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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Living Accents Rectangular Folding Table Review

I participate in a local Farmers Market as a craft vendor.  I have a 4 foot by 2 foot folding table that fits nicely in my small car for transportation to Market. 

Several years ago, in South Carolina, I took part in another Farmers Market using my folding table and a card table for displaying my crafts. The card table broke and, since my move to Iowa, I haven't needed it.  Now, with the opportunity to join in at an Iowa Farmers Market, I find my single table does not give me enough display room. Therefore, this week I purchased a second folding table.

Living Accents Folding 4 ft. Rectangular Table

The table I chose is by Living Accents.  It measures 48 inches long x 24 inches wide x 29.5 inches high. It is lightweight and easy to carry, plus fits just fine on top of my first table in the car. It is on a steel frame and the legs fold in for easy storage and transportation. 

The polyethylene top is resistant to water, stains, scratch and impacts, which is handy since hauling the table in and out of the car and back & forth to my space at the park where the Farmers Market is held outside would be very hard on any 'indoor' type table. 

Ace is the Place

I purchased my new folding table at Ace Hardware, my favorite local 'go-to' place for many things I need. Other places one can find this folding table by Living Accents is Walmart and Target.  Other brands of similar folding tables can be found at a variety of Big Box Stores and on Amazon


The current Farmers Market will run weekly through October.  Once the winter snows blanket my Iowa landscape, I will use my folding craft tables for my craft room as I create more inventory for my Etsy Store and for next season's Farmer's Market! 

My new folding table at the Farmers Market

Table filled with my crafts on Market Day

Elf and her Crocheted Critters at the Farmers Market

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*Review written by (c) Wednesday Elf (9/12/2020)

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Review of Budweiser Beer Battered Cod by Seapak

Mothers everywhere know their children's favorite meal – fish sticks and Mac & Cheese. Frozen fish sticks used to be really good (even adults liked them), but lately it seems they are not as tasty as they used to be.  It seems to me that many of the frozen breaded or battered fish products have changed in recent years to a lesser quality (or my taste buds don't care for them as much).  But recently I discovered a frozen fish product that is not only VERY tasty, but does not have that 'packaged' taste so often prevalent.

The product is called Budweiser Beer Battered Cod produced by SeaPak, the Shrimp & Seafood Co.  It is wild caught cod fillets in a crunchy beer batter and it is delicious.  

It's like having your kitchen become your new favorite Pub. 


The SeaPak company is known as the Shrimp & Seafood Co. They are known as the #1 retail brand in the frozen specialty seafood category. 

SeaPak has been making great tasting and high quality seafood products for over 70 years. They choose only the best seafood for their products and their signature seasonings, breadings and sauces bring you an authentic coastal seafood flavor right to your home dining table.

They are known for their Shrimp dishes (including Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp, Shrimp Scampi and Popcorn Shrimp), as well as their Maryland style Crab Cakes and Fish products which appeal to seafood lovers of all ages. 

Budweiser Beer Battered Cod

This beer battered cod is very fresh tasting and delicious.  The product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC's standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery. ( 

Quick and easy to fix in a conventional oven at 425 degrees, cooking in a single layer on a baking sheet for 17-18 minutes. Turn over half way through cooking. 

Ways to Serve:

Cod Filets with Macaroni & in a Sandwich

I have had this beer battered cod with Mac & Cheese and also as a fish sandwich on a roll with macaroni salad.  I think it would be good any way you serve it. The combination of Cod and the Budweiser Lager Beer used in the batter is yummy. You will find more serving suggestions and recipes for this product and the other SeaPak selections on the recipe section of their website

Where to Buy:

This Beer Battered Cod and other SeaPak seafoods are available from Target and Walmart and most of your favorite grocery stores (Kroger, Hy-Vee, Publix). 

For a quick and easy meal on no-time-to-cook busy days, these SeaPak seafood selections are a delicious product to keep in your freezer, and a satisfying meal choice. 

Available at:

*Images by Wednesday Elf

+Review written by (c) Wednesday Elf 

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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Marie Callender's Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl Review

Marie Callender's Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl Review
Frozen dinners are, naturally, not anywhere as good as home-cooked meals, but they are convenient for a segment of the population. These include singles, college students, widow/widowers living alone, and busy moms who find a day became too busy to cook.

There are a wide variety of brands of frozen dinners on the market today.  Some are just okay, some are pretty average, and then there are a couple which stand out in taste and deliciousness, making them an above-average, close-to-homemade choice for a meal. Stouffer's Frozen Foods has been just such a line of frozen meals for me for many years, until I came across another one just as good or better.  It's the Marie Callender's line of frozen dinners. 

