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The Popularity of Pickleball: A Sport on the Rise


The Popularity of Pickleball: A Sport on the Rise

The growing popularity of Pickleball fascinates me! My mom loved playing this! Mom and Dad were Snowbirds; they spent winters in the southern USA. The community they stayed in played Pickleball, and Mom was really into it. Whenever I hear the word Pickleball I think of mom talking about it.


When I read that Pickleball is now going mainstream, I sort of giggled, thinking it was more of a senior sport. But guess what? It's growing amongst young people.


Being a lover of statistics, I had to research this! Below are some of the fascinating growth stats.


Why Is Pickleball So Popular?


It's easy to learn and inexpensive. Pickleball's accessibility is a key factor in its popularity. Unlike some sports that require years of practice, Pickleball is easy to pick up. 


The rules are straightforward, and beginners can quickly get into the swing of things. Plus, it doesn't break the bank – you only need a paddle, a ball, and a court.

Celebrity Endorsements


Pickleball has indeed caught the attention of celebrities from various walks of life. From actors and musicians to athletes and influencers, the pickleball craze has spread like wildfire and become the latest trend in the celebrity world. 


Some notable celebrity Pickleball team owners include Selena Gomez, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jim Berkus. It's popular! Here's an article that features some additional notable celebrities connected to the sport.

Pickleball by the Numbers Explosive Growth:


(A) 36.5 Million Players: From August 2021 to August 2022, over 36.5 million Americans played Pickleball.

(B) 158.6% Growth: The number of players increased by a staggering 85.7% in 2022 alone, with a three-year growth rate of 158.6% (2020-22).

Fastest-Growing Sport: 


For three consecutive years (2020-2022), Pickleball has held the title of America's fastest-growing sport.


Average Age: Between 2020 and 2021, the average age of pickleball players dropped from 41 to 38.1, indicating a surge of interest among younger players.

Core Players: Those who play Pickleball more than eight times a year fall into the "core player" category. Their average age is 47.5 years.

Casual Players: Casual players who play at least once a year have an average age of 33.6 years.

Youth Appeal: The 18-34 age group constitutes 27.8% of players, with the highest participation rate. However, they also have the most casual players.

The Popularity of Pickleball: A Sport on the Rise

Senior Players: Remarkably, 33% of core players are over 65, emphasizing Pickleball's appeal across generations.

How to Play Pickleball


Court and Equipment: Pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court with a net. Players use a solid paddle and a perforated plastic ball.

Serving: The serving team starts the game by serving diagonally. The ball must bounce once before being returned.

Volley Zone: The non-volley zone (or "kitchen") near the net is crucial. Players cannot volley (hit the ball in the air) while standing inside this zone.

Scoring: Points are scored only by the serving team. Games are typically played to 11 or 15 points, with a two-point lead.

Dinking and Smashing: Dinking involves soft shots close to the net while smashing is a powerful overhead shot.


Pickleball's rise from retirement communities to mainstream courts is a testament to its universal appeal. Whether you're a seasoned player or a curious beginner, grab a paddle and join the pickleball revolution! 🏓🥒

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Reviewing Bob's Top-of-the-Stove Baked Beans Recipe

Image of a serving of baked beans on a plate
The original oven baked beans of our childhoods were always SO good; cooked with lots of bacon and sweet molasses. Only problem is, they take a long time to prepare and cook. 

As our children were growing up, we did a lot of camping, and cooked on a Coleman Stove and the camp's grill. We always enjoyed having baked beans with our grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. But, without an oven, and having a time constraint out in the campgrounds, oven baked beans was not an option. Therefore, my hubby, Bob, came up with his own version of camper baked beans, which he named Bob's Top-of-the-Stove baked beans.

After our children grew up, they began to make this recipe both in camp and at home. Quite quick to prepare and always tasty, it has become a standard favorite in our family. 

Bob's Top-of-the-Stove Baked Beans Recipe


A selection of ingredients for a baked bean recipe

Serves 4

1 can pork & beans (we usually use Van Camp's). 

Several slices of bacon*

½ to 1 diced onion*

Mustard to taste

Ketchup to taste

1 tablespoon dill pickle juice

Brown Sugar to taste

Salt & Pepper


Slicing and chopping bacon and onion

  • Cut up bacon slices into one or two inch squares. Chop the onion.

Sauteing bacon and onion

  • Begin by sauteing the bacon and onion together. When done to your preference, pour off excess bacon grease (leaving a small bit for flavor).

