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Modern Amigurumi for the Home – Craft Book Review

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting small, cute dolls. It comes from the Japanese words ami (crocheted) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy).  

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Amigurumi Crochet Designs

From Annie's Crochet comes this Modern Amigurumi for the Home crochet leaflet with 8 adorable designs to crochet in the Amigurumi style.

Designs include two cute cats, two birds and a rooster, Petunia the Pig a darling dog, and an adorable Fairy House.

This crochet leaflet includes color photos of finished items and full instructions to create your favorites from this collection. Author Elisa Sartori has named each of these cute designs with the names Madge, Esther, Felix, Mr. Rico, Petunia, Poppy and Luna. The Fairy House goes by the name Le Petit Maison


This craft pattern leaflet is available on Amazon where it is ranked #164 in the Stuffed Animal Crafts category. It is also available online at Annie's Craft Store and at yarn stores such as JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby. 

Amigurumi is a really fun style of crochet which can vary in size. There are no restrictions about size or look, so whatever type of yarn or hook you use, the end result can vary in size. The world of amigurumi is sweet, cuddly, and smiley.

So, add a little fun to your home décor with these adorable Amigurumi designs to crochet from Modern Amigurumi for the Home! 

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*Modern Amigurumi for the Home crochet craft pattern leaflet review written by

~Wednesday Elf

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  1. The patterns in the "Modern Amigurumi for the Home" book are all adorable! How would you ever choose which one to start first. I love the pig and the gray kitty, but that rooster is simply fabulous (and I don't even collect roosters) A very cute craft leaflet, Elf! Thanks for introducing me to it.

    1. I love finding new patterns, Mouse, and this is a really cute collection. Thanks for mentioning the rooster as I realized I called it a chicken. Missed the 'comb', LOL. I have now corrected it. :)

  2. I haven't heard of this (no surprise) - however, wow, Amigurumi is so nice. I absolutely love the designs featured above. What a fantastic gift for crochet fans. Honestly, if my hands hold up, I wouldn't mind getting back into crocheting - did it before and it was addictive (in a really good way). Thanks for this introduction, I'll have to remember this one as a gift.

    1. Crochet is not only fun to do, especially with cute patterns such as these featured here, but is a very calming activity. Hope you decide to try it again. Thanks for visiting my review, Barbara.

  3. These Amigurimi designs are absolutely adorable, Elf! I bet this leaflet with eight patterns would be a great introduction to Amigurimi for a crochet enthusiast who is new to this genre.

  4. Amigurumi looks a very beautiful (and cuddly) craft. I am not a great crafter, but I immediately thought this would make such a wonderful gift for a crafter! The designs are really lovely. Thank you for introducing me to this craft.

  5. I have crochet hooks and lots of yarn, so I'm thinking that maybe I just need to sit and try to do some of these little animals! I love the ones that you do and this just might be the push I needed. Thanks Pat!

  6. Well, I don't crochet but I can see what a wonderful gift this would make for somebody who does. Thanks, Pat

  7. Definitely had not heard of the term 'Amigurumi' though I do know someone (you) who practices the art of crocheting beautiful small dolls!


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