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The Baby Shower Word Search Book - 60 Puzzles in One Book


The Baby Shower Word Search Book

As some of you may already know, I've authored numerous riddle books and have recently expanded into word search activity books. 

Why a Baby Shower Word Search Book? What's So Special About That?

The purpose of this book was to provide baby-related word search puzzles in one book, to use for baby shower games. 

You can easily find baby shower word search cards for party game activities; however, having one book with 60 word search puzzles gives you a larger amount in one affordable book.

How to Use This Book for a Baby Shower Word Search Game

  • Cut out the puzzles you need and hand them out to your guests
  • Have each person write their name and time taken to complete the puzzle on the page
  • OR give everyone a preset time, for example, three minutes, to complete as much of the puzzle as they can
  • The best time and greatest number of words found wins
Makes an Excellent Giveaway for Smaller Baby Showers
  • Give everyone their own book at the shower
  • Have each person complete one (or two) puzzles for the word search contest
  • Pick the winner based on time and words solved
  • Allow each person to keep their book as a shower momento gift
What's Different About This Word Search Book?

At the bottom of each word search puzzle is a place for a person to write their name, the time they started the puzzle, and the time it was completed.

There's a place to write your name and time completed on each puzzle

Large and Easy to Read

The book measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches, making it very easy on the eyes. It's the size of a standard piece of paper. There is one puzzle per page, and all of the answers are featured in the back of the book.

One puzzle per page, and large and easy to read

The book is available on Amazon and also via the website

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  1. What a clever ... and fun ... idea for a baby shower game. Everyone loves word search puzzles and having a puzzle book filled with baby names and baby related things is perfect. You are so talented, Barbara, especially with words as is especially evident by your lovely poetry and your clever riddles. Well done with publishing yet another interesting book.

    1. Ms. Elf, thanks so much for all your support - it never goes unnoticed. <3

  2. Barbara, what a wonderful, clever and unusual idea for a word search puzzle book! Now all the guests at the baby shower can have as much fun as the guest of honor (mom-to-be)! I continue to marvel at your talent for riddles and other types of language puzzles, such as word search puzzles, and your determination, commitment and success at consistently writing, laying out and self-publishing high-quality books at a remarkable rate, despite all the profoundly emotional stresses and health challenges you have faced in recent years. So proud of you!!!

    1. Margaret, thank you again for your loyal support. This work (it's not really work) saves my life every day. It's the loved-distraction needed to get through life's challenges. Thank you so much for "seeing me." Hugs to you.

  3. This is really awesome Barbara! Congratulations on another published book. So very cool!!! I love the idea of a word search game book for baby showers. I remember those shower games well, not that I ever won any. I have horrible with anything timed. I can't keep my mind off of the clock in order to perform. You know I love word search games! I might just need this book just for the fun of it, even though there is not a new baby in the family.

    1. Cynthia, lol - I'm really terrible at baby shower games and almost always lose! However, I do get close and have one from time to time with the jelly-bean-in-the-jar-count. Timed contests get me too! Thanks for the kind words :)

  4. Congratulations on your latest published book Barbara!! You are amazing producing such great books and word searches like this. You are so very talented. I love a good word search and have many happy memories of doing them with my late Mum. What a great idea for a baby shower! You should be very proud of yourself and proud of you ! :)

  5. Barbara, this is a cute book and I love that you are so accomplished in this field. Word searches are always a lot of fun! Baby Showers would be a great place for this book. If anyone asks me I will point them in your direction!

  6. The Baby Shower Word Search Book sounds like a great idea for a baby shower! I love the idea that it is formatted in a manner to make sharing AND reading easy.


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