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The Broken Way - Book Review

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So much of life is paradox.  Like, for instance, how the having is in the giving.  Or, how abundance flows through generosity.  And, as Ann Voskamp models in The Broken Way, how healing emerges from the shattering pain of brokenness.  

Truth be told, we are all broken, yet few of us want our broken laid bare for all the world to see.  Voskamp, with astonishing vulnerability, makes it safe for us by being the one to expose her cut lines, her cracks, and those moments when bad brokenness made way for good brokenness.  

As is especially apparent right now, we live in a broken world.  Yet, it is those things that break our hearts that provide us with the openings needed for a healing that can only come through union with other broken hearts.

In the introduction, Ann asks us this: How do we live with our one broken heart?  This is a book that challenges us to take our time with that question.  What else is time for if not for that?  

Voskamp shares:

Maybe what matters isn't what we want from the time we have to live... but what time wants from us.  There is a time to be broken and given into all the world's brokenness.  

With Easter fast approaching, I cannot think of a better time to reflect on what that means.  

This book came to me when I needed it most and I know there is someone reading this who will feel the same way.  A sure sign of an impactful reading experience, for me, is how much I write while absorbing a book.  I filled an entire journal with notes, insights, reflections, and quotes.  

Ann Voskamp's broken heart met up with mine through her exquisite way with words, her raw honesty, and her immense capacity for communion.

How do we live with our one broken heart?  We live by giving it away.  We live by connecting our broken to another's broken.  

Brokenness is our unity... our common ground... our gift to one another.  

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  1. Well I know one thing for sure Diana and that is that I will put this book right at the top of my very long list of books I want to read. I do enjoy the books that make you stop and take time to reflect on our own personal journeys in life. This sounds like a book that is right up my alley making a path all the way to my heart. Thank you for this wonderful review!

    1. May this powerful book touch your heart in a very personal, and transformative, way. Here's to daring to use our good brokenness in a world that is hurting.

  2. In our current world brokenness, there has never been a better time to read a book such as this. Thanks, Diana, for the introduction to this powerful message.

    1. Right you are. Though brokenness is one of those topics that may seem daunting to approach, how can we ignore what is staring us right in the face? I hope we will all dare to take this on at this critical time.

  3. Beautiful. We're all broken in one way or another - well said, and so true. The quote above struck me as well "what time wants from us" - watching my parents pass away has caused me to reflect reflect and reflect again. I'm still trying to find my way, but fortunately I'm starting from a place where I had already done a lot of work. This book is needed. A terrific gift idea as well.

    1. I have sensed the profound effect your parents' passing has had on you. When I lost my parents, I went through such an extended time of reflection. I felt like such an orphan. Just know that we are all sojourners when it comes to grief and it will take the time that it takes to find our way. You are not alone.

  4. Too often people look at someone else's life and think they have it all together because they had it easy. Normally, that is simply because the person they are looking at is not sharing everything with everyone. People handle difficult times in their own way, but I do think it helps to know you are not the first to travel that path. Even if it is not the same experience, we can identify with the pain and the challenge to walk through it. Brokenness is definitely a unifier that should always lead us to the Healer.

  5. Yes, yes, yes. Each person travels the path in the way they need to go. Though the route may vary, and the speed of travel, I believe we all hope to get to that destination.

  6. Diana dear, I feel the power of your words, and of the author’s you quoted, at a deep, embodied level.

    A very dear friend of mine, a gifted healer, recently shared some of her journey of willingly walking through the intense fire of her own “bad brokenness” to find healing, self-acceptance and self-love, comfort her inner child’s wounds and trauma and let go of the resulting harsh self-judgment.

    It takes courage and commitment to explore our “bad brokenness,” but the gifts with which they are rewarded are enormous and incomparable. I hope I can find my own courage and commit to taking this difficult journey.

  7. It _does_ take great courage and commitment to do this work. Your friend's healing gifts are surely what they are because of her journey through it all. You are blessed to have the kind of friends needed to accompany you on your journey. Here's to the bravehearts among us and to the brave hearts within us.

  8. The Broken Way sounds a very thoughtful, powerful and profound read. I agree the world does seem quite broken at present. How do we live with our one broken heart? is certainly a question to give some time to consider. Many of us have been through difficult times and people handle those experiences differently. To be honest and vulnerable and acknowledge our "brokenness " can be challenging but also the point that we can gain strength to carry our brave broken heart with us and healing can begin.

    1. For sure we all need to handle our heartache and brokenness in our own way. I think sometimes we don't even know how brave and strong we are. We can be mirrors that reflect back that strength and bravery to those who are hurting and working on healing.


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