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Winter Dressing Requirements Include Layering Up! A Product Review

Winter in many parts of the world means cold, wet, and less than "perfect" weather.

woman blowing snow

I have spent many a winter in some places you would consider to be warm all year long  and even there the winter months can be less than perfect. I lived in Israel for three months and let me tell you it was cool at night and damp, so layering was the only way to stay comfortable.   Even Florida in December to February can be cool sometimes.    Layering your clothing is one way to beat that cold and chill you feel in those dark and wintery months.  Layering has become a way of life for me, especially at my age (peri-menopausal and menopausal).  If you haven't reached that age yet, get ready, it will happen to you too!

You start off the morning feeling just right, get dressed and then feel too cold, so you add a layer!  An hour or two later you are so hot that you need to remove a layer.  And so your day goes, one moment cool, the next moment hot!  You just can't seem to win at any stage of the day.  

Well my answer to all of this is to layer and layer well.  It's easy to remove  a layer without having to start dressing all over again.  

I love a Company called Cents of Style!  Why?  Well let's just say that they are:
  1. Stylish
  2. Comfortable
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Available in Many Sizes and Colors
These Oversized Sweaters are just the thing you need when you are thinking about layering!  Not only are they pretty, but they are comfortable!  With an oversized sweater, you can easily have another T-shirt or light blouse underneath.

So when your internal thermometer starts acting up, you can do your thing (removing or adding) as you need to!  

Not only are they comfortable and trendy, they come in over 10 different colors so you can choose the one that suits you best.  Available in sizes Small right up to 3 XL!  There is no reason not to have a couple of these in your wardrobe.  

I'm sure that this layering will help you get through any cold and dreary weather that the winter of 2022 can bring us!  

Keep warm and beautiful!  
Favorite Tops

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  1. Layering is definitely a necessity for me! Our mornings are normally very cold (during the winter months) then the afternoons are mild by comparison. Evenings, the cold starts all over again. I keep a sweater or jacket in my kitchen at all times just for that inevitable required layering. An oversized sweater that is easy to pull on or off is perfect and a must in any wardrobe!

  2. I went from retirement in Georgia back to be near my family in the Midwest, so had to re-learn the 'layering' concept I used to practice. Winter is my least favorite season, but dressing for warmth and comfort certainly makes the season more tolerable.

  3. My internal “thermostat” seems to have broken in my 30s, so that when others are hot I’m broiling and they are chilly I’m freezing. I also definitely go through the internally temperature swings you describe, even though menopause is far back in my rear-view mirror, lol! So, layering pieces are staples in my wardrobe. Those oversized sweaters looks so comfy, and so easy to put on and take off when when one more or fewer layer is needed. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I love wearing layers. I have very sensitive skin and can react to external temperature changes quickly as well as my internal thermostat, so its essential to me to have comfy clothes. Yes and peri has only exacerbated this! One thing I do like about cold winters is that you can wear gorgeous sweaters and really layer clothing! I adore those over sized sweaters! Also layering works very well when travelling so is a good all round way to dress.

  5. Even here in the south, we love layers. Definitely the best way to dress in winter and be comfortable - no matter the weather.

  6. Yes, layering is a must. That's exactly how I do it as well. I'll dig in my closet and look at the sweater I want to wear, then think, um...I'll be sweating in this later - so I opt for layers. Sometimes I don't do this enough though - so today, you have me thinking about this as I choose my clothes for the day.

  7. Layering is definitely a must here in Western New York. Most times in the winter it's cold all day but in the fall and spring time you need to always have something to stay warm in the mornings and evenings. Very nice selections Olivia.

  8. Layering is so important. (I have a few on right now.) These sweaters by Cents of Style are attractive and affordable!


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