys for Tots Review written by Wednesday Elf

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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Fidget Toys Reviewed

 Just before his recent birthday, I asked my 9-year-old grandson, Tyler, to write me a list of gifts he was hoping for. On the list was a pair of Crocs Shoes and a set of Crocs Charms to go with them. (These items were given to him by his parents).  Also on the list was something called an 'Infinity Cube'. 

A Fidget Spinner

Admittedly, grandparents seldom keep up with the latest trends in toys, music and video games popular with the 'younger set', so we depend upon the grandchildren to 'explain'. Tyler picked the easiest way to tell me about what an infinity cube was by showing me an example on the internet. Ah, the ease of modern technology! 

Now I am out shopping and searching the toy section for an Infinity Cube. Unable to find it, I ask for help. The sales clerk takes me to a section on the shelf where there is a group of small toys called Fidget Toys. I did not know that is what they were called! And, Wow, I had no idea the range of toys that are now available as 'Fidget Toys'. 

What is a Fidget Toy?

Fidget toys are tiny toys that fit in a pocket or are easily transported in a backpack. They are intended to keep hands busy, rather like a toy version of a stress ball. Fidget toys often feature little buttons or switches that move back and forth, or ones, like the Fidget Spinner, has propellers that spin. 

fidget spinners

Besides just being a fun thing for youngsters to 'fiddle' with, they are also called 'sensory toys' and are sometimes marketed as stress relievers or to help kids burn up pent-up energy. There have even been claims that they are stress tools for kids with ADHD (although there are no real scientific or medical facts behind this claim). Mostly, they are just for fun, as Tyler will tell you. 

The Fidget Toys Tyler Got For Birthday Gifts

Infinity Cube

birthday boy opening gift

An Infinity Cube is a kind of mechanical puzzle toy with mathematical principles (per Wikipedia). It is similar to the retro puzzle toy even I am familiar with – The Rubik's Cube. While 'like' a Rubik's Cube, the infinity cube is different in that it can be opened and put back together from different directions, thus creating a visually interesting effect. They are the generally found in the size of the 2x2 Rubik's Cube. 

An Infinity Cube in Action

Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are usually clover shaped, made of plastic or metal, and have a bearing in the center so it will spin with little effort. It appeals to all age groups and is hard to pass by without giving it a spin. The whole family has tried it out at various times throughout the day! 

Fidget Spinner in Action!


Grandson Tyler at his 9-year-old birthday party
Tyler at his family birthday party

The Infinity Cubes and the Fidget Spinners are fun, and inexpensive, puzzle-type toys for kids. In addition, Fidget Toys come in many shapes, sizes and colors, from balls to cubes to those that pop or squish. It seems that the world of Fidget Toys is virtually endless.

Click Here to Find Your Favorite Fidget Toys on Amazon 

*Fidget Toys Review written by Wednesday Elf (grandmother to Birthday Boy, Tyler). :) 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Lego Flowers & Lego Bouquet Sets Reviewed

lego flower sets
Lego flowers and Lego bouquet sets are a wonderful way for Lego lovers to give flowers for any occasion.  

It isn't always easy to think of a unique gift for someone we love.  We often send flowers for holidays because they let the recipient know we are thinking of them.  Sadly, flowers don't live very long and the gift gets thrown away too soon.  Unfortunately, while they are lovely for a short time, unless you take pictures, they are quickly forgotten.

If you make and send Lego flowers, they are not only unique, but they won't die!

There are several Lego flowers and Lego bouquets available now that would be an awesome Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, Christmas gifts or any "thinking of you" gift.

Any handmade gift is a treasure for the recipient.  Lego builders now have a fabulous gift they can make and give to someone they love.

Even children can build these Lego flowers and give them as a gift.  What better way to tell someone you love them then with a handmade gift of flowers.


Lego Flowers & Lego Bouquets

Build and give a single rose, tulip, or sunflower.  If you have time, you could even build and give a Lego bouquet.  You could even mix several sets to make a completely unique, one of a kind gift for that one of a kind loved one.


Lego bouquet sets include everything we need to build a lovely bouquet of flowers.  There is also a lovely orchid Lego set.  For someone like me who loves orchids, but cannot keep a real orchid alive, this would be the perfect bouquet gift.

Choose between a wildflower bouquet, a traditional mixed flower bouquet, the orchid, or even a succulent bouquet.



Regardless of which Lego bouquet or flower set(s) you choose, there is no doubt it will be a gift that is loved and reflects your love for the recipient.  Plus, it will be a precious piece of decor that can be displayed in any room of a home without having to worry about watering, sunlight, or feeding.  It will always be lovely!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Friday, February 17, 2023

The Office Lego Set #21336 Reviewed

The Office Lego Set is very detailed with really cool pieces

Our son loves the television sitcom series, The Office.  When he requested The Office Lego set for Christmas this year, we were more than happy to grant his wish.  

During the recent ice storm, he used that indoor time to build the set.  I was so surprised by how many cool episode pieces were included in this Lego set!  The attention to detail when creating this set was absolutely fabulous.  So many fun "things" to discover in the office as you search through the drawers and cabinets.  

It has been a while since I watched the show myself, but I instantly recognized my favorite characters, as well as some of the specific episode props which include an engagement ring, a bat, a pot of chili, a check to Science, and so many more pieces that immediately evoked laughter.  They truly made me wish to start watching the sitcom from the beginning again.

The Office Lego Set #21336

It is so much fun to rediscover Micheal Scott, Dwight, Jim, Pam, Kelly, and the rest of the office crew through this awesome Lego set. It even includes Garbage the cat.


Welcome to The Office Lego Set

Office Lego Set Reviewed

Office Fans Will Have No Trouble Finding Their Favorite First Season Characters

Office Lego Set
Photos of My Son's Completed Lego Set - Click Image to Enlarge

Lego Ideas: The Office Set Specifications

  •  Lego Ideas The Office 21336Check Price1164 Pieces
  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Finished Measurements:  12" wide, 3" tall, 10" deep
  • 15 Minifigures (12 with 2 facial expressions): Michael Scott, Dwight, Jim, Pam, Ryan, Kevin, Meredith, Stanley, Angela, Oscar, Kelly, Phyllis, Toby, Creed, and Darryl
  • Garbage (the cat)
  • Lots of scene inspired accessories
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Removable Section: Micheal Scott's office 
Office Lego Set

The Office Lego Set
More Photos of My Son's Completed Lego Set - Click Image to Enlarge

The Office Lego
Note Details - You can even see that Jan was the last call on phone

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 Lego Ideas The Office 21336Check Price

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