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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Play-Doh Airplane Explorer Starter Set Review

Know someone little or big who loves airplanes? Check out this fun airplane-themed Play-Doh set!

Play-Doh's Airplane Explorer Starter Set will appeal to the little and even the big folk who are enthralled with airplanes. What follows is a brief review of this set.

Released in 2024, this set is considered a starter set for children aged 3 and up and is perfect for airplane-themed creative play. 

It comes complete with a rolling airplane that stamps cloud patterns as you roll it along and that includes molds in the cockpit so that you can make a pilot or two. It also includes a world map-themed playmat, travel-themed molds to make shapes that are seen on the mat, a globe roller, a luggage roller and a camera that molds postcards. Of course, it also comes with the iconic modeling clay. In this case, there are four canisters in blue, green, orange and purple. 

Here's a peek at the set in action:

This set is good for little ones to develop fine motor skills, engage their imaginations and explore the world on a map.

It is a fun set for little ones but I think it would be a "made you smile" kind of gift for anyone who works in the aviation industry, too.  As Play-Doh says, "no passport is required" to travel with this set.

Find Play-Doh's Airplane Explorer Starter Set here on eBay.

See you at the toy store!

Treasures By Brenda

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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Play-Doh Classic Clinic Medical Doctor or Operation-Themed Playset Review

Rare Play-Doh Classic Clinic medical nurse, doctor or operation-themed playset.

Here’s another wonderful Play-Doh set. This one reminds me of the traditional battery-operated game, Operation, and will appeal to little nurse and doctor wannabes and big folk who are or were in the medical profession. What follows is a brief review of this retired and hard-to-find set, which is perfect for medically-themed creative play. Bonus? It was deliberately made to have a retro feeling.

Your children will be able to create all kinds of strange illnesses using the doctor-themed tools that include a stethoscope, doctor’s mirror, clamp, syringe, scissors, slicers and tweezers all with which to cut, stitch and fix the patient. Yes, it comes with a patient, too and two cans of modeling compound and a mold for creating body parts and creatures.

Play-Doh used imagination when they advertised this one. “Screws loose in the head? Frog in the throat?” You can make anything happen with this fun medical set. Released in 2019, it is considered appropriate for children aged 3 and up.

As with all Play-doh sets, this one is good for young children to develop fine motor skills and engage their imaginations. It would also be a great gift, a sort of stress releaser I expect, for anyone working in the medical industry.

This set was an exclusive Toys R Us release and now that it is retired, is somewhat hard to find. You can look for Play-Doh's Classic Clinic set here on eBay. However, if you want to check out all of the medically-themed playsets including both doctor and dentist ones, try here.

See you at
the toy store!
Treasures By Brenda


Retired, new, used and vintage Play-Doh sets in my eBay store.
Play-Doh's Campfire Picnic Playset.
The World of Play-Doh.
Rex the Chomper Dinosaur Play-Doh set.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Best Insulated Stainless Steel 40-oz. Travel Tumbler With Handle

The Hydro Flask® 40-oz. All Around™ Travel Tumbler with Handle is a premium beverage container designed to keep your drinks at the desired temperature for extended periods. Known for its robust construction and excellent insulation properties, this tumbler is ideal for those who need a very large drinking mug, whether on the go or for everyday use. It's also available in a 32-oz. size.

The Best 40-oz. Stainless Steel Insulated Cup for Everyday Use

I try to stay hydrated and sip on ice water or another cold drink throughout the day when I'm not drinking tea. Since I like a lot of ice in my water or other cold beverages and the cubes take up a lot of space, I wanted a larger insulated mug or tumbler that I wouldn't have to refill multiple times a day.

I had been thinking about getting one of the famous and popular Stanley 40-ounce Quencher Tumblers with Handle, but in addition to the high cost, I had concerns about the reported issues with leaking. After reading product recommendations from The New York Times Wirecutter, I ultimately decided on the Hydro Flask 40-oz. All Around Travel Tumbler with Handle, which they said leaks less than the Stanley Quencher and costs significantly less.

