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Friday, May 26, 2023

Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes in a Box Reviewed

Scalloped Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes are the only potato side dish that I do not make from scratch.  

I decided decades ago that it was not worth my time in the kitchen to peel & thinly chop fresh potatoes when Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes were available in a box at the grocery store. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely cut corners when cooking, but my family loves the Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes and they would be the measuring standard used if I did make homemade scalloped potatoes.  That is a challenge I have not been willing to accept!

The boxed scalloped potatoes are easy to prepare and allow me to focus on the main dish.  They simply make meal preparation simpler and I allow myself this break.  I liken the choice to use the boxed scalloped potatoes to opening a can of peas or green beans that I have not had to shell.

There are several varieties available, but I have only tried the basic Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes shown below.

Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes 

Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes Made with Real Cheese 7.1 oz

Real scalloped potatoes in a creamy sauce seasoned to perfection.
These 100% American Grown Potatoes
make a perfect side dish for your family meal.

The box of scalloped potatoes can be cooked in the microwave, cooked on the stove-top, or baked in the oven.  I always bake mine.  On occasion, I bake them at the same time, in the same oven, as the meat for dinner.  There are baking instructions on the box for several oven temperatures to make baking them at the same time easier.

For the family size box shown on the right, you would need 2 cups water, 1½ cups milk, and 3 Tablespoons butter.

Simply stir the included sauce mix with water, milk & butter together, then add the potatoes and bake uncovered for 32 minutes on 450°F.

If you wish to make the potatoes while roasting meat, you can increase the time and decrease the temperature to the appropriate meat temperature.

  • 325° for 65 minutes
  • 350° for 60 minutes
  • 375° for 55 minutes 

Please refer to the box if you select a different size other than the family size box for specific ingredient measurements. 


Some of the Varieties Available on Amazon

Betty Crocker Scalloped PotatoesCheck PriceBetty Crocker Three Cheese PotatoesCheck PriceBetty Crocker Au Gratin PotatoesCheck PriceBetty Crocker Cheddar and Bacon Potatoes, 5.1 oz (Pack of 12)Check PriceBetty Crocker Julienne Potatoes, Made with Real Cheese, 4.6 oz. (Pack of 12)Check PriceBetty Crocker Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, Made with Real Cheese, 5 oz.Check Price


Homemade Scalloped Potatoes

Betty Crocker does offer a homemade scalloped potato recipe on their website.  You can see it by clicking here

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

OontZ Ultra — An Affordable, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Sounds Fantastic!

Whether you're looking for graduation gifts, Father's Day gifts, or presents for any occasion and anyone (including yourself), the OontZ Ultra waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a terrific choice.

Here's my product review of this terrific, surprisingly affordable portable Bluetooth speaker.

Indoor/outdoor waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker - clear, rich sound quality
This compact, waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks and more, at home or on the road

Our Constant Companion at Home or On the Go

My husband and I love listening to music and audiobooks. Thanks to its compact size, impressive audio quality and IPX7 waterproof rating, the OontZ Ultra Bluetooth speaker is our constant companion whether we're in the house, on the deck, in the car, at the beach, by the lake or pool, or on vacation.

Note: The OontZ Ultra is also called the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra. To avoid confusion, I will refer to it from this point forward as the OontZ Ultra, to distinguish it from the slightly smaller, less expensive OontZ Angle 3 model.

Here's why we love it.

OontZ Ultra Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker —Key Features and Benefits

My husband and I love listening to music and audiobooks. Thanks to its compact size, impressive audio quality and IPX7 waterproof rating, the OontZ Ultra Bluetooth speaker is our constant companion whether we're in the house, on the deck, in the car, at the beach, by the lake or pool, or on vacation.

Here are some of the reasons we love ours and use it all the time.

Compact Size & Lightweight

The OontZ Ultra is just 6.5" long x 3" wide and weighs 1.03 lbs., so it's easy and convenient to take with you, whether from room to room or from your house to your deck, patio, backyard or car.

Don't let its small size and light weight fool you, though. This portable speaker packs a punch when it comes to audio quality!

Full, Rich Sound at All Volume Levels

Despite its compact size, the OontZ Ultra delivers the exceptional sound quality you would expect from a speaker designed and engineered in the USA by Cambridge SoundWorks. 

Its 14+ watts of power and volume booster produce crystal-clear mid- and high-tones, while its two precision neodymium drivers and proprietary, downward-facing passive bass radiator deliver high-quality, full-range bass that's surprisingly rich for its size.

