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The Wish by Nicholas Sparks – A Book Review

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks book cover

 The Wish is the latest book by Nicholas Sparks published in September 2021.


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Maggie Sparks grew up to be a well-known travel photographer who also helped run a successful art gallery in New York City. But her life might have taken a different track if she had not been sent away at age sixteen to live with an aunt in Ocracoke, a remote village on an island on North Carolina's Outer Banks. 

At first Maggie hated the remote island and missed her friends and family in Seattle. Then she met one of the few teenagers on the island. Bryce shows her how much there is to love about this isolated beach town. He also introduces her to photography, which eventually defines the rest of her life – as does Bryce.

Maggie spent many years photographing remote locations around the world and running the gallery in New York where she featured her photographs, along with a fellow artist's work.  But as the story begins, she is unexpectedly grounded over Christmas, struggling to understand and cope with a newly sobering medical diagnosis.  

As her health worsens, Maggie becomes dependent upon a young man she has hired to help manage the gallery.  As Maggie and Mark count down the last days of the Christmas season together, she begins to tell him the story of another Christmas decades earlier on that remote North Carolina island and the love that set her on the course she could not have imagined on that long ago time in 1996.


Author Nicholas Sparks has had over 100 million copies of his books sold. His stories are often sad, because life always includes some sadness. But Sparks has a special way of capturing what is real in every life, with the sadness being offset by the wonderful joys to be found. The Wish is another wonderfully real story.

The Wish book cover
The Wish by Nicholas Sparks

“Never forget that love is always stronger than fear.”

~ Nicholas Sparks in The Wish

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Book Review of The Wish written by Wednesday Elf 

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  1. Nicholas Sparks’ fame is well deserved. This novel sounds like it has all the elements that make this author’s books so popular: Love, fear, poignancy, personal and emotional growth, and beautiful, evocative writing that makes us care deeply about the characters. Thanks so much for the review and recommendation!

    1. I think that is what makes Nicholas Sparks' writing so special - he truly makes us care deeply about the characters. Thanks for visiting, Margaret.

  2. Sounds like another "must read" book my Nicholas Sparks! He has such a wonderful and unique way of writing touching love stories. I can hardly wait to read it. Thanks for including my two Sparks movie reviews. His books are perfect for the silver screen. I love them all!

    1. I've loved all by Nicholas Sparks too. He really is a wonderful writer.

  3. I love Nicholas Sparks stories. I have read Two by Two and enjoyed that story very much and I'm sure I would enjoy this one too! Thank you for putting this book on my wish list for my reading journey in 2022!

    1. You're welcome, Olivia. I'm sure you will enjoy this latest book by Nicholas Sparks.

  4. This sounds like the perfect book for me. I have been to Ocravoke Island to photograph their lighthouse. Thanks for the recommendation

    1. The lighthouse is mentioned in this story, Mary Beth. I've been to a lot of places in the U.S., but never have quite made it to the Outer Banks. Would really love to go.

  5. Ms. Elf, this books sounds very good. I know I could get into this one. Mom read numerous books from this author - seeing book reviews here now reminds me more and more of mom (and that's a good thing) because every time I read one of reviewthisreviews book reviews my first thought was always, "hmmm, is this a book mom would like to read." Even the author reminds me of mom. Thanks for this one.

    1. You are quite welcome, Barbara. Memories are wonderful things. I think you would enjoy this latest by Nicolas Sparks.

  6. This book by Nicholas Sparks sounds a wonderful one to read. I think I would really enjoy it. Thank you for the review and recommendation.

    1. Nicholas Sparks is always well worth reading. His way of weaving emotions into his storylines are outstanding. Thanks for visiting, Jasmine.

  7. I haven't read a Nicholas Sparks book for a long time though I often look at them and wonder. Thanks for your review of The Wish, Elf.


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