Baked Beans recipe cooking

  • Add the can of Pork & Beans. 

  • Add all the other ingredients.

  • Simmer for 15-20 minutes to heat through and blend all the ingredients. 

  • As the beans simmer, add more ketchup and/or brown sugar to your tasting preference. This is an extremely variable recipe, so exact amounts are not given in the ingredients. Personally, I prefer lots of ketchup and enough brown sugar for that 'sweet' taste. Taste and adjust amounts to your own satisfaction as the beans simmer.

NOTE: We always used a Corning Ware pan (as shown in the accompanying pictures), so everything can be cooked in one pan. Otherwise, you might wish to saute the bacon and onion in a frying pan, then add them and the other ingredients together in a sauce pan. 

*Explanation for the *starred items in the recipe: the number of bacon strips and the amount of onion used are negotiable! Personally, we like LOTS of bacon and plenty of onion. Adjust each to your own personal preference. 


Baked Beans

Bob's Top-of-the-Stove Baked Beans Recipe is easy & quick, and definitely delicious. And it's one of those recipes that works equally as well cooked on the stove-top in your kitchen or on a camp stove at a campsite. 

It is most definitely a favorite in our family.

*All images are the personal photos of (c) Wednesday Elf

*Bob's Top-of-the-Stove Baked Beans Recipe is brought to you by Wednesday Elf

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Philips 6-Outlet Extender for Multiple Plugs in One Outlet Reviewed

Philips 6-Outlet Extender
When I purchased my safe cut/smooth cut electric can opener, I immediately realized it was annoying to constantly be plugging and unplugging my small appliances on my kitchen counter.  I needed more outlets to accommodate every electrical appliance I had in that central work location.  I prefer leaving my can opener plugged in since I use it several times a day.  However, the nightlight needs to stay plugged into that outlet too since it is always recharging.

If I unplug the nightlight flashlight, I found that I often neglect to plug it back in at the end of my work day.  We need that there because it is centrally located in my kitchen and provides just enough light at night for anyone who needs a glass of water.  In that location, the light is blocked by the adjacent wall so it doesn't shine into other rooms in our home and disturb rest.  It is also one of our emergency flashlights.  Keeping in the same place all of the time is essential.

I looked at quite a few outlet extender plugs before I made a selection.  I needed the outlets to be 3 prong and I wanted the extender to be UL certified.  I opted for the Philips 6-outlet extender because of the flatter face with angled sides design.  The angle on the sides makes it easier to use when standing in front of the outlet.  I don't need to remove the entire extender to plug something into it. 

The Philips 6-outlet extender has been perfect for my needs.  I can leave my electric can opener and my nightlight-flashlight plugged in constantly and plug in my rice maker, mixer, toaster, electric kettle, instant pot, etc. as needed without unplugging anything else.


 PHILIPS 6 Outlet Wall Plug Adapter Power StripCheck Price

The Philips 6-outlet Plug Extender

This extender has drastically improved my kitchen workspace. I no longer need to search for a second outlet when I am using multiple small appliances.

  • Expands 2 Outlets into 6 Outlets 
  • Grounded Outlets
  • Side & Front Outlets 
  • Spacesaving Design
  • 5.5" tall x 3.75" wide x 1.5 inches deep
  • Extra Wide Spaced Outlets for Bulky Chargers

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House of Sylvestermouse

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Seagate Backup Plus Portable Storage Reviewed

In our fast-paced digital age, where every moment is captured, every file is crucial, and every memory is cherished, having a reliable storage solution is paramount.

The Seagate Plus Portable Storage is a compact companion designed to safeguard your precious data while offering convenience and peace of mind.

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Storage

Features of Seagate Backup Plus Portable Storage:

Design and Portability: The Seagate Backup Plus offers a sleek design, with a durable enclosure. The compact form makes it effortlessly portable, fitting snugly into pockets, bags, or backpacks, ensuring your data is always with you wherever you go.

Capacity and Performance: Available in various capacities ranging from a few gigabytes to multiple terabytes, the Backup Plus offers ample storage space to accommodate your growing digital needs. 

Whether it's high-resolution photos, extensive music collections, or hefty video files, this portable powerhouse can handle it all with ease. With USB 3.0 connectivity, transferring files is as easy as a couple of clicks.

Backup and Data Protection: The reason I purchased the Seagate Backup Plus. I've had my computer crash before and lost all of my data. So, I needed an external backup for peace of mind.