Marie Callender

Marie Callender's story is a Heritage of Homemade.  She believed that slowing down to share a meal strengthened the bonds of family and friends. 

In the 1940s, she began baking pies in her home kitchen, which her son delivered on his bicycle to local restaurants in their Orange, California area. By 1948 she was able to open her first bakery, where she baked over 100 pies every day. 

In 1964, Marie's family opened the first of what eventually became a chain of pie and coffee shops.

Today it has expanded to frozen pies and other desserts, and into frozen meals available in grocery stores.  

Marie Callender's Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl

I have tried ~ and very much enjoyed ~ the Marie Callender pot pies and a few varieties of her frozen dinners. Recently I discovered a new line of products – microwavable bowls, and purchased the Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl.  It was Delicious! 

Image Source: (c) Elf
The Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl consists of shrimp over pasta with a buttery white wine cheese sauce. Mmmmm! 

It is a big bowl of succulent premium shrimp with pasta in a creamy sauce made from scratch with real butter and white wine. 

The bowl cooks up quickly in the microwave on high for 3 minutes, stir, re-cover and cook an additional 1-1/2 to 2 minutes.  VERY hot when done, so remove carefully.  Stir & enjoy!  I did! It is very fresh tasting and delicious. 


Check out the complete line of Marie Callender frozen dinners and bowls.  The variety is amazing and everything I have tried is very good. You can see the various meals available on the Marie Callender Website.

Image Source: (c) Elf

For the story of Marie Callender, check out this book about her life.

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*Review of Marie Callender's White Wine & Butter Shrimp Mac & Cheese Bowl by:

Wednesday Elf 

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Bonion Burgers Recipe Review

Or, our version of bacon-wrapped burgers!

Go ahead, laugh! But Bonion Burgers is the name we came up with to describe the bacon-wrapped burger combination we like best. It consists of a slice of onion and a slice of tomato on a hamburger patty which is then completely wrapped in bacon slices. We tried to come up with a name that included the 'T' for tomato, but nothing seemed to fit.  So we ended up using the 'B' for 'bacon' with onion and burger. It was the closest we could come to a name for our concoction.

(c) Elf
We originally wrapped just one slice of bacon around the outside of the hamburger patty a la filet minion. Then we discovered a tastier way! 

There are many recipes online for burgers with bacon. Recipe combinations include cheese and mushrooms and many other ingredients. The recipes are for all styles of cooking, from pan to oven to grill, and all served on some form of bun.  We wanted just bacon-favored hamburger cooked in a broiler oven and served without a bun. Thus, Bonion Burgers. So ~ you may laugh at our name, but the end result is delicious!

Simple Ingredients:

  • Hamburger formed into patties
  • One onion slice each
  • One tomato slice each
  • 4 slices bacon per hamburger patty
  • Seasoning as desired
  • Toothpicks

Very Easy Instructions:

(c) Elf

  1. Simply make as many hamburger patties as you need – one per person. Season as desired.
  2. Place a slice of tomato and a slice of onion on each patty.
  3. Wrap 4 slices of bacon around each patty – completely covering the meat patty. Secure with toothpicks.

(c) Elf
Place the oven rack one shelf lower than the rack usually used for broiling so the bacon does not get overcooked or burned while the meat is cooking.

Broil under the broiler in the oven approximately 10 minutes per side  (20 minutes total, turning once). 

*Cook's Note:  I tend to make my burgers a bit smaller than most people, so I cook mine 8 minutes per side. 


(c) Elf
*Serve with rice and a vegetable.  We enjoy the combination of long-grain white rice (takes 20 minutes to cook so is perfectly timed with the broiled burgers) and green peas. 

Bonion Burgers ~ One of our favorite meals! 

(c) Elf

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Recipe Review written by Wednesday Elf (8/15/2020)

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Heaven is for Real - Movie Review

The other night I came across the movie Heaven is for Real (2014), which I had never seen.  The story-line synosis caught my attention, stating it was an inspirational tale of a young boy who suffers a near-death experience and claims to have visited heaven.

Heaven is for Real Movie Synosis

Available on Amazon
This movie is based on the true story of a 4-year-old boy (Colton, played by Connor Corum) who emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven. The story is told by his father (often in Colton's own words). The father (played by Greg Kinnear) who is a pastor in a rural small-town Nebraska church and a volunteer firefighter, finds that Colton's experience has turned their once peaceful lives upside down. The astonished parents try to find meaning in the alleged miracle, but friends and parishioners are skeptic and dismiss his claims about what Colton experienced. 

