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The Krewe of Hunters Book Series Review


Krewe of Hunters Book Series

By Heather Graham

Series Synopsis

FBI agent Adam Harrison had been involved in mysterious searches and situations so often that the government had asked him to put together a group of special teams who became known as the Krewe of Hunters. Jackson Crow, the only member chosen straight from the ranks of the  FBI behavioral Sciences Department, became the leader of the original team. The other members were carefully selected by Adam Harrison and Jackson Crow for their unique talents; some from other branches of law enforcement and some who had other skills needed for investigations (computer skills, audio & visual skills, etc.). Once the teams were formed, they all went through the rigorous FBI training at Quantico.

These teams are called upon to investigate and solve strange and unusual cases. What makes these teams special is more than their skills and FBI training; it is their paranormal abilities. Each team member is able to talk to the dead. You might call these 'ghost stories' and the 'ghosts' are as interesting as the crime-fighting characters. In fact, quite often a ghost is able to help in solving a crime. 

The other interesting thing about this series of books is the various locations where the investigations take place. The author adds in a bit of past history each location is famous (or infamous) for.  For instance, one story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts at Halloween time. The reader gets a history lesson about the area and the Salem witch trials that occurred there in the 1700s. Another story takes us to San Antonio and the Alamo. 

The book I found most interesting to date (#11 - The Night is Alive) is the one that takes place in Savannah, Georgia, because I lived in that area for almost 20 years. The restaurant & bar where the main part of the story action takes place is fictional, but all the other places mentioned are real. It was a fun trip down memory lane to read this particular mystery. 

The Krewe of Hunters Series

Phantom Evil book cover
Book 1 in the Krewe Series

There are currently 37 books in the Krewe of Hunters series. Each book features primarily one crime to be solved and while quite often several team members are sent to investigate, the focus is on one member of the team each time. That way you get to know the background of that member. That member also seems to 'meet' just the right person to fall in love with. You also get to see the relationships and working dynamics between everyone.

The series begins with the formation of the first team and by book six a second team is formed. Six members seems to be optimal for their working relationships for each team.  In Book One, when the first team is formed, their first crime is located in New Orleans where the name Krewe of Hunters becomes the teams' name. And in several books there seems to be another unique person found who will be perfect for a team. 


So, we have a murder mystery, a ghost story, a history lesson, and a love story in each book.  

I am approximately one-third of my way through the entire series and I find each book so fascinating I don't want it to end ~ and I can hardly wait to get to the next one. 

At the end of several of the books, in addition to the history of the area, the author gives us a history of the foods indigenous to the area, along with a couple recipes. An interesting and varied series of books for sure. 

Aura of Night book cover
Book 37 in the Krewe of Hunter Series
Released on July 26, 2022.

Book List of the Krewe of Hunters

Book 1: Phantom Evil

Book 2: Heart of Evil

Book 3: Sacred Evil

Book 4: The Evil Inside

Book 5: The Unseen

Book 6: The Unholy

Book 7: The Unspoken

Book 8: The Uninvited

Book 9: The Night Is Watching

Book 10: The Night Is Alive


Book 12: The Cursed

Book 13: The Hexed

Book 14: The Betrayed

Book 15: The Silenced

Book 16: The Forgotten

Book 17: The Hidden

Book 18: Haunted Destiny

Book 19: Deadly Fate

Book 20: Darkest Journey

Book 21: Dying Breath

Book 22: Dark Rites

Book 23: Wicked Deeds

Book 24: Fade to Black

Book 25: Pale as Death

Book 26: Echoes of Evil

Book 27: The Summoning

Book 28: The Seekers

Book 29: The Stalking

Book 30: Seeing Darkness

Book 31: Deadly Touch

Book 32: Dreaming Death

Book 33: The Unforgiven

Book 34: The Forbidden

Book 35: The Unknown

Book 36: Sound of Darkness

Book 37: Aura of Night

Book 38: Voice of Fear (latest book in the series published in October 2022).

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Review of the Krewe of Hunters mystery book series was written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. This sounds like a fascinating series. I'm not usually that interested in ghost stories, but you have made this series sound very interesting. I love the location aspect of it and the history. I may just give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. I've really enjoyed having bits of past history mixed in with the current crime being solved. The book that took place in Savannah told about the tunnels under the city that were used for the Underground Railroad in the 1800s. Several stories give the reader history of Civil War or Revolutionary War times and what life was like in different areas back then. Like the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts in 1692.

  2. Wow! this series sounds like it is something that I would enjoy reading. How very interesting that the author dives into the history of the area. Thanks Pat.

    1. I've really enjoyed learning bits of history surrounding each area where the story takes place, Sam. Loved the history in New Orleans and in Savannah, GA. And the Alamo - fascinating. Thanks for your visit to my review.

  3. Oh my goodness, you have just added a whole year of books to my list of growing must reads. I love a good murder mystery series, so I know that I will certainly start this series of books. I'm not sure whether to thank you or not for putting another whole bunch of books on my list, but I'm sure I will thank you indeed. Books that are recommended by fellow readers always move to the top of my lists! Thanks Pat!

    1. This series will keep you reading for a long time, Olivia. I'm only on Book #11, so it will be awhile before I get to #37 which comes out in July!

  4. This sounds like a fantastic series and I love that there are 37 books in the series! Clearly, you get to know the characters well and have a continued "relationship" with them. I also love that she includes some historical accuracy. Sure sounds like a great series to read for mystery lovers.

    1. It really is an interesting series, Mouse. If you were to pick one book from the series, you should read #11, The Night is Forever, as the story is placed around Nashville and discusses past history stories about how Tennessee was a divided state during the Civil War. I'd either forgotten that or never knew it. Fascinating history.

  5. A murder mystery series that weaves in elements of romance and paranormal abilities and has a growing cast of intriguing, differentiated and nuanced characters as the series progresses sounds like a recipe for success. I love that each story is focused on a different location with a rich history and that the author really gives us an authentic sense of each place. As long as the stories aren't too violent or scary, this sounds like a series my husband and I might really enjoy listening to together. Thanks for the great review!

    1. They are not violent or scary at all - just a bit tense in places where the hero/heroine is in danger just before the good guys catch the killer. Thanks for your visit to my review, Margaret.

  6. These books sound like an excellent choice. I'm not a fiction reader so I have to say I'm impressed by how many books are in this series. This would make a great gift because you could just keep adding to it for every special occasion. This would have been up my moms alley for reading too.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Barbara. I have to say that Heather Graham is quite a prolific author. I love finding long series as I enjoy following the characters from book to book. I'm sure your mom would have found the Krewe of Hunters adventures interesting. From all you've said about her reading habits in the past, it sounds as though she & I had similar interests in fiction.

  7. I love FBI/special crimes types of books and shows. I'm not usually on the look out for ghost stories or paranormal situations, but you make this series sound very interesting. It's always fun to find a series that hooks you and that you absolutely love.

    1. I'm not usually into ghost stories either, Dawn Rae, but love the characters in these stories and the FBI special team members. Having a bit of local history in so many places is fascinating too.

  8. I think I would enjoy this series. It would be great to really get to know the characters and I like the idea that you have the combination of history, love and ghost stories all in one series! That you said you find each book fascinating and don't want it to end and that you cant wait to read to he next says a lot !


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