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A Bread Box Review and Recommendation

A Five Star Review - Bread Box

I've needed a new bread box for a long time. I searched on amazon for at least three months before finally taking the plunge and making the purchase.

Features That Were Important to Me:

  1. I wanted a roll-top bread box
  2. It needed to have two shelves inside
  3. Each shelf had to be deep enough and high enough to hold several loaves of bread
  4. There had to be room between the cupboard and top of the bread box so I could place things on top if necessary
  5. I wanted to spend less than $100
  6. It had to look attractive
  7. It could be chrome or wood
  8. I preferred it be pre-assembled
  9. I didn't want a glass door (I figured the glass would eventually break)
  10. Bamboo wood was preferred
This Bread Box Met 9 out of the 10 Criteria Items:

Bamboo Bread Box

Which One of the 10 Criteria Items Did Not Get Met?

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find one that met all of our needs that was pre-assembled. 

However, like most of my sons, my husband is very good at assembling products, so I knew I could safely forfeit this preference.

After reading the reviews, a few comments expressed their dissatisfaction with the assembly process. But I have to say, my husband had absolutely no problem putting it together, but as I mentioned, he's good at such things. 

If I had to personally assemble it, I would not have purchased any item that required putting it together --- only because I suck at that stuff! Fortunately, hubby handled that.

The Interior Has Two Shelves With Plenty of Room
Has Two Roomy Shelves

There is Plenty of Room On Top
There's Room to Place Items on Top

The Only Fix We Had To Make

When the roll-top door is closed (without care), it makes a loud noise. Since so many people live in our home, I knew I couldn't police that behavior, so we solved the problem by putting two tiny velcro tabs on the bottom. The tabs prevent the door from hitting the base, and it's much quieter.

We Placed Velcro Tabs to Reduce the Door Closing Noise

We Purchased the Bread Box From Amazon

We purchased it from (Canada) at this link.

When typing this, I noticed that this specific bread box wasn't appearing on the USA site. But here's a link to a similar one (from what I could tell)... Both of them are the same size ... 15" by 9.8" by 14.2"

Five stars. Recommended.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. Growing up, we always had bread boxes in our kitchens. And I continued with them after marriage for many years. Not sure why we stopped using one as I'd forgotten how attractive they were and how much neater looking than having the various bread loaves & muffin packages just piled helter-skelter on the kitchen shelf. I'll be moving in a few months and a new bread box just may become a nice addition to my new kitchen. Thanks for your helpful review, Barbara.

    1. Pat, we had one for years, then turfed (it was old) and never replaced it until this year. I had the bread in a bowl, and it was total clutter!

  2. Oh wow, we haven't had a bread box in years. Now, after reading your review I think we need to get one. We have a basket on our counter top to store our bread and whatever else fits in there. A bread box would really be a nice add to make things a little neater. Thanks Barbara.

    1. Sam, we had the counter clutter of bread in a bowl, and I had enough of that mess! It's very roomy too; I can fit at least five loaves of bread ranging in different sizes - plus store things on top.

  3. Barbara, what an attractive and practical bread box you selected! I really like how roomy it is. Your Velcro tab “bumper cushions” are a very clever solution to the slamming roll-top door issue. Thanks for another great recommendation!

    1. Thanks Margaret :) - hubby came up with that idea - it's quite a loud slam without them.

  4. Barbara! I love this breadbox. When I moved I quickly decided that I needed and wanted a breadbox. But I wasn't sure what style or size. I think you have the same needs in a breadbox as I do. Thank you for this review.

  5. What a beautiful bread box! I love the rolled top and the two shelves. Very ingenious of you to add the little felt bumps to buffer the sound. Bravo to your husband for assembling it. Like you, I would have been hesitant to order one that required assembly if I was going to have to put it together by myself. I would love to have a roll top bread box (she says, as she stares at her counter tops wondering how to make space for one). I know I could get my husband to put it together for me. He loves bread and would welcome a lovely bread box.

    1. Thanks Sylvestermouse - Yep, if I had to assemble it, I would never have ordered it :)

  6. This is something that I have never had. I guess when I had little ones in the house, the bread never lasted long enough to need a storage space. I do like this one and really like the roll top look. I guess I'm lucky too because my hubby is also good at putting things together. So this will be a good addition to our kitchen area! Thanks Barbara!

  7. We have always stored our bread in a Bread Box. It seems to keep fresher, reduces any mess and I just love great storage! Like you, we prefer wood or chrome and like it to look attractive. As a Bread Box sits on our worktops and is on view all the time, this is important. I really love this breadbox, especially the large capacity and the roll-top action. I love your easy fix with the velcro tabs to stop any noise when closing. Self-assembly is always a bit of a pain, but it does not sound too hard. When we need a new one I will be seeking this one out! Thank you for your review!


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