Colton begins talking about people he has never met or heard about, such as his great grandfather who died 30 years before he was born.  Colton shares impossible-to-know details about these people he met in Heaven and about having looked down (from heaven) to see the doctor operating on him and how he saw his dad praying in the waiting room. He also talks about how Jesus takes him to meet these people, including a sister he never knew about. 

As townspeople ridicule these stories and school children tease the older sister, his parents try to find the courage and conviction to believe Colton and share his story.  

The Cast

Greg Kinnear does an excellent acting job of portraying Todd Burpo, the father in the movie.  The mom is played by Kelly Reilly and Colton by Connor Corum. The performances of this Christian film are notably thoughtful. 

Heaven is for Real – the Book

The movie is based on the best selling book of the same name. Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back (2010) is a memoir written by Todd Burpo, Colton's father, and Lynn Vincent The book was on the New York Times Bestseller list for a record setting 156 weeks. It is a Christian nonfiction story based on the true experience of the Burpo family. 


When asked what Heaven was like, Colton answers “Heaven is a lot like earth, except more colorful and more beautiful. “

This is a very sweet, well acted, movie with a Christian based theme. I enjoyed  it very much.

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Written by (c) Wednesday Elf (8/1/2020)

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Review of Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears

Fiskars Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears
These long-handle grass shears by Fiskars save you back strain from bending and sore knees from kneeling to trim the grass around flower beds, trees and sidewalks. 

In my collection of gardening/lawn care tools, I already owned a pair of hand-held grass shears

These shears are very handy for trimming bushes. But bending over trying to tidy-up the grass growing around the mailbox at the curb, or any trimming along the driveway or flower beds is hard on my back. 

Photos  by Ryan Austin

Then I discovered the existence of a set of grass shears with a long handle. Perfect! No more bending, no more back strain or sore knees from kneeling down to reach those annoying grasses which insist on growing around the gutter extensions and against the fence which no lawn mower can reach. 

Fiskars Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears

Swivel blades for easy trimming (c) Ryan Austin
The Fiskars grass shears have a 36 inch long shaft with blades that swivel 180 degrees for easy trimming at any angle.  Can be used horizontally for trimming and vertically for edging.  

The 4-1/2 inch blades cut all the way to the tip and hold grass up for clean cuts. It is easy to edge and trim around borders and obstacles with precision straight snips. 

More Features of the Fiskars Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears

Available on Amazon

These long-handle grass shears are of steel construction which stay sharp even through heavy use.  They have an ergonomically designed handle which provides a comfortable grip.  The smooth-cutting mechanism makes each snip easy. The easy-open lock protects the blades during transport and storage. 

A definite improvement to my line of lawn tools. Even though my sweet teenage grandson does most of my lawn mowing, I am in charge of keeping the trimming done. It is a weekly chore as the grass grows so fast this time of year! The Fiskar long-handle grass shears have certainly made my lawn-care life easier.

Fiskars Long-handle grass shears review written by Wednesday Elf (c) 7/18/2020

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Playskool Heroes Transformers Review

Grandson Tyler just turned six. Since we only get to visit in person a couple times a year, I always need advice from his parents as to what his latest 'favorite' toy is.  This time the recommendation was for a Heroes Transformers action figure by Playskool. 

Due to the marvel of today's video chats, I was able to watch-in-person while Tyler opened his birthday gift from grandma. Judging by his reaction, my birthday gift of this transformer action figure was a BIG hit. 

The Optimus Prime Rescue Bot Action Figure

The Robot Mode

Available on Amazon

The Vehicle Mode

Available on Amazon

This Rescue Bot Action Figure manufactured by Hasbro (a trusted toy company) has an easy-to-do conversion. It converts from robot mode to vehicle mode and back again. As a fierce truck, Optimus Prime is ready to roll to the rescue in a (pretend) dangerous situation. Then the vehicle can be quickly converted into a heroic robot figure to save the day! 

This 2-in-1 toy is sized just right for small hands and recommended for ages 3-7. The perfect toy for newly 6-year-old Tyler. 

Transformers Boys' Optimus Prime T-Shirt

Transformer T-Shirt

As a grandmother, I also like to be 'practical' when it comes to purchasing gifts for my five grandsons. It is also appreciated by the parents.  So, in addition to the Transformers Toy, I also sent a Transformers Boys' Optimus Prime T-Shirt to match the toy. The T-Shirt has an Officially licensed graphics decal on the front that matches the Transformer Toy. The shirt is 100% cotton, has a super soft crew neck, is made in the USA, and is machine washable. 


