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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for Pear-Shaped Women: A Review

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Fit My Pear Shape

Believe me, when your waist and hip are the same size, it's hard to find jeans that fit. Often the inseam is too long. And I like to have my waist where it belongs naturally. None of those tummy-revealing low waists appeal to me. I  have too much tummy to reveal. 

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for Pear-Shaped Women: A Review
Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Heritage Fit with Tapered Leg and Classic Rise, © B. Radisavljevic  

I took a chance on a recent visit to Costco and bought a pair of the Gloria Vanderbilt Penelope Convertible Cargo jeans I saw there. I knew I'd be making the trip again in a week and could return them if necessary. But they fit and I decided to keep them and look for more. When I returned a week later I found more Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in different styles. 

I bought two pair of the Amanda Heritage Fit with Tapered Leg, and Classic Rise.  They had stretch fabric to accommodate me as my weight fluctuates.  They have a classic fly front with a button at the top of the zipper. They also have belt loops for when you want to tuck in a shirt. They are also handy if you lose a bit at the waist and need help holding your pants up. 

What I Like About the Amanda Heritage Fit with Tapered Leg, and Classic Rise.

It fits my pear-shaped figure. Funny how the perfect figure I had when young turned pear-shaped by the time I hit sixty. My waistline seemed to disappear, but most jeans manufacturers seem to think one's waist should be smaller than one's hips. For me, that was no longer the case. When I tried the Amanda jeans on, they weren't too tight around the middle and they stayed up. The belt helped, but I could get along without it when my shirt was untucked, my preferred way to wear a shirt.

I also liked that I had no trouble buttoning the button above the zipper. I did not even have to hold my breath. The jeans stretched just enough to keep me comfortable. I even wore these while eating Thanksgiving dinner and the jeans did not get too tight.

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for Pear-Shaped Women: A Review
Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans with Shirt Untucked, © B. Radisavljevic 

To Belt, or Not to Belt

In most of these pictures I'm wearing a belt, since the jeans do have belt loops. I don't really like wearing belts, which is why I normally buy pull-on pants. I actually hadn't worn a belt in so long that I had forgotten where I'd put them. I finally found the two I had bought a couple of years ago to fit my growing waist line.

When I first  wore these jeans around the house for a few hours and then to the gym, I was wearing the belt. I decided not to take it on our trip to Madera to have Thanksgiving with the family, since I was planning to  wear my shirt untucked. The car trip was about seven hours round trip with about three pit stops each way. We  were at my nephew's house in Madera for about five hours. I would have been better off to bring the belt, since after several hours wear, the jeans were beginning to droop a bit at the waist.

Do you need a new belt for your current size? Here are some suggestions to go with jeans. I think I'm going to get that invisible belt that easily fits under even a fitted shirt. It not only doesn't show, but it also stretches to fit any size I happen to be. The leather belts are perfect for when I want a belt to show. I'm wearing a belt in most of the photos here.

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for Pear-Shaped Women: A Review
Wearing Jeans with Belt, © B. Radisavljevic 

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for Pear-Shaped Women: A Review
Back View of Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans, © B. Radisavljevic 
The Amanda style is available in many colors and sizes. I liked that I could get the short size with an inseam that fits me. The jeans also come in  average, tall, petite, and plus sizes. I bought the burgundy color I'm wearing in these photos, and also a pair of gray jeans.

My Gloria Vanderbilt Penelope Convertible Cargo Jeans 

These were the first pair I bought to see if the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were sized right for me. They fit perfectly. They have two side pockets on the front, two buttoned pockets in back, and a buttoned pocket on each leg. There is another button on each leg to adjust the convertible roll cuff hem. The legs are loose and comfortable. These are great for hiking. Like the Amanda style, they have belt loops, and close in front with a button and zipper. You can see the Penelope in the photo below, along with the other styles. 

My Amanda Classic Fit Denim Jeans

These are still Amanda jeans, but they have a sleeker look than the Heritage Fit. Both have the waist where it naturally should be. The Classic Fit Denim jeans look just a tad dressier. This pair is just as comfortable as the other two styles. The reason I don't have photos of me modeling them is that I think Hubby was tired of taking the pictures. You can see this best-selling style below with the pictures of the other jeans. It's the left one in the top row.   

Where to Buy These Jeans

You may get lucky and find these locally like I did, but you may find that style, size, and color choices are limited. Online stores are likely to have a better selection. You can click any of the pictures above to check out the availability of your chosen styles and colors at Amazon. There is also a great selection of the Amanda jeans at eBay you may want to check out.

There's only one thing I did not like about my jeans. They had way too many tags and labels to remove. Most came off easily, but not this one. It was firmly stuck and only came off piece by piece. But don't let label removal discourage you. They probably stick those babies on to make life a bit harder for shoplifters.

Long Label Was Hard to Remove. © B. Radisavljevic 

Isn't it time to buy a new pair of jeans? 

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for Pear-Shaped Women: A Review


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