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12" Baking Pans & Casserole Dish that Fit Calphalon Countertop Ovens

Countertop Oven Cookware
Last year I purchased a new Calphalon Performance Cool Touch Countertop Oven, which I still love and use often.  The biggest challenge I had when I purchased my countertop oven was finding baking dishes that were large enough for meals, but small enough to fit inside the oven.  

The interior rack is approximately 13" x 11" which is misleading because it sounds like most standard baking pans would fit, however most do not fit due to handles or depth size.  Therefore, I needed new cake pans, pizza pans and a casserole dish that didn't slant at the top or have handles.  Surprisingly, the casserole dish was not easy to find.

Most cookware is measured at the bottom.  A standard cake pan bottom will be 12" x 8½", but the top measurement is closer to 15" x 10" and will not fit in a 13" (interior measurement) countertop oven.

In addition to handles, casserole dishes often have rolled edges or "lips", which means the lovely top of the casserole dish ends up making that dish to big for a countertop oven.  Needless to say, when I found a plain, flat sided 12½" casserole dish, I was thrilled. 

My 12½" White Casserole Dish that Fits My Countertop Oven

 HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan,
Fine White Porcelain
Check Price
During my search, I found I had to rely on customer reviews by individuals who actually measured the cookware.  Ironically, in most cases, they were complaining that the dish was slightly smaller than advertised.  For me, that half-inch made all the difference.  I assume the seller measured the outside of the box instead of the actual dish, which is actually a pretty common mistake when writing a listing online. 

Not only does this awesome casserole dish fit my countertop oven, it is also dishwasher safe

I have used this casserole dish for lasagna, lemon chicken, pork chop casserole and more.  All of these dinners easily fit inside the dish and cook splendidly. I have not cooked a cake yet, but other reviews indicate that it is also great for a cake or brownies. 

This is a must-have casserole dish for 13" (interior) countertop ovens!

12" Pizza Pans & Other Bakeware

 Pizza Baking Pan Pizza Tray - Deedro 12 inch Stainless Steel Pizza Pan Round Pizza Baking Sheet Oven Tray Pizza Crisper Pan, Healthy Pizza Cooking Pan for Oven, 2 PackCheck PricePizza pans were another challenge.  I had never considered the size of a pizza pan before.  It simply isn't an issue in a regular oven.  However, all of my pizza pans have handle grips and are over 14" wide, which is too large for the countertop oven.  Therefore, the pizza pan search began and it was just as hard as the casserole dish.

My Calphalon Countertop Oven included one pizza pan.  Since my husband and I do not like the same toppings, I always prepare two pizzas for dinner.  Therefore, I needed a second pizza pan.

I was very excited to find the pizza pans featured on the right.  They come in a set of two, which is actually great.  That means I now have 3 pizza pans that will fit in my countertop oven.  That is pretty awesome when our son is here for dinner too.

I have also used these pizza pans as baking trays under pies.

In addition to the casserole dish and pizza pans above, I bought a set of small baking trays & pans for cookies, toast, cobblers, etc. A separate bread pan is not necessary since loaf pans already fit the countertop oven.

My Countertop Oven Bakeware

 HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna PanCheck Price Deedro Pizza Baking Pan Pizza Tray 12 inch Stainless SteelCheck Price Wilton Non-Stick Diamond-Infused Navy Blue Toaster Oven Baking Set, 4-PieceCheck Price E-far Stainless Steel Baking Pan with Lid, 12⅓ x 9¾ x 2Check Price


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  1. I never before thought about needing pans that fit in a countertop oven. Clever of you to research and seek out several baking and casserole dishes that fit the your Calphalon countertop toaster oven. Thanks for doing the search for all of us who use a countertop toaster oven.

  2. That is great that you have found what you need to make using your countertop oven even more practical. Somehow, my cook only uses our countertop oven for little things. I will have to show him this review! Or maybe I should just plunge ahead and cook dinner sometime using all these great tools.

  3. As you know, I also use a countertop oven, so I can easily relate to the challenges of finding cookware and bakeware that fit the interior well! I’m definitely going to check out your recommendations. Thanks!

  4. These baking pans and casserole dishes sound really great finds for your countertop oven. They sound good quality and perfect for your needs or for anyone with a similar situation. It is often difficult to find good cookwear so thankyou for your review and recommendations.

  5. I am always dealing with the challenge of finding pans to fit my toaster oven. The ones featured here would be perfect. Thanks!


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