The sound reproduction is high fidelity, balanced and even from lows to highs. It never sounds muddy (too much bass) or tinny (too much treble).

  • Crisp Highs and Full, Rich Bass, Even at Low-to-Mid Volume. We prefer to listen to our music at moderate volume most of the time. Fortunately, this speaker doesn’t have to be cranked up high to sound good! You don’t sacrifice either clarity or bass when listening at low-to-moderate volumes. 
  • No Tinniness or Distortion, Even When Cranked to the Maximum Volume. When we're listening to music or audiobooks in the car, we always use the OontZ Ultra for superior audio quality, rather than the car's built-in speaker. When we're on the highway or there's a lot of traffic, we often need to crank the volume on our songs, podcasts or audiobooks, and we love that the sound quality remains excellent even at full volume, with clear, crisp audiobook narrations and good bass with no distortion.

    IPX7 Waterproof Rating for Indoor-Outdoor Use

    This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for taking to the beach or the pool. No more worries about listening in the rain! The IPX7 rating means this speaker is fully waterproof and can be immersed in water up to 3 feet.

    Long Battery Life

    The OontZ Ultra Bluetooth speaker delivers a full day of listening pleasure on a single charge. The manufacturer claims that its rechargeable battery "provides up to 20 hours of playtime at 2/3 volume." So whether you're spending the day outdoors hiking, camping or at the pool or listening to music while you work, you never have to worry about running out of juice.

    Simple, Intuitive Controls With Large Buttons

    I love that I don't have to put my glasses on to read the controls of this portable Bluetooth speaker! The buttons are also large enough and easy to push without accidentally pressing the wrong one. 

    Side view of OontZ Ultra with control buttons
    I love how large the buttons and how intuitive the labels are on this portable speaker!

    Choice of Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

    This speaker can be placed either horizontally or vertically. While we usually use ours in a horizontal orientation, if you are using it on a desk or end table where space is at a premium, it's nice to be able to stand it on its end. 

    Built-in Microphone

    You can take calls from any mobile phone without having to disconnect from the speaker, thanks to the built-in microphone that acts as a personal hands-free speakerphone.

    Excellent Bluetooth Connectivity and Superior Wireless Range

    The OontZ Ultra Bluetooth 5.0 speaker is a cinch to pair with our mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices, and the connection has been uniformly reliable. The manufacturer claims that with its "advanced antenna design and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this speaker provides faster connection speeds," which my husband and I have found to be true. 

    It also has an impressive wireless range up to 100 feet!

    Thanks to the built-in AUX-IN jack, you can also easily connect to non-Bluetooth devices with a 3.5mm Line-In cable (not included).

    Connect Two or More OontZ Ultra Bluetooth Speakers for Your Next Party

    While the OontZ Ultra has plenty of power and volume for my husband's and my needs, its maximum volume isn't loud enough for a party. Fortunately, you can connect between two and four OontZ Ultra speakers using the OontZ app and play your party music as loud as you wish in left and right stereo.

    This is also a great option if you want to play music in multiple rooms, given the speakers' 100-foot wireless range.

    Fantastic Sound Quality at an Affordable Price

    Although the list price of the OontZ Ultra Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker is $49.99, at the time of this product review post's publication the price on Amazon was just $39.99. That's a terrific price for such a high-quality waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

    Even Smaller and Less Expensive OontZ Bluetooth Speaker Recommendations

    If you plan to bring your OontZ Ultra to the beach or on vacation, you might want to pay a bit more for the OontZ Ultra with Carry Case, which comes with a carrying case made of waterproof neoprene material with reinforced zippers and a built-in aluminum carabiner clip. The neoprene OontZ Ultra Carry Case can also be purchased separately. 

    If you are looking for a great, versatile Bluetooth speaker with an even smaller footprint, you might want to consider one of the following options (there are also several other models):

    • The slightly smaller and less expensive OontZ Angle 3, which measures 5.5" long x 3" wide and has an IPX5 waterproof rating. The list price is $34.99, but at the time of this post's publication it was just $24.99 on Amazon.
    • The even smaller and less expensive OontZ Angle Solo, which we bought for my husband's parents. The adorable Solo also has an IPX5 waterproof rating but measures only 3.9" long x 2.8 inches wide and weighs less than 8 ounces! My in-laws love using it in their car during their 3-hour commutes to and from their lake house in Maine. The list price is $29.99, but at the time of this product review's publication, the price on Amazon was just $19.99!