 I considered Cloud storage and found that the free plans don't offer enough storage to back up your computer, meaning you will have to buy additional storage for a monthly fee. Also restoring your computer from local storage is generally far faster than pulling it down from the cloud. 

I'm not very technical or computer-savvy I like things simple. With just a couple of clicks, my computer is backed up and the data is on my desk. Paying the one-time price for the Seagate Backup Plus is worth it to me. I find it to be a worthwhile investment for dependable storage.

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Early Spring Seeds to Plant NOW! A Garden Review

 At this time of year every gardener I know has itchy palms and fingers that are just craving some dirt!  Yes, you heard me right,  DIRT!

It doesn't matter where you garden, whether above the ground or right into the ground, there are things that need to be done and then the fun can begin.

I'm going to take you to my balcony garden, because that is where I have been doing all of my "dirty" work!  I have containers and planters that I use for my flower beds and vegetable beds too.

What's great about this time of year is that you can start those flowers and vegetables that really prefer the cooler days.  And if you don't think there are quite a few of them, you would be wrong.

So let's start by taking a look at what loves to be planted outdoors NOW!


  1. Sweet Peas are my #1 cool weather seeds to sow!
  2. Marigolds (for protection from some bugs)
  3. Nasturiums (they can be eaten you know)
  4. Sunflowers (not for balconies)
  5. Pansy
  6. Rudbeckia or Black Eyed Susan
  7. Snapdragons

  1. Broccoli
  2. Cabbage
  3. Peas
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Beets
  6. Brussel Sprouts
  7. Carrots
This is just a little sample of what can be sown right into the planters right now!  If you are lucky enough to have garden space in the great outdoors, the list is even bigger and right now is the perfect time to start those seeds in the ground.  Check out West Coast Seeds for their great selections.

My balcony is not too big and yet it is also not too small, so I manage to plant quite a few on my favorites.  I don't plant more than two or three of any variety of vegetables, but the flowers I can go crazy if I choose to.

On the balcony the most important part of getting your garden going is probable going to be the watering!  Spring can sometimes be very wet or very dry.  The best way to check that is to push a finger into the soil and see how far down it can go before it feels wet.  Too much water and the seeds will drown and too little water will have them sprouting and then dying off.  So a good balance needs to be maintained.  

Keep your containers happy and the seeds will sprout and you will have a prolific garden all your own.  I love getting quality seeds from a reputable company.  I love West Coast Seeds because not only are they quick, reliable and cost effective, but they also have lots of videos and blog posts for any problems you might have.  There is always something to learn!

So if you have been holding back, it's time to let go and get those hands and fingers back into the Dirt!  Come and join me for some fun in the garden where ever that may be for you!

Just for your information this is a Canadian Company and most of it's Non-GMO products are available for shipping to the US.  There are some exceptions and West Coast takes this into account when you order.

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A Review Of Tower Fans A Powerful Cooling Solution


Black Tower Fan Showing Controls

When it is hot weather a lovely cooling breeze is the perfect solution. However we cannot always be out by the beach when the weather is uncomfortably warm  and when we are working or sleeping especially, a cooling tower fan is invaluable.

For perimenopause and menopause many of us have to deal with hot flushes and night heat at any time of year and a cooling breeze can be very welcome. 

We bought our tower fan a little while ago. It is a Pro Breeze  and we are very happy with it. 

We wanted to buy a good cooling fan so that we are not caught out in the height of summer. We do not have air conditioning in our older home and it would be very expensive to retro fit it, so our best solution is a good fan.  

I often get too hot even in the winter and as our bedroom and main living room is west facing getting the afternoon and evening sun, it can be really very uncomfortably warm for us there. 

We find that our Tower fan provides a great lovely breeze that really helps to cool us and we do find it much better than our round fan.


Black Tall Tower Fan


Places To Use A Tower Fan 

In the Bedroom is perfect as it is especially on the lower speeds, really quiet. I can sleep through it easily and I am a light sleeper. 

It really does help us to sleep more comfortably and drop off to sleep quicker rather than trying to find a cool spot in the bed. We love it being a tower fan and we feel the breeze rather than our round floor fan which never really reached us. 

In the Living Room and Dining Room it is good to keep the whole room and everyone in it at a comfortable temperature and is quiet enough that you can talk, play games or watch tv when it is on.

In the Office, which for me is again west facing, it helps to provide a gentle breeze keeping me cool and calm which if course helps me to work better. Again it is quiet enough if you need to do a phone call or zoom meeting. Especially in the summer when working at a computer, I find it feels hotter because of the tech, so this for me is now essential. 