My little Tyler liked both the Transformers Rescue Bot Robot toy and the T-shirt to match. He knows all about the Transformers Cyberverse Adventures by Hasbro..... and Grandma is now being educated about this world of Transformers. :)

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Transformers Review written by Wednesday Elf on (c) 7/4/2020

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Pineapple Day Holiday Review

Pineapple Day Review
Source: Pixabay

Pineapple Day (also International Pineapple Day) is celebrated each year on June 27.

Pineapples are a tropical fruit native to the America’s. It is a lush, prickly, green leafed ground fruit that is a delicious addition to just about any meal. Pineapples do not grow on trees, as many people assume. They are actually herbaceous perennials, meaning they are leafy, not woody, plants that grow for more than two years. 

How June 27th became Pineapple Day

Source: Pixabay

The way Pineapple Day holiday started is a funny story. It was begun as a tease by Andrew Lee, cofounder of Firebase, on June 27, 2011 when his partner walked into work and asked Andrew why he had a pineapple on his desk. Read here to learn how the First Pineapple Day Got Started!  

Crafty Pineapples

Pineapples are a sign of Hospitality

The pineapple, along with a house motif, are traditional symbols of hospitality. Welcome your guests with these symbols, perhaps in the form of a pillow or two. A darling Country Pillows pattern is presented below and can be found on eBay

Hospitality Pillows Pattern

A set of Country Pillows to crochet in an afghan stitch. The motifs are worked in cross stitch after the 12" pillows are crocheted.   A matching ribbon is woven through the crochet to frame the motifs.

These country pillows will make your guests feel right at home! The pineapple and house motifs, traditional symbols of hospitality, let them know they are welcome, while  the teddy bear motif greets them with a warm hug.   Fashion them in soft country colors.

Color charts for the three motifs are included.

Pineapple Home Decor with Handmade Coasters

Handmade Pineapple Coasters on Etsy
The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and friendship, particularly throughout the South, so using coasters with this design in a social situation is perfect.

Pineapple coasters measure 4 x 4 inches. Created in acrylic yarn colors of yellow, gold and green for the pineapple design on an eggshell white background. Each coaster is trimmed in light green. The pineapple design is outlined in embroidery black outline stitch with crochet thread.

A pretty set of Pineapple coasters for your tabletops. They also make a lovely hostess gift for a holiday dinner invitation or a housewarming gift or birthday gift. Lovely home decor for any home. 

Pineapple Accessories

Pineapple Fabric Lanyards & Key Fob - Etsy

Useful accessories in a pineapple theme handmade by CutePurseNalities on Etsy.  Two styles of quilted fabric lanyards in different colors and a matching key fob, all in pretty pineapple prints.  

  • The fabric key fob that has pineapples on a blue background. It is made with 100% cotton fabric, cotton batting, interfacing and metal hardware. Length is 6" and the strap is 1" wide.

  • One lanyard is made with 100% cotton fabric that has cute pineapples on a blue background with a silver swivel clip. Perfect for holding and Id badge, name tag or keys. Length is 20" and the strap is 1" wide.

  • The other lanyard shown is made with 100% cotton fabric and a silver swivel clip. The fabric has pineapples and hibiscus flowers in lavender, yellow and orange on a purple background. Perfect for holding an Id badge, name tag or keys. Length is 21" and the strap is 1" wide.

Ways to Celebrate Pineapple Day

The very best way to celebrate this day is by eating this delicious fruit in any number of  ways. Freshly cut and eaten in slices, it is a refreshing treat. 

Image Source: Pixabay
Or bake it into an American favorite dessert, the Pineapple Upside Down Cake ~ rich and delicious made with slices of pineapple laid on the bottom of a pan along with a sugary mixture, then the cake batter poured on top. When baked and turned out of the pan, the bottom becomes a delicious topping. Check out the recipe here.

You can also enjoy a delicious drink with either plain pineapple juice, or in a rum drink called Piña colada.

Celebrate Pineapple Day on June 27.

Fresh Pineapples at the grocery store. (c) Elf

For more Holiday Reviews, 
Check out ReviewThisReviews: Holidays.