    These Make Excellent, Affordable Gifts for Any Occasion

    The OontZ Ultra, OontZ Angle 3 and OontZ Angle Solo make terrific, affordable gifts for anyone on your list, for any gift-giving occasion. They're easy enough for a child to use, with sound quality that your favorite audiophile will appreciate. Think Father's Day gifts, graduation gifts, birthday gifts, or just-because gifts!

    OontZ Ultra — An Affordable, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Sounds Fantastic! by Margaret Schindel

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    Tuesday, May 23, 2023

    Get Rid of Slippery Bathtubs! Use SlipDoctors Non-Slip Treatment for Baths and Showers


    When we moved into our house in 2016, one of the first things I noticed was that the bathtub floor was slippery!  I mean dangerously so.  Stepping over the side, I had to hold on to the wall because my foot would slip when lifting my other leg in.  It was scary!    After a few months, I knew I had to do something.  I dreaded taking a shower because I was honestly was afraid I would fall.  

    When I looked up on the internet what to do for slippery bathtubs, I first thing I saw with the textured rubber stick ons that you can put on the floor of your tub.  So I ordered some.  When they arrived, I cleaned the tub and let it dry and stuck them on.  I immediately hated how it looked, I felt like I was back in the 70's.  Those stickers looked pretty tacky.  However, they did stop my slipping problem, even though I didn't care for the feeling of stepping on them.  I figured it was the price I would have to pay to be safe.  Unfortunately, less than a month later, when I was cleaning the tub, I noticed that the stickers were starting to peel off. I remember thinking.....there has got to be a better solution than buying and applying these ugly stickers once a month.  

    So back to the internet I went.  This time, I looked on You Tube to see if there were any how to videos on preventing slippery bath tubs.  I took a look at a few different ones, and I found out there are solutions you can put on your bathtub or shower floors to give them a more stable grip when wet.  Many of them were a bit more complicated than I wanted and some could actually cause harm to your tub, like one that called for sanding your tub floor!  I didn't want to do anything like that and end up with a scuffed up awful looking bathtub.  

    I decided to take a look on Amazon.  I typed "preventing slippery bathtubs" in the search bar and the first thing that came up was "SlipDoctors Bathtub & Shower Kit | Non-Slip Treatment for Ceramic or Enamel Tubs & Tiled Showers"  When I looked further, I began to get hopeful.  It seems easy to apply and it got good reviews from other customers.  This is the video I found showcasing this product:

    I ordered it.  I knew I would be kicking myself, if it didn't work, but I had to try.  A couple days later, when it arrived, I handed it over to my husband and said "please put this on the bathtub."  He was happy to, as he didn't like the slippery tub floor any more than I did.  I am allergic to many chemicals, even soap,  or I would have done it myself, I was just that anxious to try it!

    It didn't take long at all, after washing the tub and wiping it dry.  The solution was dry in a short time as well, but I let it sit a couple hours just to make sure.   I finally was ready to see if it worked.  I turned on the water and stepped in and I had no slippage!  I even tried to slide my foot across the tub floor and it was difficult.  However, picking when my foot straight up, the floor was not at all sticky.  The floor looked exactly the same and felt the same under my feet.  It was like a miracle!  My slippery bathtub floor problem was solved.

    They gave us enough for two applications, but believe it or not, 7 years later it still is as non-slip as the day it was applied.  Now that is what I call a GREAT product!  

    Remember, you must get the right product for the type of tub or shower you want to apply it to.  We got the ceramic and enamel treatment,  but if you have an  acrylic or fiberglass shower or tub, make sure you get the treatment for that.  The two different treatment are in the links below. 

    Ceramic and Enamel

    To look at all of the products that are available from SlipDoctors, click the link below:

    SlipDoctors Treatments

    I highly recommend this product, it worked perfectly for us and has lasted for over 7 years.  We no longer have to worry about our safety while showering and that is worth much more than the price of the treatment.

    Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


    Friday, May 19, 2023

    Lipton Cold Brew Iced Black Tea Bags Review

    Cold Brew Tea
    A few months back, my husband's uncle invited us to dinner.  He is an excellent cook and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal.  

    He served delicious tea with the dinner, which I drank without adding any sweetener.  However, I did sweeten my second glass of tea.  It was tasty both ways.

    The brew was the perfect strength.  When he told us how he made it, I was shocked.  I couldn't believe it was cold brew, meaning it was made in cold water and not boiled.