Key Features To Consider When Buying a Tower Fan  

Here I can tell you what we appreciate about our Pro Breeze Tower Fan and they are points to bear in mind when choosing any tower fan. 

  • We are impressed with the powerful cooling performance and choice of it being static or oscillation. We usually have it on oscillation so that the cool breeze of circulated around the room. 

  • Fan Speeds and Wind Modes. It is best to have a fan with different speeds and wind options. We can choose from several fan speeds: eco, one, two and three and three wind modes. We find this flexibility very useful.

  • A Remote Control means convenience. The wireless remote control allows us to adjust settings from across the room. We can easily change the airspeed, wind mode, and timer functions. This is especially good when you are already in bed or engrossed in a film and want to change the speed or wind mode. So I would recommend a remote control.

Black Remote Control for Tower fan

  • Built-In Timer. A timer function is very useful indeed. We can time it to work for an hour, two hours, four and eight hours. I often set it to one hour as we drop off to sleep and this is often enough. This helps to save energy costs rather than having it on all night which we don't really need most of the time. When it is hotter or if we have a heatwave, I will set it for longer. 

  • The control panel lights light up when pressed but go off after a short time. This is a great feature as if you are using the tower fan to sleep there are no lights to disturb. I feel this is an important feature. 

  • Design Features. Our Pro Breeze Tower fan is Black and fits in to any of the rooms in our home. It is very slim and tall, yet completely stable on its base which is an important safety feature. So it does not take up very much space in any room. I think it looks fairly stylish for a fan and not out of place. You do need to make sure you have a recommended amount of  space around it for safety reasons so it is important to check that for each machine.

  • Portability. Our Tower fan is portable and the weight is no problem for me to carry alone from room to room. So if it is likely to be moved from room to room weight and carry function is important. However I did find it more awkward to carry upstairs, the weight was Ok but it was just awkward with being tall. However we wanted a tall fan so accept this.  It has a big carry handle which makes it easy to move. It is not heavy and I can easily carry it alone. 

  • Power Source. Ours has an electric cord and must be plugged into a mains plug point. It does not run on batteries so you do need to be reasonably close to a plug but it does have a long cord so this is not an issue. These are relevant things to check.

Close up Of Tower Fan Control Panel

Good Points Of The Tower Fan We Own.

  • It is slim and tall and does not take up much space.
  • It is tall so circulates air at a better height.
  • Our Pro Breeze Tower Fan was simple and easy to assemble and fix the base and then the tower on to the base which only took a few minutes. 
  • We have found it to be energy efficient.
  • It has different speeds and wind modes to suit any situation and the desired cooling effect is excellent. 
  • The timer function is invaluable. 
  • We feel it is a safer option than fans with moving blades.
  • It has a big carry handle and is not heavy to move around.
  • Control panel lights go off after a short while to enable restful sleep. 

Dreo Tower Fan  

Honeywell HYF260 Quiet Set Tower Fan

Tower Fan, 22" Bladeless Fan with Remote

All in all a Tower fan is a great solution for warm and hot days in your living room, bedroom or study and at any time of year if going through peri menopause or menopause and coping with hot flushes, all without spending too much money or taking up much space in your home.

A Review Of Blackout Curtain Liners

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Reviewing Jeans Yarn by Lion Brand 5 Years Later

In 2019, I reviewed Jeans yarn by Lion Brand. I loved it then and I love it now. During that time, I was focused on crocheting chemo hats and baby/child hats. Jeans is a beautiful yarn that creates soft and comfortable wearables and afghans. 

Photo of blue Jeans yarn

Over the Fall/Winter holidays, I impulsively picked up a skein of yarn and began crocheting again. Life had been busy and I just hadn't made time for one of my favorite hobbies. I started with a huge skein of Mandala yarn and a new stitch to me called the Brick Stitch.  I then learned a beautiful Cross Back Stitch (tutorial by JaydaInStitches) and started a baby afghan using Caron Simply Soft yarn.

That baby afghan project put me in the mood for something soft and comforting, beautiful but not frilly. I had such a craving to use Jeans yarn by Lion Brand. I remembered how wonderful it was to work with, even all of these years later. 

