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A Chair You Can Sleep In - Chair Beds

There is no doubt that if you live in the city, apartments are smaller and, unfortunately, much more expensive than in previous decades.

Maximizing space is critical. Thus, thinking in terms of dual-purpose use for each piece you add to your small area is essential.

Did You Know That You Can Get Chairs That Turn Into Beds?

Most of us are accustomed to couches that turn into beds. Rarely do we consider a chair you can sleep in as a guest-sleepover solution.

Of course, a chair you can sleep in doesn't have to be restricted to small apartments. They can easily be used as a guest sleepover solution in multiple rooms of a standard-sized home.

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Eight Locations in the Home to Consider Adding a Chair You Can Sleep In:

  • The baby's room! When mom needs to bunk in with the little one, placing a chair that converts to a bed is the perfect solution, especially with space issues.
  • Place a chair bed in your home office. When you're working long hours, you have a place to rest, or when you host company, they have a place to sleep.
  • A chair you can sleep in is ideal for the primary bedroom. Whether one half of a couple needs a place to sleep independently from time to time, or a child needs to bunk in with mom and dad, a chair bed solves those issues.
  • For those who enjoy the luxury of a gaming or media room, a chair that turns into a bed is a comfortable solution for avid gamers.
  • Plan for two of these chairs in your main room or family room, and you automatically get two extra beds when visitors come calling.
  • These chair beds are must-haves for studio or small apartments. You automatically have an extra place for sleepover visitors.
  • Do you have a she-shed? Does he have a man cave? If so, these adult metaphoric doghouses aren't complete without a proper place to sleep if needed!
  • Sunrooms or enclosed patios are a perfect place to add a sleeping chair! 
Unconventional furniture is all the rage. Be sure you consider your space carefully before adding or changing out pieces. When you consider furniture as having a dual purpose, you save money and time in the long run.

These chairs can be moved from room to room - so you'll always be sure to find a place to put them as your life changes. 

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  1. Barbara, I love the idea of having a comfortable, stylish, upholstered chair that doubles as a bed! This is such a smart idea, especially in smaller houses or apartments where it isn’t practical to set aside an entire room as a dedicated guest room for the occasional overnight visitor. I also like your suggestions for how the home’s full-time residents can take advantage of these handy, dual-purpose chair/bed convertibles. Great idea!

    1. Thanks Margaret; If we move, I'm seriously considering one of these in a bedroom or office

  2. I've visited two relatives over the years who utilized chair beds as their solution to lack of space for a guest room. In fact, hubby & I once actually slept on one at my Aunt & Uncle's house while on a trip. And today I have gone back to the hide-a-bed couch for extra sleeping space due to lack of a guest room. Space-saving solutions are always helpful. Thanks, Barbara.

    1. We need one of these in our home right now :)

  3. What a wonderful way to have a spare bed when needed and a chair for daily use! I like these better than the pull-out couches I grew up with because chairs can go in smaller spaces. I have a day bed in my craft room. It would be great to reclaim some space in there by changing the day bed for a chair you can sleep in.

    1. The space saving benefits to a chair bed are ideal for smaller spaces :)

  4. Well, that is certainly a great way to add some extra space. Although for me, I can fall asleep sitting up. I'm afraid that I would be sleeping before I even pull it out to sleep in. What a wonderful Idea. I need one of these!!

  5. Barbara I never knew they made such a fantastic and very useable piece of furniture. I can think of many times when this would have been really handy, especially right after my knee surgery! Oh I could have used this for part of my recovery! Thanks for showing me another useful furniture choice!


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