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The New Writer on the Site: Tracey Boyer


tracey boyer - writer and blogger

Welcome to my first post on Review This Reviews!  I am Tracey Boyer and I am very pleased to be here.  When I was approached to write for this site, I recognized most the names of the authors.  We have run in the same circles for years, and I have read their work.  Needless to say, I knew the site for it's quality and the writers for their experience and talent, so the decision to come aboard was not hard to make!

I have been writing off and on all my life, though the first time I ever made it a real job was on Squidoo.  It was the first time I actually made revenue from writing and opened my eyes to a whole new world.  In 2013 I started my blog, Homemade by Jade and branched out from there to many different kinds of writing.  I have written many places, but my favorites are:

Homemade by Jade - my website that has all different types on things on it like:

Homemade by Jade Blog that centers around homesteading and self sufficent living, including recipes, crafts, gardening tips, sewing and other fun stuff.  

Jade's Homemade Recipes - my blog just for recipes

Jade's Craft Shop - a shop that features only my own handmade items like handpainted wood signs,  plastic canvas items and handmade Christmas ornaments.

Patterns by Tracey - my shop of original plastic canvas patterns, designed by me, that are for sale.

Jadelynx Graphix - my website offering graphics services for blogs, Pinterest or other social media sites or articles, for business or personal use.  

WebNuggetz - a site which has many authors that write on everything from soup to nuts!  I have about a hundred pages there on different topics that include recipes, shops of all kinds and reviews on a variety of products.  Written under the name Jadelynx.

A Bit About Me

I am a retired lady with many interests, one of which is writing.  I also love to garden, cook, do crafts and play video games.  My book and movie tastes are mostly science fiction, and I love animals.  These are probably the things you will see me writing about and reviewing.  

I live out in the country with my husband, four ornery cats, five hens and a rooster.  We moved out here in 2016 to get away from the city noise and to be closer to nature.  It has been an eye opening experience for city folks, but we love it!

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  1. Hi Tracey. Welcome to Review This Reviews! I've been familiar with your writing for awhile now, but had no idea that you were a fellow crafter. What fun. I love plastic canvas and yours are so pretty. Since you have 4 cats, I wasn't surprised to see those crafty cats in your craft shop. :) I've always been a cat person too.

    I look forward to your articles on the many subjects you are interested in and enjoy. Pleased to meet you and have you join Review This Reviews as our newest writer.

  2. Welcome to Review This Reviews Tracey! I know you will help us in so many ways with all the writing you do. I have followed you elsewhere and know that you share great recipes, advice and so much more with your audience. I look forward to reading more of your writings in the very near future!

  3. Welcome to Review This Reviews Tracey! We are thrilled to have to join us and look forward to reading your reviews. I already know you will be expanding our repertoire of knowledge and interests, as well as adding to our existing categories. I have no doubt that your straight-forward honesty will be the foundation of some exceptional reviews.

    I knew you had to share you keyboard with kitty cats, but I did not know you had a rooster & hens. Does the rooster crow at the crack of dawn? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Unfortunately yes, but he also crows at various times of the day for no reason. It is like he is saying.....don't forget we are out here in the yard!

  4. Hi Tracey! It is great to have you as part of our Review This staff. I really look forward to reading your reviews.

  5. Welcome to Review This Reviews, Tracey! As someone familiar with your writing, I am looking forward to your contributions on this site. When I joined this team, I really appreciated being welcomed here by old friends as well as new ones. I hope you enjoy being a part of this terrific Review This Reviews family as much as I do.

    1. Thank you so much, it is nice to be welcomed by familiar names!

  6. Thank you everyone! It is always nice to get a big welcome. I feel at home already!

  7. Tracey, it's a big move to move out of the city that's for sure! Five hens, a rooster and cats - way to go! Welcome to ReviewthisReviews, it's great to have you aboard <3

  8. Welcome Tracey, looking forward to seeing what you write about on here. I'm also interested in knowing whether your rooster is the first one up or not - our neighbour has a rooster, but the Kookaburras wake up first, I always find it funny when he starts up an hour later LOL!

  9. Welcome, Tracey! What a wonderful addition you will be to Review This Reviews! When we moved from the suburbs to a rural home, we experienced both the positive and negative differences. The scenery and quiet were wonderful, but we missed having neighbors who were easy to get to know. It was also hard to get used to the faucets going dry whenever the power that ran the well pump failed. But the good far outweighed the bad. I've been following your posts here and there for a long time. You will be a great contributor.

  10. Welcome Tracey! So good to have you as a part of our team. I was aware of your homemade and craft posts, but I didn't realize (or I had forgotten) that you moved to a rural setting. Awesome! I just moved to my land in October and have a brooder of chicks in my livingroom. A life-long dream come true (the chicks... not the brooder in the livingroom...haha!)

    1. I know the feeling. We have a brooder in the basement right now as well. We have to up egg production, our ladies have been slacking!

  11. A warm welcome Tracey! Great to see you here and I hope you really enjoy it. I love the sound of your home in a rural setting with all the animals and birds. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

  12. Welcome, Tracey! It seems we have much in common from what you have shared about your interests and lifestyle. We are pleased to have you in the writing family here.

  13. Welcome, Tracey, It's nice to learn a little more about you. I've been following you work for some time now, and certainly looking forward to your work here on ReviewThis.


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