Jeans Yarn by Lion Brand

  • 3.5 oz/100g skein weight
  • 246 yd/225m length
  • 100% acrylic
  • machine washable and dryable
  • medium weight #4 yarn
While this is a worsted weight (#4) it feels much lighter to me. Afghans are far more supple with this yarn than with regular #4 weight yarn. Of course, both thick and light afghans have their uses but I am in the mood to make something lighter.

It comes in 5 shades of blue, very similar to the color of jeans, one black, and one shade of light brown. 

Here is a brief video (56 seconds) from Lion Brand that shows the yarn and shows it being worn. I think you can see how soft and perfect it is for garments.

In my current project, I'm using the Jeans yarn and the Cross Back stitch for 10 rows (however, it looks like 5 rows since every-other-row is a single stitch) and two rows of Double Stitch in the darker blue. This stitch looks like it requires more advanced crochet skills but it is very easy (if you know the Double Stitch and the Single Stitch). And it works up quickly. 

I learned the Cross Back stitch on the tutorial by JaydaInStitches. You can find the tutorial for this beautiful and easy stitch here. 

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Wednesday Elf, a prolific creator of plushy friends, wrote about I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby. At the time of her review, that yarn came in acrylic, metallic, and cotton versions. 

Sylvestermouse reviews the Bernat Loop Yarn, a yarn that is created so that blankets can be made with your fingers alone. No crochet hook skills required. 

My recent review of the Mandala Bonus Bundle and the brick stitch pattern.

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10 Essential Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Spring: A Guide to Yard Cleanup and Flower Preparation

10 Essential Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare your yard for the vibrant blooms of the season. 

As the snow melts away and the days get longer, your garden awaits a rejuvenation after the winter slumber. 

To ensure your yard is ready to burst with color and life, here are 10 essential steps to focus on yard cleanup and prepare for spring and summer flowers, including perennials and annuals.

10 Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

  1. Clear Away Debris: Start by giving your yard a thorough cleanup. Remove fallen branches, dead leaves, and other debris accumulated over the winter months. This step not only enhances the aesthetics of your yard but also helps prevent pests and diseases.

  2. Inspect and Prune: Look closely at your trees, shrubs, and perennial plants. Trim back any dead or damaged branches to encourage healthy growth. Pruning also stimulates flowering in many plants, so don't be afraid to trim where necessary.

  3. Prepare the Soil: Good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. Turn over the soil in your flower beds to loosen it up and remove any weeds or old plant debris. Consider adding organic matter such as compost or aged manure to enrich the soil and provide essential nutrients for your plants.

  4. Divide Perennials: Periodic division rejuvenates perennial flowers and promotes better growth and flowering. Spring is an ideal time to divide overcrowded clumps of perennials such as irises, hostas, and daylilies. Replant the divided sections in your garden or share them with friends and neighbors.

  5. Inspect Bulbs: If you planted bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths in the fall, now is the time to check on them. Look for signs of growth and remove any debris covering the emerging shoots. Consider adding a layer of mulch to help retain moisture and suppress weeds around the bulb beds.

  6. Plan and Plant Annuals: Annual flowers add instant color and variety to your garden. Research which annuals thrive in your climate and soil conditions, and plan your flower beds accordingly. Consider factors such as sunlight exposure, water requirements, and bloom times to create a harmonious display throughout the season.

  7. Prep Flower Beds: Before planting annuals or transplanting seedlings, prepare your flower beds by amending the soil and adding any necessary fertilizers or soil amendments. Remove weeds and cultivate the soil to create a loose, well-draining planting environment.

  8. Start Seeds Indoors: For certain annuals and vegetables, starting seeds indoors can give you a head start on the growing season. Invest in some seed trays, potting soil, and grow lights, and begin sowing seeds for flowers such as marigolds, zinnias, and cosmos. Transplant the seedlings outdoors once the danger of frost has passed.

  9. Plan for Pollinators: Remember the pollinators as you design your flower beds! Choose various flowers that attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. Incorporate native plants and flowers with different shapes and colors to provide pollinators a diverse and inviting habitat.

  10. Mulch and Water: Finally, after all your hard work, mulch your flower beds to help conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. Water newly planted flowers thoroughly, especially during dry spells, to help them establish strong root systems.

By following these 10 steps, you'll be well on your way to a vibrant and flourishing garden that will delight you throughout the spring and summer months. With proper yard cleanup, soil preparation, and thoughtful plant selection, your outdoor space will become a haven for colorful blooms and buzzing pollinators. So roll up your sleeves, grab your gardening tools, and let the beauty of spring unfold in your yard!

ReviewThisReviews Gardening Guru:

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