    When the uncle came to dinner at our home a few weeks later, he was sweet enough to gift me with a box of the Lipton Cold Brew Iced Black Tea Bags.  I have made it several times since and my husband loves it.

    The one thing I, personally, miss is the smell of brewed tea, but the taste is still delicious.  

    Iced tea is always a welcome and wonderful compliment for meals. 

    Lipton Cold Brew Iced Black Tea Bags

    The 4.8 oz box contains 22 large (family size) tea bags.  The box states that you use 2 bags in 8 cups of cold water.  However, my glass pitcher only holds 6 cups of water and I still use the 2 bags.  It is the perfect strength when made that way. 

    Allow it to "cold brew" for 5 minutes.  My husband's uncle did tell us that he has left it for 15 or 20 minutes and can tell no difference for the longer time. 

    Cold brew tea does contain caffeine, but is generally considered to only have about half the caffeine of boiled black tea.  There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners added to Lipton Cold Brew Tea.

    It is also available in decaf.

     Lipton, Cold Brew Family Size Iced Tea Bags (Pack of 4)Check Price Lipton Black Tea Bags, Cold Brew, Decaf, 22 ctCheck Price


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    Wednesday, May 17, 2023

    Safety and Aging Go Hand in Hand ~ A Product Review

     For anyone who has had to look after an aging relative or even an aging spouse, you know that the most important thing from day to day is a person's safety.

    While our loved ones may still be able to do many things, there are also many that they can no longer do for themselves.  So as their caregivers we need to make sure that their independence and safety come first and foremost.

    We took my mother into our home at the end of February and since then have made many small changes that has resulted in her being able to do some things for herself .  This helps her with her self-esteem!  The more we can help her be independent, the less she will suffer from Depression.  

    One of the major things we needed to do was to make sure that her night-time routines would be easier for her and for us as well.

    Nightlights became a "must have"!  She has one in her bedroom and one in the bathroom.  What I love about these nightlights is that they don't cast such a glow as to interfere with her sleep, yet when it is dark at night, they illuminate her surroundings enough that she can make out a clear path to her bathroom.

    We were talking with many representatives about services and tools that are useful for seniors.  They gave us a great list of things we could do to make my mother's situation as good as it can be.

    The second part of this safety lesson for us, was having something that she can hold onto when getting up out of bed.  It's difficult at the best of times for the elderly to get safely from their beds to the bathroom, but when they also have lightheadedness, it is even more critical to make their trip to the loo, an easy, and safe journey.

    This may be of great help for you in whatever situation you might find yourself.  It is a simple bed frame that is firmly attached to the box spring on the bed.  It offers a rail that can be held onto until they get their feet under them.  It stabilizes them until they can take that first step or two after getting up!

    My mother loves this rail and uses it even through the day when she feels the need for a little extra support.  It has a non-slip covering that is soft on "old hands".  This is the Amazon Choice for bed rails, but in our case it was also the one most recommended by Senior's Occupational Health and Safety.  It is not terribly expensive and gives us so much piece of mind.  Because of the relative costs for her safety and depending on your own situation, you could install these rails on either side of the bed or on both sides for that little bit of extra safety and security.

    In our case one rail was enough as her bed is on a wall on the other side.  There is only one way into her bed and one way out!  We are so pleased with this purchase because it makes our lives easier knowing that she is safely tucked into her bed at night, but that should she need to get up, she can do so in a manner that doesn't put her at risk of falling!

    In the description of this item it says that it takes 2 minutes to install and I thought to myself, that for sure it was an exaggeration.  Well, I was wrong!  It really did only takes a few minutes to have this bed rail installed and ready for use.  Over all both my husband and I are so pleased with this purchase and my mother loves it as well.

    Aging is not easy as every day brings some new challenges, but with the right tools, everyday life can be made easier!  

    Here's to keeping our loved ones safe and secure in their later years.

    You can read more about safety and seniors in my other review:

    Wonderful Tools to Help You Age Gracefully

    Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


    Tuesday, May 16, 2023

    Reviewing My Experience Of Bamboo Sheets And Bedding Sets


    We started using bamboo bedding a couple of years ago. Prior to this, we had cotton sheets in summer and fleece bedding in winter. 

    However, since I had a severe skin allergy and perimenopause my skin has become super sensitive and I cannot bear anything but the most silky soft materials next to it. 

    So I was finding our old cotton sheets a bit too crisp and a little irritating and even itchy. The winter soft fleecy sheets were still OK but too warm and unbearable to use in the spring and summer. 