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Pineapple Day Review written by (c) Wednesday Elf on 6/27/2020.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Lady Bug Day Review

Ladybug Day
Ladybug Day
Ladybug Day is celebrated each year on the 2nd Saturday of June. It is a decades-long tradition at Washington Market Park, located in the Tribeca area of NYC. 

The Friends of Washington Market Park distribute 100,000 ladybugs to children ages 3-12 and adults, who then release them in the park. Ladybugs eat aphids, which are harmful to our trees and shrubs. Ladybugs help to keep our park green, healthy and strong! 

How Did Ladybugs Get Their Name?

Legend has it that during the middle ages Europe was plagued by swarms of aphids which were destroying the crops. Farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help and help came in the form of ladybugs that devoured the plant-destroying pests. The crops were saved and the grateful farmers named the insects “Our Lady's beetles”.  The name continues to this day.

Today's Gardeners Love Ladybugs

Our contributor Olivia Morris explains why gardeners think ladybugs are beneficial in her review called “Ladybugs are so Cool”.

Fun Facts about Ladybugs

Source: Pixabay

  • In North America, they are called ladybugs
  • In Britain they are called ladybirds
  • Entomologists prefer the names ladybird beetles or lady beetles as these insects are not classified as true bugs.
  • The Ladybird /Ladybug is the state insect of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio and Tennessee.
  • Many cultures consider ladybugs 'lucky'.
  • The color of the ladybug is most commonly seen as red, but they also come in both orange and yellow and, to a lesser degree, in black, gray, pink and blue. 

Crafty Ladybugs

Artists and crafters like to create Ladybugs. Their cheerful color and cute shape make them fun to craft. Here are a couple of my latest creations.

Ladybug Magnets and Ladybug Coasters

This is a set of ladybugs for your kitchen decor. This 6-piece combo includes two (2) ladybug magnets and four (4) ladybug beverage coasters.

A pair of Ladybug design refrigerator magnets handmade with care using plastic canvas and acrylic yarn. There is a magnet glued on the back of each Ladybug magnet. These ladybug magnets each measure 2" x 2-1/2".

A cute pair of little 'Lady Bugs' to brighten up your kitchen and hold your shopping lists and notes.

Ladybugs are considered 'Good Luck', so these Ladybug fridgies will be a happy addition to your kitchen. In England, Ladybugs are called Ladybirds.

Coasters are always handy to protect your table tops from wet rings. For fans of Ladybugs, these handmade beverage coasters really 'fit the bill'.

Ladybug coasters are handmade using plastic canvas and acrylic yarn. Each coaster in this set of 4 measures approximately 4 x 4 inches. The coasters were stitched with red and black acrylic yarn.

Ladybug coasters are the perfect compliment for your home, patio or porch.

Ladybug Plush Animals in Crochet

Ladybug Plushies

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home!

Orange ladybug is a fun toy ladybug who measures about 6" long and 5" high and is 4" across. Hand-crocheted in washable acrylic yarn in orange and black and softly stuffed with new polyester fiberfill, orange ladybug has crocheted antennae and embroidered facial features in orange on a black face. Completely kid-friendly all over!

Ladybug Day
Red Ladybug loves warm weather and garden-time, flitting and frolicking among the plants. Since she's a plushie, she's also fun to cuddle.

This Red Lady Bug measures about 6" long and 5" high and is 4" across. She's hand-crocheted in durable acrylic yarn in red and black and softly stuffed with polyfil. Her antennae are crocheted and her facial features are embroidered in red on a black face.

Yellow ladybug is bright and cheerful and loves sunshine and flitting about the garden. She's cute and cuddly and hugable!

Yellow Ladybug measures about 7" long and 5" high and is 4" across. She's hand-crocheted in washable acrylic yarn in yellow and black and softly stuffed with polyfil. Her antennae are crocheted and her facial features are embroidered in yellow on a black face.

Handmade Quilted Ladybug Coin Purse

Handmade Quilted Ladybug coin purse
Ladybug Coin Purse

This coin purse has cute red ladybugs crawling on a yellow background. Inside is lined with dark red fabric and it has a dark red zipper for closure. Perfect for holding money, business cards, medications, keys, lipsticks and will help keep your purse organized. Coin purse size is approximately 5 1/2" x 4".

Handmade by Kathie for her Etsy Shop CutePurseNaties.

June Holiday

So, for gardeners and crafters and lovers of ladybugs, remember the second Saturday of June each year to enjoy celebrating Ladybug Day

For more Holiday Reviews, check out ReviewThisReviews: Holidays

Holiday Review written by (c) Wednesday Elf (6/6/2020)

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