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Souper Cubes Reviewed

Comfort food equals a yummy bowl or two or three of soup in this house! Anytime of the year I love to make soup and then freeze the leftovers in individual sized containers. This is where things become a little labor intensive and the search is on for plastic containers to freeze the soup. Containers which are sturdy, freezer friendly and with a lid. Seems like a simple search except that matching lids seems to disappear like socks in the laundry. 

souper cubes for freezing soup

This is when my online search began to replenish my supply of individual sized containers for homemade soup. I found the Souper Cubes with over a cumulative 5/5 review score of over 5,000 reviews and I was not disappointed.

Souper Cubes Pros

At first glance the cost was a consideration as this was much more of an expenditure than plastic containers, but the Souper Cubes have delivered as promised. This product is a thoughtful design with the soup lover and soup freezer in mind.

  • Easy
  • Space saver in the freezer - definitely yes!
  • Convenient
  • Stackable - can stack two trays on top of each other in the freezer which is 8 cups of soup!
  • Portable - can pop a frozen soup cube in a bag or container to warm and eat away from home
  • Dishwasher Safe - a must!
  • BPA free
  • Food and Freezer Safe - of course!
  • The product literature states the product is also oven safe up to 415 degrees (excluding the lid)- I have not tried this and do not foresee trying this in the future either.
souper cube
Each section has a measuring mark for 1 cup and 1/2 cup.

I did not find any cons to the product with the initial concern over the the price in comparison to plastic containers with lids. However, there is no comparison as this product is in its' own niche and with the sturdy quality construction I view this as a long term kitchen investment verses disposable plastic containers with a limited use life. 

Recommendation For Souper Cubes

I would add another 5/5 stars for the Souper Cubes. One tray is perfect to freeze 4 cups of leftover soup which is perfect. The cubes are easy to pop out of the tray for individual servings. I also envision using the trays for chili, chowder and stew. For those who love to make soup and freeze the leftovers this is a great companion or replacement to individual size containers and saves so much space in the freezer.

Souper Cubes come in various sizes. I chose the two pack which is 4 one cup servings per tray. The cubes also come in 1/2 cup trays and 2 cup trays. 

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  1. Wow, Tracey, these Souper cubes look super! Sorry, couldn't resist. All kidding aside, this does look to be a terrific way to freeze a big batch of soup or sauce. I often make a large pot of spaghetti sauce to freeze and these 'cube' trays would certainly take up less room than my individual round plastic containers. Thanks so much for introducing me to this really helpful product.

  2. As I was reading your article, I was thinking that these would be perfect for chili. We have something similar but on a smaller scale which we use to freeze our leftover basil pesto. Thanks for the recommendation Tracey.

  3. Sounds like a winner to me. We do the same thing when making soup. We might have the same soup for two days going, but then it's like enough is enough, It's good food and we don't throw away things that we like, but freezing them for use later would be a great option. Thanks for this review Tracey I will definitely take your word on it, that these are worth the money!

  4. I love making soup in quantity and freezing the leftovers. I remember looking at these Souper Cubes a while back and wondering whether they were worth the price. Thanks to your review, I'm going to give them another look!

  5. These souper cubes are awesome and they are exactly what I need! I enjoy making the large pots of homemade soup but we always have leftovers. I've never liked the plastic freezer "cups" that will crack and left ice form on the soup. I'm excited to see this review! Thank you

  6. WOW, that's a handy product! I've never used these, but they sure would come in handy in our house. The individual servings are perfect. Thanks for your review - I always get a heads up on new product ideas here on reviewthisreviews.

  7. These souper cubes look really useful! I don't have these but I can see how great they would be for leftover soup and a really good way to freeze when batch making. Thank you for your review and recommendation!


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