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Reviewing Harlan Coben's Stay Close, Netflix Series

I really enjoyed watching Harlan Coben's The Stranger so when I saw another series based on one of his books I was interested. James Nesbitt & Cush Jumbo as two of the leads were another draw for me and I am so glad I watched it. 

Reviewing Harlan Coben's Stay Close television series
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If you're interested in Harlan Coben's books then you really should check out my fellow contributor, Wednesday Elf's Harlan Coben book reviews as she is a huge fan of his books.

This series is only eight episodes long and episode one is a little slow, it is well worth persevering, however because the next seven episodes more than makeup for it.   The series is full of twists and turns and red herrings that lead to an ending my husband never saw coming.

I did predict the killer earlier in the series (I can't remember which episode as we binge-watched this over two days), my husband did not believe me and I have to say there were a few moments where I started to second guess myself too!

The series is based in the North West of England and it opens with a young man disappearing after a night out at The Vipers (a nightclub).   One of the detectives who is handed this case to investigate is convinced that it is linked to the disappearance of another man, Stewart Green, last seen at The Vipers seventeen years previously.

We are also introduced to a family of five - Dave, Megan and their three children.   We soon discover that Megan used to be called Cassie.   Cassie worked at The Vipers as an exotic dancer and also disappeared on the same night as Stewart Green seventeen years ago.

I won't go into too much detail as I really want you to discover all the twists and turns for yourself, but I will let you know that after the killer is revealed, everything else gets revealed too so that there are no loose ends for you to continually wonder about.

I really do have to start reading Harlan Coben's books as I love all the plot twists in the television series and just be reading reviews of his books they sound like they are made for me.

Have you seen Stay Close or The Stranger yet?

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  1. Well, this certainly sounds very interesting and something I would really enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation Lou. I will have to look for this on Netflix.

  2. I am constantly scanning Netflix to find something to watch. I've scrolled by this one several times. There's a good series is in my future, I can see it. Thanks for reviewing this one, I'll be stopping to check it out - and yes I remember Wednesday Elf's book reviews on this author. As I was scrolling I was trying to remember where I had recently read about the author, lol. Another one to check out, thanks.

  3. Lou, I am definitely interested in looking into this Netflix series. As you say, I am a huge Harlan Coben fan. I did not realize that two series have been made based on his stories. I've read the books; now to look into the Netflix series. Thanks for mentioning my book reviews of this author's work. A very talented writer indeed.

  4. Definitely a series my husband and I will need to watch. I am so glad you warned us about the first episode being slow to get started because I tend to stop watching a series if it doesn't grab me from the beginning. I love having something to look forward to, thank you!

  5. I’ve been intrigued by Wednesday Elf’s reviews of Harlan Coben’s work and had been thinking that they would likely translate well to the screen. Like Sylvestermouse, I also appreciate the heads-up about the first episode’s slowness since I, too, tend to give up on series that don’t hook me from the set-up.

  6. Seems like I have another reason to get a Netflix subscription! I love Harlan Cobin books though and have read many of them. I enjoyed them so I'm sure I would enjoy this series too. Have to look at the finances and see if we can swing a membership. Thanks for this review Louanne!

  7. I do not have Netflix but when I see reviews like this I feel like I am missing out. This series sounds good. And I had read some Coben books in the past that I enjoyed. Thank you for this review.

  8. This does sound interesting. Thank you for alerting us to the first part being a little slow so we are prepared for that. I like the sound of all the twists and turns and sounds like something hubby and I would enjoy watching.


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