    People often skimp on good bedding as it is not something people usually see but it is vital for our health. A good comfortable sleep is so important to our emotional and physical well-being. So I started researching alternatives and found that Bamboo bedding has become increasingly popular in the last ten or so years. Given the benefits of Bamboo bedding, we decided to try them


    Our Experience of Sleeping on Bamboo Sheets and Pillowcases. 

    I was incredibly happy the very first night with the bamboo sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases. They are so silky soft to the touch and did not irritate my skin at all. The pillowcases were lovely so soft and comfortable and had a nice cool feel to them against my face.  

    It was a real pleasure to get into bed and an added bonus was that they seemed to regulate heat better.

    My husband sleeps naturally cold and in recent years I have been throwing sheets and covers off me in the night due to getting too hot. 

    However using Bamboo bedding for the sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases my husband is warm enough and while I cannot say I am completely cured of the night heat, it is significantly better.

    We have bought them gradually and currently have two sets consisting of a duvet cover, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, one is a light grey and one dark grey. Over time I would like four sets a white one and another dark grey or a soft colour so I can mix and match them. 


    Why Is Bamboo Bedding A Good Choice

    If we are concerned about sustainability and being friendly to the planet bamboo bedding can be a sensible choice. 

    It grows very quickly and is a renewable resource that needs little water to grow. So if recurrent drought is going to be a factor in our future this is helpful. 

    Being naturally pest resistant it does not require harmful pesticides to grow as a crop which is helpful to the creatures in nature and ourselves. 

    Bamboo is resistant to dust mites, mildew and mould which is great for those of us who have to deal with sensitive, allergic skin or asthma. 

    I have found that the sizes easily fit our bed, duvet and pillows and with the Bamboo being so lightweight and easy to handle it is an easy task to make the bed. Ours came with a zip to close the duvet which is quick and easy and the sheets have an additional elastic strap and elastic edging, making it simple to fit and they never slip during the night. The pillowcases are a simple envelope fitting large enough to cover our pillows easily. 

    Our Bamboo bedding is very lightweight and folds into a remarkably small package so even in a larger King size it does not take up much room in the linen cupboard.

    Also now I have found bedding that works for us, if like me, you like to take your own bedding with you on trips away and holidays it is possible to do that. 


    Care Of Bamboo Bedding

    As I change our bedding at least once a week I need sheets and covers that are quick and easy to wash and dry all year round. 

    Bamboo bedding fulfills these criteria easily. I simply put them in a 30-degree delicates machine wash. They are beautifully clean and washing at this low temperature saves electricity costs. 

    For drying I hang on the washing line whenever it s not raining or hang over a clothes horse inside with the window open or our dehumidifier on and they dry very quickly.


    I have also put them in the tumble dryer on occasion on delicate and they come out lovely, though I do not do this often due to the cost of running a tumble dryer these days! 

    Whichever method you use to dry them there is no need to iron them which is a welcome bonus and they come out perfectly silky soft and gorgeous.

    We have had our two sets for a couple of years now and they still look like new. Granted they are more expensive than our other sheets but they are stronger and look and feel significantly better for longer. They have not developed any holes or uncomfortable bobbles. If anything they feel softer now than they originally did and look beautiful on the bed.


    So in my experience, Bamboo bedding is a great find and something we will continue to use for our sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. 

    It is one of the more eco-friendly choices, easy care, good for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin, beautiful to look at and feels so gorgeous against the skin.

    They are incredibly comfortable and soothing to sleep on and have made a huge difference to our sleep comfort. 

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    Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


    Sunday, May 14, 2023

    How to Prevent a Door Handle From Hitting a Mirrored Closet


    Anti-Collision Bumpers for Door Handles into Mirrored Closets

    In 2015 I featured this door-stop hinge as a solution for preventing a door handle from crashing into a mirrored closet door. 

    We've used the hinge since then; however, over the years, we've discovered that pushing the door too hard leaves marks and slightly gouges the door. 

    While repainting all the bedrooms, we opted for a different anti-collision solution.

    These two simple items don't require any installation or assembly. 

    These Door Bumper Gadgets Are Ideal for Most Lever Style Door Handles Only

    Bumpers to protect mirrored closets from doors hitting them

    As noted in the above photo, I discovered two gadgets to replace the door hinge stopper I was using.

    1. Suction Cup Slide On Silicone Door Bumper:

    This bumper slides onto your lever door handle and offers enough distance to stop the handle from crashing into the mirrored closet.

