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Cozilife Silicone Egg Poacher Reviewed

Why Are making poached eggs so tough? Well at least for some and I include myself in the group of egg challenged egg poachers. That is a mouthful! Sad, but true. I was harkening back to the days when my Grandma made the perfect poached eggs where the yolk was the perfect runny, not too runny, but toast dipping perfect runny.

eggs cooked in a silicone egg poacher

Being realistic I decided to investigate if there is an easier way to poach eggs with a high degree of success and came upon the Cozilife Silicon Egg Poacher Cups. This sounded right in my lane of egg expertise and I so I embarked upon the journey to make a poached egg in about 30 seconds.

Learning Curve

There is a slight learning curve with the egg poacher as the success does depend upon the strength of the microwave. Just like stove burners and ovens each accomplishes the task, but the length of time does vary. The same holds true with the egg poacher. 

The timing for each microwave is just a little different. A few seconds does make a difference with the egg poacher as a few seconds can determine the difference between a soft runny yolk or a semi hard yolk or a hard boiled egg!

I suggest using doing an experimentation trial with a few eggs and your microwave. It will quickly be apparent if the egg is poached to your satisfaction. 

Cooking Spray Is A Necessity

The silicone poaching cups as recommended by many users should be sprayed with a very light coating of cooking spray. This ensures the egg is easily released from the cup when done. I also used a dab of butter on the bottom of the cup (as also recommended by users) and enjoyed the little extra butter added to the egg.

egg poacher
Also a necessity is using a toothpick to poke holes in the egg yolk prior to cooking. If the holes are not made the yolk will blow up like a balloon. Needless to say that is not the goal! Interesting to watch, but definitely not poached. 

The egg cups can also be used on the stove with a pan of water to make poached eggs. Directions are included with the egg cups on making poached eggs two ways.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Yes! The cups can poach eggs, but can also make really quick hard boiled eggs. What a time saver and no need to use a pan or deal with peeling egg shells. 

I love the versatility of the egg cups as they can double as baking molds too. I see mini cakes in the future with the baking cups. The cups are also versatile in that since the cooking time is so short the 4 cups can easily be made to order per person in the family. After all as any egg cooker knows - everyone likes their egg just a little different! Once persons over easy is another person's fried. And so it goes.

I will say noone made better poached eggs than Grandma old style, old school! But for this egg poaching hack, the silicon cups made me want to make poached eggs!

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  1. Definitely an interesting review, Tracey, since I eat a poached egg just about every day. I cook mine in water on the stove, but it doesn't always come out exactly right. To me, the yolk has to be that 'toast-dipping' perfect. The slightest 'too hard yolk' just isn't to my liking. I will be looking into these Cozlife silicone egg poachers for sure. Thanks for telling me about them.

  2. I have used these silicone egg cups for about two years and I love them. They are so easy to use and clean and the eggs come out perfect. Now I can easily make the Egg Benedict my husband loves. I have used them to make Lobster Eggs Benedict too and they were a real hit. Thanks for the review.

  3. Those of us who work with polymer clay and metal clay also use both the insides and outsides of these types of silicone egg poachers as forms for shaping convex and concave items, such as trinket dishes. The curved metal clay shapes must be gently removed from the silicone egg poacher “mold” before they are fired, but polymer clay versions can be baked right in or on the silicone cups!

  4. We love our eggs in the morning and I could see us using these, they are so cute and colorful. What a cheery way to bring the day to a start. The fact that they can be used for other things is just a bonus for me. Thanks for this great review. Putting them on my "I would like these" list so when my birthday or other occasion arises no one will need to ask!

  5. Nothing is ever as good as the way grandma does it! I often have to remind myself that my grandmother had different cookware, as well as different produce suppliers. I do love the convenience and ease of some of the silicone cookware though. Since I can't replicate the way grandma cooked, easy does make it worth trying. Thank you for the excellent suggestion and review.

  6. I just love pooched eggs, and have one for my microwave but it never works properly, and always makes a mess. So, these are very interesting and a must try for me. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. I prefer my eggs poached and I cook them on the stove in water. It can be tricky to get them exactly how I like theme which is runny -but not too runny and I don't like them too solid either. This silicone egg poacher does sound very useful and worth looking into so thank you for your review and the tips to help make perfect poached eggs!


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