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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Salt Life Review

Salt Life Signature Decal
What is Salt Life, you may be asking?

Salt Life, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is:

“Salt Life ~ Originally a sticker on the back of cars used to denote a surfer, bodyboarder, or general beach bum whose  life centered around the ocean or related beach going activities.”

Recently I reviewed apparel by Southern Fried Cotton, carried in the clothing department of the store I work for.  Since our store is located in a coastal community, we cater to ocean and beach related clothing, popular in our area.  Salt Life is another Southern and Coastal Company which manufactures the type of clothing we carry.


Origin of Salt Life

The Salt Life brand has come to represent the ocean and the many activities centered around it. It appeals to those who enjoy an active lifestyle surrounding surfing, fishing, diving and days spent on the beach.

Salt Life was begun in 2003 by four men who, besides being friends, were also passionate about the ocean and all it has to offer.  These four 'watermen' are from Jacksonville Beach, Florida and thus that is where their company is located. Salt Life is more than just a Logo ~ it represents a style of life that is ocean and beach related.

Explore the Salt Life in TeeShirts, Hats, Decals and Lots More...


Cut Salt Marlin Life T-Shirt
Popular with fans of ocean fishing is the Salt Life Marlin Tee Shirts. They come in a variety of colors, and are found in different designs such as the Sun Tee (marlin leaping with sun behind it), Palm Tee (showing a palm tree on the beach and the marlin leaping in the ocean), and Marlin Waves (colorful design of a marlin leaping out of a large ocean wave). 

The Ocean Life tee shirt line represents all there is to love about the ocean ~ the surfing, swimming, fishing and fun beach life.

There are fishing theme T-shirts with the “Life in the Cast Lane” sayings and designs such as hook, line & sinker that fishermen love.  There are skull themes and anchor images, turtles and many others.

Sea La Vie Ladies T-Shirt @ Salt Life

Especially for the ladies, there are scoop neck Tees with clever sayings that remind one of the  ocean and coast, such as “Sea La Vie”, “Seahorse Daze”, and “Living Salty Turtle”.

Salt Life Anchored Hat

Salt Life also has a wide variety of hats for these seaside activities.  Live the Salt Life is one of their favorite mottos.  This 'Anchor' hat is a favorite for your beach-going activities.


Salty Crab Decal @ Salt Life

And, of course, there are stickers and decals, such as the one seen in the Introduction image and this Salty Crab decal.  Check out all the Salt Life images of fishing poles and fish, sea turtles, palm trees, Salty crab and more. 

Salt Life also carries clothing for kids, a line of shorts for men & women, and other beach gear such as beach towels, flags and coolers.

Everything that is a reminder of your favorite oceanside sport or beach activity.  Check them all out on the Salt Life website.


Salt Life Food Shack

In addition to their clothing and gear designs, Salt Life also has restaurants called 'Food Shacks'. Currently, these restaurants are located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, St. Augustine Beach, Florida and Fernandina Beach, Florida, with plans to open more. They are known for their eclectic seafood menu and are lively hangouts for the beach-going crowd.

Enjoy Local Fried Shrimp and Beer Can Chicken, salads and tacos and Fresh Rolled Sushi, fresh fish and salt water favorites.  Check the Jacksonville Beach menu here
for these and many other selections, all available in their casual yet trendy open-air space located near the beach. Their motto is “Pull up a stool. Eat. Drink. And be Salty.” 

Roatan Marine Park

The Salt Life Company 'gives back' in an effort to protect the oceans they love and preserve the seas and coral reefs for future generations. They have teamed with Roatan Marine Park to protect the waters and reefs in Roatan, Honduras. Check out the Roatan Marine Park website
to see how they are working to provide a sustainable marine environment that can provide fisheries and tourism without harming the ecosystem.



Salt Life Signature Turtle Decal

Everyone enjoys the Salt Life, whether it's participating in water sports or simply having a 'beach day'. The Salt Life clothing and gear is perfect for anyone, seaman or land lovers,  wanting a trip to the beach. The Salt Life Food Shacks specialize in tasty seafood.

Live the Salt Life!

Quick Links:

Salt Life Website
Salt Life Food Shack
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*Salt Life Review by Wednesday Elf

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Southern Fried Cotton Review

Southern Fried Cotton Trademark Hat
Recently I began a part time job in a retail clothing department. Our store is located in Coastal Georgia, so many of the lines of clothing we carry are from Southern companies and have designs that are popular in our coastal communities.

One of these lines is the Southern Fried Cotton Company located in Clemson, South Carolina.  SoFriCo is a graphic design and screen printing company that has been in operation for 25 years.  It specializes in T-Shirts and hats.  

The company was begun by three young men, John, Chuck and Chris, who were all raised in the Upstate of South Carolina with  frequent trips to the coast, plenty of weekends on the lake, and lots of time spent on dirt roads and back woods with either a dog or a gun…or both. Their creative designs reflect this lifestyle and appeal to people old and young who appreciate and enjoy the Southern lifestyle.


The goal of the owners of Southern Fried Cotton is to create apparel that captures the Southern spirit…. from the rustic countryside to the vibrant coastline! They combine country with coastal, sand with dirt, prep with grit, and vintage with new. Some of their designs reflect the good ole days.  Other designs are timeless that all ages can appreciate.  And, they’re all Southern Fried! 

Howling Dog Logo


Image (c) Wednesday Elf

Southern Fried Cotton uses the hound dog as their logo.  Not only is the Hound an iconic sporting dog in the deep south, it is also a great identifier of the Southern Fried lifestyle lived by the owners of SoFriCo.  


Southern Fried Cotton is a 'Home Grown Apparel Co' inspired by Southern Style. It's the logo on their T-shirts.  Today, the founders of SFC live and work in Clemson, SC with their families.  As they began to raise daughters, Chris, John and Chuck realized they needed a softer side to their line of Southern apparel and, thus, MG Palmer was born.  

See on MG Palmer Website
This side of Southern Fried Cotton was created to inspire and encourage these daughters and all young ladies to be strong, courageous, and always sweet.  

These designs can be found on display in their retail stores in Clemson and in Greenville, South Carolina, and on their website at

Hats and Accessories

SFC Duck Stripes Koozie

Southern Fried Cotton Company also carries baseball style hats like the one shown in the intro photo, and accessories such as Koozies.

SFC Lil Fire Chief Shirt

They also carry a line of Sweet Youth clothes for kids.  These can be viewed under the "Youngins" tab on their website, which I think is adorable!


Southern Fried Cotton T-Shirts on Display (c)

We carry many of the Southern Fried Cotton apparel and gift items in our store.  Working there, it has been fun to see how much local customers and our visiting tourists love this brand. 

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  *Southern Fried Cotton apparel review by Wednesday Elf

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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