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A Shirt Extender is Ideal When You Wear Leggings


Very Handy to Use with Leggings - Shirt Extenders - A Review

Do you have a lot of leggings? I sure do.

The problem with my lacking wardrobe is that I don't have enough long tops that cover my behind when I wear leggings.

I'm 61 years old, and I'm not comfortable wearing leggings with short-waisted tops; with blue jeans, no problem, but not with leggings.

The tightness of leggings is unforgiving, and it's only my personal opinion, but I don't feel I'm dressed age-appropriate in leggings unless the top drops below my behind.

Since most of my sweaters, hoodies, and tops don't drop below my behind, and since I only have two tops that do, wearing my nice leggings has been a problem.

A shirt extender allows me to use my existing shorter tops with my leggings.

An Ad was Served Up on My Computer for Shirt-Extenders (Finally a Useful Ad!)

I thought, what in the heck is that? Hmm.

After watching it, the item reminded me of the figure skating skirts I used to wear in my youth. However, these ones are a bit longer.

They fit around your waist like a skirt and drop below your behind, to either mid or upper thigh. 

There are many shapes, sizes, designs, styles, and colors.

Here is the Shirt Extender I Recently Purchased

I Headed Over to Amazon to Check What Was Available

Turns out there are many styles of Shirt-Extenders to choose between. 

Before selecting the one I've featured in this article, I considered all the different colors and styles I wear. 

I decided on a simple black extender for my first purchase. It was under twenty dollars at the time of purchase, and of course, if it didn't look right, I could easily return it.

About This Shirt Extender:

Here I am at 61 Years Old - Wearing My First Shirt Extender

What I Like:

  • I decided to go with a laced bottom shirt extender - It looks nice
  • These particular shirt extender size choices are very small, so I selected XXL
  • It fit snug, so although the material isn't high quality, I was still able to stretch it out and give the bottom lace section a bit more flare
  • The waist doesn't bulk you up - which I was worried about
  • It solves the problem and covers my behind with leggings
  • Easy to slip in and out of 
What I Don't Like:
  • It feels cheap (but for daily use with leggings, that's ok)
  • It looks more like a slip when I wear a short top, so I solve that by wearing a longer sweater with it. In the above photo, I'm wearing two tops; the short one underneath, and a hoodie on top.
  • The sizes are very small - I definitely needed an XXL - I'm 5.6" tall
  • Since it's black, and many of my clothes are lighter colors, I won't wear this one with many of my other tops. However, with a colorful sweatshirt that isn't too short, I'd probably give it a try.
A Close-Up of the Shirt Extender, with a Short Black Top

Would I Buy More Shirt Extenders?

Yes, I would.

However, I plan on choosing different styles. Some are designed to look more like the bottom of a dress shirt. I'm thinking about trying this one next.

If you decide to give one of these a try, mind the sizes carefully. Most of my time was spent assessing the measurements to ensure I ordered the best size for my body.

The one I purchased is here, on Amazon.

In Summary:

The idea of shirt extenders, 5 stars.

This particular shirt extender, 3.5 stars.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. Barbara, you always find the most interesting and useful products that happily fill a need. This is the first time I've ever seen or heard of shirt extenders, but I can see how handy they would be to complete an outfit when wearing leggings. Thank you for this review.

    1. Ms. Elf, first time for me, but it turns out they're pretty useful - it's a nice way to change things up with our leggings :) - thank you <3

  2. Now here is something I've never heard of. I went and checked my wardrobe and come to find out that I don't own any leggings. But, this is something Fran may certainly be interested in, as she is also short and very conscious of what she wears. Thanks for the fashion advice Barbara.

    1. Sam, lol, check again, your leggings might be tucked in the back - I think Conan O'Brien called them Jeggings hahaha

  3. Oh Barbara, this sounds wonderful! Like you I don't like showing off my aging body but do enjoy easy dressing. Even when I go swimming, I like to cover as much as possible (not that anyone is looking at me really, but!) This sounds like a great way to extend my wearing choices! Thanks for that, I appreciate it!

    1. This is a handy item to have on hand for sure

  4. What a wonderful discovery! I have several tops that are too short to wear with my leggings, and like you (no surprise) I want my backside covered. This is a great idea and would be very easy to make. I vaguely remember leggings with shirts attached in the fashion world in years past. Seems like a great way to bring back on older style too while making us more comfortable in leggings.

    1. I never used to wear leggings that much - but noticed in the last two years I have more than I ever have, and fewer jeans - that led to the "short-top" problem lol - I think I've seen those leggings with the skirts attached; I'm heading over to amazon to see right now!

  5. This is such a smart idea! I had never heard of shirt extenders before reading your review. It’s a shame that the black one with the pretty, feminine lace at the hem feels cheap, since it looks great on you! The sizing sounds WAY off - that an XXL would fit snugly on your trim frame is crazy! I hope the next ones you buy are made nicer, with better material and more standard sizing. You look adorable (and much, much younger than your years)!

    1. As do you...look much much younger...there's something in the water :) - I do like the piece but am interested to see what the next ones are like. I'll let you all know. The sizes are Asian sizes I think?

  6. I LOVE that someone else invented these. Especially the dress shirt styles. I sure hope women start using these in the office setting. (I have very few leggings and would not feel okay wearing them with short shirts in public.) Great review and information.

    1. Dawn, I have to agree about where and how to wear leggings

  7. Great review! I was only looking at these shirt extenders a few weeks ago and thinking they would be very useful to wear with leggings! So your review is really helpful in knowing what to look out for and what to be aware of. You look lovely in them! Yes I think the sizing is way off so good to be aware of that, perhaps we need to look for measurements, rather than the broad sizing if possible. Thank you!

    1. Thank you :) - absolutely go by the measurements and never the sizes, totally agree


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