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Pampered Chef Boil-Over No More Pot Cover Splatter Guard Reviewed

Boil-Over No More
When I was invited to a Pampered Chef party recently, I attended only because a friend was hosting it.  I have a few Pampered Chef items in my kitchen and love them, but I wasn't shopping their catalog or seeking more of the products before I received the party invitation.  I ended up finding several new products that I really wanted in my kitchen. One of those products was the large Boil-Over No More. 

I was shocked by how much I love the Boil-Over No More pot cover. The first time I used it with my T-fal 5 quart dutch oven stockpot, I was dancing around the kitchen praising the cover.  I could not believe it actually kept the pot of boiling chicken from boiling over.  After that experience, I could hardly wait to try it while boiling potatoes, which makes a huge starch-water mess on my smooth top stove when they boil over. I was thrilled to see that the boiled potato water did not boil over.

Needless to say, this is my favorite new kitchen cooking accessory! Now I always use it instead of the pot lid and my smooth top stove stays clean. 


The Pampered Chef Boil-Over No More 

boil over no more pot cover guard on pot
There are two sizes available.  I only purchased the large Boil-Over No More for my large dutch ovens or stockpot, which are the pots I use most often when when boiling anything.

The Boil-Over No More sinks slighting into the pot and has little flaps on the top for steam release.  It is almost 13" wide and will fit most standard size skillets too.  The small handles on each side allow you to easily lift the cover off.  To check the water level, I simply lift one of the flaps to peak inside the pot without removing the Boil-Over No More.  I do remove the entire cover if I need to add water.

The Boil-Over No More is dishwasher safe.  I store my cover by leaning it against the wall inside my cabinet, next to my stacked pans. That makes it very easy to locate and pull out when needed. 


You can purchase your own Boil-Over No More by clicking the E-bay link below.

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  1. Oh, Mouse, I hate boil-overs! Why do they always seem happen when we’re cooking something starchy? Even now that I eat low carb, I do occasionally indulge in things like low carb pasta that contain some starch. I can see this Boil-Over No More splatter guard lid being a boon to many cooks!

    1. It makes a huge difference in my kitchen Margaret! I enjoy cooking a lot of fresh vegetables too. For the last two nights, I have boiled fresh corn on the cob. I used my fabulous Boil-Over No More both nights and had no boil-overs, not even splatters on the store top. I do love this thing!

  2. This sounds like one of those kitchen gadgets that you really do use and use often. I hate when the water boils over on my stove as well. Spills are never any fun to clean. I imagine it would work well with pasta sauces as well. It's on my list of things I still need, thanks for this great review!

    1. What a great idea Olivia! I haven't tried it with my pasta sauce yet, but I will now that you suggested it. This truly is the best new thing in my kitchen. Wish I had discovered it years ago

  3. Oh! what a problem boil over is when I'm making pasta. I'm constantly moving the pot off of the burner to keep it from boiling over. I read somewhere that if you place a wooden spoon over the pot it keeps it from boiling over. Well, no that doesn't work!!! This will be a welcome tool in my kitchen. Thanks.

    1. I have heard the wooden spoon fairy tale too Sam. It never worked for me. The ceramic stones don't work for me either. However, I have now used my Boil-Over No More cover a dozen times or more and not one thing has boiled over. I love this thing! I now have a new favorite cook's gift too

  4. Oh yes!! I want one. Pampered Chef makes fantastic products. Seriously got to get my mitts on one of these - am so tired of taking the stove top apart to clean spill overs! What a terrific product. I have a few pampered chef items in my kitchen that are about 25 years old, and still going strong. One is their spatula (man I love that thing), and the others are ceramic deep dish pie plates. Thanks for the intro to this Boil-Over-No-More products - I'll bet they sell a ton of these.


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