Hydro Flask insulated stainless steel 40-oz. travel tumbler with handle
In real life, my Hydro Flask 40-ounce travel tumbler is more mint green than turquoise

Design and Build Quality

The Hydro Flask brand has a reputation for producing durable and aesthetically pleasing products, and the 40-oz. All Around Tumbler is no exception. This tumbler features a sleek, minimalist design that is available in various colors, catering to different style preferences. The matte finish provides a good grip and doesn't scratch easily, and the handle is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to carry even when the tumbler is full.

The tumbler is made from Color Last™ powder-coated 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, and the build quality is outstanding. This material is both durable and resistant to rust and punctures. The tumbler is also BPA-free, ensuring beverages remain safe and free from any chemical contamination.

Insulation Performance

One of the standout features of the Hydro Flask tumbler is its insulation performance. The tumbler employs TempShield® double-wall vacuum insulation, which is highly effective at maintaining the temperature of your drinks. Cold beverages stay cold for up to 24 hours, while hot beverages can remain hot for up to 12 hours. This makes the tumbler perfect for a wide range of activities, from hiking and camping to long commutes and office use. It's also perfect for daily at-home use.


The 40 oz capacity is generous, allowing you to carry a substantial amount of your favorite beverage. This is particularly useful for those who need to stay hydrated throughout the day or for activities where refilling may not be convenient.

The tumbler is easy to fill and clean thanks to the wide-mouth design, and there is plenty of room for ice cubes. The handle is a significant addition, enhancing the portability of the tumbler. It is sturdy and well-attached, capable of withstanding the tumbler’s weight even when full. The leak-resistant lid is also a great feature, preventing spills during transportation and providing easy access to your drink.


Excellent Insulation: Keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

Leak-Resistant Lid with Built-in Flexible Silicone Straw: Helps prevent spills even if you knock the travel tumbler over and the soft silicone straw allows for easy, comfortable drinking.

Large Capacity: 40-oz. size is perfect for long outings or all-day hydration at home.

Ergonomic Handle: Comfortable to carry and enhances portability.

Wide Mouth Design: Easy to fill, clean, and add ice cubes.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality 18/8 food-grade 304 stainless steel.

Easy to Clean: Washing by hand is a breeze if you have a bottle brush set that includes a larger brush with a long handle for cleaning the travel mug and long, thin brush for cleaning the straw. This bottle brush cleaning set has brushes for cleaning all types and sizes of bottles, cups, jars, and straws and is very inexpensive. This insulated travel tumbler is also…

Dishwasher-Safe: Unlike many other powder-coated insulated stainless steel mugs and tumblers, this one is dishwasher-safe, which I love! Although I tend to hand wash mine more often than not, I have run the tumbler and lid through the dishwasher several times and have not experienced any chipping or scratching of the powder-coated exterior.

Fits in Most Cup Holders: The bottom of the tumbler is narrower than the top, allowing it to fit most cup holders when you're on the road.

Excellent Value: The Hydro Flask 40-oz. All Around Travel Tumbler With Handle costs significantly less than the popular Stanley Quencher.

Nice Color Choices: This large travel tumbler is available in a wide selection of attractive colors.

Optional Large Closeable Press-In Lid Lets You Use This Insulated Tumbler With Hot Beverages: At the time of this post's publication, only the small closeable press-in lid was available on Amazon, but the large closeable press-in lid was available for $9.95 on the Hydro Flask website.


Size and Weight: When filled to the top with liquid (and ice, if desired), this large-capacity tumbler can be heavy, which might be a drawback for some users. However, there is also a smaller Hydro Flask 32-oz. All Around Travel Tumbler With Handle.