    It's a suction cup, so yes, it does suction onto the mirror. If you prefer to always have a door held open, then this is the better option. 

    A slight tug will easily break the suction so you can close the door.

    Yes, it will leave a slight suction cup mark on your mirror, but honestly, it was barely noticeable. I used it for over a month until I switched to the other non-suction bumper featured in the picture.

    Why did I switch? With people opening and closing that door quite often, I didn't want it suctioning off and on the mirror all the time.

    Check it out in more detail in the photo featured below:

    Lever Door Bumper to Protect Mirrored Closets
    Available on Amazon
    2. Smaller Silicone Lever Door Bumper to Protect Mirrored Closets (Without a Suction Cup)

    This bumper is smaller but works very well.

    It's easy to use; simply slide it onto the lever-style door handle using one of the holes. 

    Our lever handles aren't waved or curled, so I used the smaller hole to ensure it was snug and wouldn't slip off. 

    Despite the smaller bumper, it still fully protects the door from hitting the mirror.

    Note: The ones I purchased from Amazon Canada were slightly bigger (one of the circles was .9inches versus .8inches in the Amazon link provided below). 

    Check it out in the photo below:

    Another Option I Could Have Done, But Opted Against:

    You can get longer door stops; you know, the door stop that all walls have to protect door handles from hitting the wall. 

    In this case, you would install the door stop on the door itself, and when someone opens the door, the stop will extend passed the door handle and stop against the mirror.

    No, I didn't want door stops slamming into the glass. So "no" to this one!

    Added Bonus: A Handy Headboard Hack Using the Silicone Suction Cup Bumpers

    The headboard on one of our beds always wiggles and bumps the wall. We've adjusted it several times, but it still happens. 

    I solved the problem by estimating the distance between the headboard and the wall, then cutting the suction cup bumper to fit and putting it between the wall and the headboard. It acts as a barrier. It's solid! The bed no longer bangs the wall when you turn over!

    Tips for the Headboard Hack: 
    • If you do this, be sure to cut them longer, then trim them to fit - make it so you have to force it in a bit
    • Put the suction cup portion on the wall
    • They don't have to be in the same spot on both sides of the bed - walls may not be level, so simply put them where they will best grab the bed and the wall on each side.
    Check it out in the photo below:

    A Headboard Wall Bumper Hack

    Warning: If you have little kids or pets, be cautious with these smaller gadget suggestions. In fact, if I had little kids and/or pets, I would stick with my original suggestion, a door hinge stopper.

    Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


    Friday, May 12, 2023

    SentrySafe Safe Box Lock Box Review

    Lock Box
    When our daughter went to college, we made sure she had a lock box for her spending cash and jewelry.  

    One of our biggest concerns about dorm living is that she wouldn't know all of her roommates.  She was allowed to request one roommate, but the other two would be assigned.  Plus, they would all have guests visiting the dorm room.  Again, they would be students they had just met on campus.

    Our daughter didn't have expensive jewelry or a lot of cash.  Mostly, she had her class ring and cash for the laundromat.  We made sure she had several rolls of quarters so she could use the washing machines.  Ironically, the quarters were highly sought after.

    Something we did not think about in advance, was is the need to lock up her wallet, car keys and computer flash drives when she went to the swimming pool or gym.  That little lock box turned out to be an essential item for her dorm room.

    Yes, someone could carry off the entire box, but they would not be able to slip it in their pocket like you could keys, cash, or flash drives.  

    After graduation, she was able to continuing using that box for her passport, birth certificate, etc.  The SentrySafe lock box adds the additional protection for those documents by being fireproof and waterproof for an hour.

    The only downside that we have found with the box is that it is heavy.  However, since she rarely lifted it, that was not a problem. Better to have the fire and water protection than to have a lighter weight lock box.

    Because she had so many uses for this lock box at college and afterwards, we also purchased one for our son when he went to college.  


     SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe BoxCheck PriceSentry Safe Lock Box

    We opted for the smaller lock box since it was plenty large enough for their needs.  

    • Key Lock
    • Exterior: 14.3" depth x 15.4" wide x 6.6" high
    • Interior: 12.8" x 8.5" x 4.4"
    • Fireproof for 1 hour (depending on temperature)
    • Waterproof for 72 hrs. of submersion
    • Approximately 27lbs.
    • Made in Mexico
    • Great for Dorm Rooms or Home
    • Perfect for Under the Bed Storage

    For a full college dorm room checklist, click here

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