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Review of Harrison Investigations

 Book Series by Heather Graham

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“Harrison Investigations specializes in the bizarre ~ the unexplained ~ the things that go bump in the night.:

There are those who walk among us who are no longer alive, but not yet crossed over.  They stay to seek retribution or to help or watch over and protect those they love.

Among the living, few sense their presence ~ but some can!

The Harrison Investigations Series

Adam Harrison began Harrison Investigations after his son, Josh, died. Adam started putting together a team of people to look into cases with a paranormal angle because, although he didn't have the ability, Josh did, and Adam is able to recognizes it in others who can see and talk to ghosts. 

Harrison Investigation Series book covers
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Throughout this series of ten books, we meet many people, all trained as Private Investigators, who are able to see what exists in a slightly different dimension.

This series fits into several genres – mystery & thriller, suspense, fantasy, paranormal, Historical Romance and romantic suspense. Each story takes place in a different place and, quite often, we are given a history lesson from earlier times. You learn a bit about the history of the place going back to Civil War times and other events that occurred in the 1700s and 1800s. The current story is taking place in modern times, but the ghost(s) will be from the past. The ghost has stayed around to help or have a wrong righted.

Books in the Series 

Haunted - book cover
Haunted - Book 1

The series begins with Haunted, which takes place in an historic Virginia estate that dates back to the Revolutionary War. Suspecting that the house is haunted, owner Matt Stone finally allows Harrison Investigations in the form of paranormal investigator Darcy Tremayne to try and discover the truth about some strange happenings at the house.

Book #3 (Ghost Walk) finds us in New Orleans where Nikki DuMonde manages a successful haunted-tour company. Nikki doesn't scare easily until she wakes up at 4 a.m. to see her newest employee standing at the end of her bed begging for help. The next day she discovers that the employee had been killed. Nikki doesn't believe in ghosts, and no one believes her until Brent Blackhawk, a paranormal investigator able to communicate with the dead, arrives to help. 

Unhallowed Ground (Harrison Investigations Book #7) takes place in Florida where Sarah McKinley has bought an historic mansion that she has always loved.  While the house is being renovated, remains of dozens of bodies – some dating back over a century – are discovered in a wall.

Meanwhile Caleb Anderson, a P.I. With Harrison Investigations, is in town investigating several missing-person cases. He soon comes to believe that his cases are linked to Sarah's house and its dark past. Sarah and Caleb are compelled to research the history of the house to discover the truth.

For all ten books in the Harrison Investigation series, click here.


Harrison Investigation Series Volume 2

The characters in each book are always interesting and the ghosts are delightful.  There is usually a romantic interest between the main male & female characters, of course. And the historic background of each area and place is fascinating.

An interesting fact is that the Harrison Investigation Series pre-dates the Krewe of Hunters series reviewed earlier here on ReviewThisReviews. From being private investigators for Adam Harrison, the group's crime solve-rate is so good that eventually the FBI becomes interested and the Krewe of Hunters become a group of unusual FBI agents who are called upon when something complex (and usually paranormal) is going on.

I have now read my way through both series and really enjoyed them. Therefore, I recommend them to anyone interested in this type of genre. Classic paranormal romantic suspense by Heather Graham.

*Harrison Investigations Book Series reviewed by Wednesday Elf

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  1. This series sounds so interesting. I love anything to do with history. Our grandson Bobby would love this, as he has been on a couple of ghost tours.

    1. I've become quite a fan of Heather Graham's series of 'ghost' stories and historical mysteries, Sam. You'll have to give one a try and see if Bobby would like it.

  2. Well I am quite intrigued! I love books that include real historical facts and you know I love a great romance. As one who believes in the spirit world and it's presence in our world, I could easily believe the reality of the premise of this series. I might need to read the books during the daylight hours, but I am sure I would enjoy the tales.

    1. I really enjoyed both series I've read so far, Mouse. The historical facts are great - I've learned so many things from them. The 'ghosts' are a delight in each book. The romance is typical between the male/female main characters, but I will say that the author goes into a bit more romantic detail than I think is necessary. She could have left more to the reader's imagination. :)

  3. Wow, this series sounds like something right up my alley! I'm interested in this sort of stuff. This series would also make a terrific TV/Movie Series.

    1. I can just see this as a TV/movie series, Barbara. They could film in the different cities (Boston, Salem, the Florida Keys, New Orleans, etc.) that each book is based in because the history in each area is so interesting.

  4. How interesting that this series predates Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series! I’m bet the Harrison Investigations series would be of particular interest to Krewe if Hunters series fans. Thrillers aren’t usually my thing (with the exception of J.D. Robb’s In Death series featuring Eve Dallas, Roarke et al.), but the historical and romantic aspects of the Harrison Investigations novels, along with ghosts that you describe as “delightful,” might tempt me to try this series.

    1. I love the ghosts, Margaret. One haunts a house in Key West he once lived in and makes sure the current owner of the house who interacts with him knows that he was a "Privateer", not a Pirate! LOL.

  5. Okay Pat, that is just a whole lot of genres of reading material and I love it. Nothing could be better than a little romance, a little history, some ghosts and a great story. I will be adding these books to my growing list of must reads! I will be busy all summer by the look of things.

    1. Olivia, in addition to reading all 10 books in this series, I have also read all 31 books in the Krewe of Hunters series, so it has kept me busy all last winter. :)


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