The Hydro Flask 40 oz All Around Tumbler with Handle is a top-tier product that lives up to its reputation. Its combination of superior insulation, durable construction, and practical design features makes it an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable and stylish tumbler. While it comes with a higher price tag and requires hand washing, the benefits far outweigh these minor drawbacks. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a commuter, or someone who values high-quality drinkware, this tumbler is a worthy investment.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

A Review of Laundry Detergent Sheets


The older I get, the harder I find it to lift that heavy container of laundry detergent to put it in the machine.  I wondered if there was a better way one day while doing laundry.  I was tossing in a dryer sheet when the thought occurred to me:  if there are dryer sheets, could there be detergent sheets? I sat down at my computer and pulled up Amazon.  I typed in laundry detergent sheets and was amazed to see there were many of them.  I browsed through them because there were specific things I needed in laundry soap.  I ran across a brand that had everything I was looking for and more:

The box I ordered from Amazon

1.  Safe for Pets and Kids 

2.  Hypoallergenic - perfect if you have sensitive skin like me

3.  Eco Friendly and Biodegradable including the packaging, no plastic!

4.  Light to pick up and portable - great for traveling!

5.  Takes up very little space for all the laundry that it does.

6.  Free of many nasty chemicals and other things that you will find in many other detergents like:  dyes, bleach, phosphates, paraben, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

How to Use Detergent Sheets

I was also impressed with the price, less than $10 for 200 sheets.  But I wondered, do you just use one sheet per wash?  The answer for that was right on the box.....probably in case you are rather forgetful, like me!  

Photograph off my own box

I decided to give it a try, so a ordered a box.  When it arrived, I loved the fact there was no plastic, and the box can be easily pulled open and pushed closed.  It's so small I just place it on a small shelf over my washing machine.  But the proof is the the washing, (so to say) so I started out with a hard test:  my husbands gardening clothes.  They would be a job for any detergent, but I didn't want to go soft on the first test.

My washing machine!

I used two sheets, and I was impressed with the job that it did.  It took out the sweat stains and the dirt and other stains that were on his t shirts and jean shorts.  It did a great job.  I also tried it on my own lighter and more fragile clothing and it did an equally good job using only one sheet.

Great for All Kinds of People

Carrying these small, light boxes is a blessing, but not just for me, they are also great for:

  • People with disabilities
  • People that live in an apartment buildings with washers in the basement
  • People that have to use a laundromat 
  • People that travel, either for business or with the family to a cabin for vacation
  • People that have to take public transportation or walk to the store to shop.
Think of how much easier it would be not to have to carry that big container of detergent around!  These sheets only weigh ounces, not pounds!

The box I ordered from Amazon


Zimwin's Laundry Detergent Sheets are a winner and something I will be using from now on.  They are so light and simple to use.  Just slide open the small box, take out a sheet, drop it in and you are good to go. They also do a great job cleaning clothes.  I highly recommend this product.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Saturday, July 13, 2024

A Review of Blue Bunny Ice Cream

I am not a big dessert eater, and am particular about the desserts I DO eat. Growing up, dessert was not a regular part of our meals, usually reserved for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. 

Image of a tub of Blue Bunny ice cream

I am not fond of cake, except for falling in love with the recently discovered Chantilly Cake. My dessert preference is for pies (mostly cream pies such as chocolate), and ice cream.

When it comes to ice cream, I really only like vanilla ice cream plain, in a hot fudge sundae, or for the topping on warm apple pie. Plus, any ice cream with some type of nuts in it. 

My favorite ‘snack’ is an ice cream drumstick - vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone dipped in a chocolate coating and topped with peanuts.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Mini Cones

Recently, I bought a brand I was not familiar with because it was on sale at my grocery store. It was the ‘best’ drumstick-style cone I have ever had. It is made by Blue Bunny, an ice cream brand I had seen in store freezers, but never tried.

Blue Bunny Caramel Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream

This week I branched out and bought a tub of ice cream by Blue Bunny - the Caramel Butter Pecan Praline flavor. WOW! Unbelievably delicious! 

Blue Bunny has become my new favorite ice cream. It is SO creamy and rich tasting and far surpasses any other ice cream I have ever had. 

Blue Bunny Ice Cream by Wells Enterprises

Blue Bunny ice cream is made by Wells Enterprises of Le Mars, Iowa, just northeast of Sioux City.  The company was begun in 1925 by Fred H. Wells Jr.  and his sons and they delivered it to neighboring Iowa towns. In 1928, Fairmont Ice Cream purchased the ice cream distribution system in Sioux City, along with the Wells name. 

A handmade in crochet blue bunny
Blue Bunny in Crochet
handmade by (c) Elf

In 1935, the Wells family decided to again sell their ice cream in Sioux City, but unable to sell their product under their own name, they decided to hold a “Name That Ice Cream” contest. The winning entry - Blue Bunny - was submitted by a Sioux City man who had noticed how much his son enjoyed the blue bunnies in a department store at Easter. 

By 1954, Fred Wells' sons, Harold, Mike, Roy and Fay, and their cousin Fred D. Wells, began running the family business as a partnership. It has become the largest family-owned ice cream company in the country.


A dish of ice cream by Blue Bunny

According to what I learned in my research, I think the secret to the fantastic taste is the fact that Blue Bunny uses only high-quality ingredients, such as their locally-sourced fresh milk in their delicious ice cream. I must disclose that I have discovered that this ice cream is quite high in calories (200 calories per serving), which is a lot to devote to just dessert. But, oh, what a decadently delicious treat! Definitely worth tasting, even if only for special occasions. Pick up a pint at your favorite store and see if you agree. :) 

  • For more information about Blue Bunny Ice Cream Products, click here

  • For an added incentive to try Blue Bunny ice cream, National Ice Cream Month is celebrated during the whole month of July, with National Ice Cream Day occurring on the third Sunday in July each year. 

*Blue Bunny Ice Cream review written by Wednesday Elf

Ice Cream Essentials:


Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Friday, July 12, 2024

Tall Domed Glass Cake Plate Reviewed

Tall Dome Cake Plate
I bake a homemade 3 layer German Chocolate cake several times each year.  It is my husband's favorite cake, so it is most often the cake of choice for special occasions, like his birthday or our anniversary.

For years, I have complained that my domed cake plate is not quite tall enough to cover the 3 tiered frosted cake.  It easily covers 2 tier cakes, but not 3 tiers.  

I have casually looked around for a taller domed cake plate.  I have found a few at antique stores, but until recently I had not found one that was inexpensive.  Surprisingly enough, I found it on  I used the tall domed cake plate on his birthday for the first time this year and I am thrilled with the height of the dome.  What I did not anticipate is that the dome is more narrow and will not accommodate the removable separate cake plate that I normally use.  Until I can find a smaller removable cake plate, I will simply put the cake directly on the pedestal cake plate under the dome. 

As you can see in the photo, the taller dome is perfect for the taller cake. 

cake plates
My 2 Cake Plates Together -
The Shorter Original Beside the New Taller Dome Cake Plate


Glass Cake Stand with Dome Lid 

The cake stand and dome are sold together. I really love the ball grip on the top of the dome that matches the ball on the base of the pedestal.  They make a very elegant display and presentation for a delicious dessert without being overpowering.

Because it is glass, it is heavier than my acrylic cake plate, but that weight also gives it more stability when sitting on a table.  It isn't as likely to slide if someone bumps the table.

I measured the interior side of the tall dome and it is 5.25" tall.  The width of the dome is 10.25".  By comparison, my original dome is 4.25" tall and 11" wide.  It is amazing how much difference an inch can make for cake top clearance, especially if the cake is decorated.

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House of Sylvestermouse

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Summertime and the Feet are Happy! ~ A Product Review

When summertime comes around I know that my feet are going to be happy.  Why?  Well let me explain!  Both my father and I suffer from hot feet!  Not just in summer time but all year long.  So the first thing that happens is the shoes or boots (especially in the winter) come off the minute we are in the front door.

But summertime is another story.  With the warm weather, my sandals must be open and toes must stick out!  

Now that is no problem in the summertime, but shoes are still an essential part of dressing for the day.  My days can be full of all kinds of activities.

Gardening, walking, swimming and more fill my days.  Now with sandals in the garden, quite often I find that my feet get quite dirty.  I love playing in the garden and I don't stop if a little dirt gets on my feet.  When I'm finished then I just get out the garden hose and give the feet a good rinse off.  

That would not be possible with a "nice" pair of leather sandals.  They would be ruined in no time at all!  But I have my CROCS!  Yes, I love my CROCS!  

Not only are they comfortable but because they are made of a really strong plastic, they are water proof and can take a really good rinse under the hose without losing their shape, color, and fit!  That would never happen with a pair of "good leather" sandals!

I love my CROCS so much I just had to get two pair!  This way I can use the light or the dark pair with whatever I happen to be wearing! But the great thing is you can get CROCS in almost any color!  With lots of different styles to choose from as well.  

These work for me in so many ways.  Even in my building, when I go for a swim, I wear a pair down to the pool, get into the pool, take them off while swimming and put them back before exiting the pool afterwards.  It doesn't matter if  I GET THEM WET or drip all over them.  I even take them into the shower.  Being a public (in the building) pool, you don't want to walk around in bare feet!  Who knows if there is a case of athlete's foot waiting on the tiles to grab your own foot.  The only thing that makes them a little obvious is sometimes when they are wet they can squeak!  

That doesn't bother me, but if it did a quick dry up with a towel and drying my feet solves that problem.  So there you go!

I must tell you that CROCS are a little more expensive than the knock-offs that are out there, but I have purchased the knock-offs before and they just don't last the way my CROCS do.  The soles are so much thicker and the treads are a lot better too!  The knock-offs are really dangerous once the tread is worn away!  In puddles, they can become very slick and be a fall hazard.  At my age, really at any age, you don't want to be doing that!

If you have never tried a pair of these sandals/shoes, I really would suggest that you do!  You just might like them as much as I do!  Plus they come in all kinds of styles and sizes for the whole family.  Baby CROCS are just so cute!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Friday, July 5, 2024

Pouring Chute Accessory for Stand Mixer Mixing Bowl Reviewed

pouring chute
I love my Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer!  It was a gift many years ago from my daughter and her husband.  Prior to that time, I had never owned a stand mixer and I was most grateful to receive the gift.  It is a real workhorse.  I've only had one issue with it and I suspect it is a common issue for any stand mixer.  It is hard to slowly add flour, eggs, milk, etc to batter when the mixer is mixing.  

Because the "planetary mixing action rotates the beaters" around the stainless steel bowl instead of only mixing in the center of the bowl, I found myself waiting for the beater to get to the back of the bowl before I added ingredients while mixing.  It was perfect when my timing was right, but would splatter me if I missed that optimum moment.  

I went in search of a solution and found a universal chute accessory that fits my standard size 3.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl.  It works like magic!  I can easily add ingredients at any time during the mixer rotation without having flour, eggs, or milk tossed back at me.

Sometimes, the simplest things are just so cool and exactly what is needed!

Stand Mixer Mixing Bowl Chute

The chute that I found years ago was made of a hard plastic and works great, but I am always afraid it will break at the cut-out slot where it fits onto the bowl.  That is the only reason I have not recommended it in the past.  However, I recently discovered a stainless steel mixing bowl chute and was thrilled to get this inexpensive upgrade.  Plus, I love the baking quote options engraved on the side.

I opted for the engraved quote: Baking is a work of Love.  The word love is not there.  It is replaced with two hearts as you can see in the photo.  That slogan expresses what I have always believed.  Baking and cooking for my family is definitely a work of love.  I've even commented many times that my grandmother's or my mother's special ingredient in a recipe was love.  Without the love, the food just doesn't taste as good.

I have noted that many of the newer stand mixer models include a pouring chute, but those don't have the sentimental slogan.  Therefore, I think a new pouring chute would make a lovely gift for the baker in your life too.


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