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Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Collectible Gift Tins Reviewed

Swiss Miss Tins
One of my favorite gifts that I received this year for Christmas was a set of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Tins filled with fabulous packets of instant hot chocolate.  This gift shows that my sister-in-law knows me well!

I am an unapologetic chocoholic. Any gift of chocolate is greatly appreciated.  Since I enjoy a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day, the hot cocoa was a perfect choice. 

I am also a collector of glass jars and tins.  I can trace my obsession to glass jars and tins to my favorite hobbies.  They make excellent and inexpensive containers for all kinds of craft supplies.  While glass jars are excellent for viewing contents, a tin won't break, which means they both have their place in my craft room.  

The adorable gnome tins will be an awesome addition to my collection of tins in my craft room when we have finished drinking the hot cocoa.  Correction:  when we have finished using them for hot cocoa. I have already had to replace the hot cocoa packets in two of my new tins and it has only been a few weeks since Christmas.  Most likely, I will keep two of the tins in my kitchen for continuous refills and use.


Swiss Miss Collectible Gift Tins

swiss miss collectible tins - gnomes
I had never seen the wonderful Swiss Miss tins before, but I will certainly be watching for additional sets.  

When writing this article, I checked Amazon to see if they had my gnome tins available.  While there, I noted some precious woodland animal Swiss Miss tins.  Of course, I had to order a set of those for my craft room.  I need more storage tins for craft supplies (yes, that was my excuse!) .  

Each Gnome tin contains 5 packets of hot cocoa.  My personal favorite is the marshmallow hot cocoa, but my husband prefers the milk chocolate. The animal tins contain 4 packets in each tin.  

For the first time in my entire life, I tried the peppermint hot cocoa that came in the tins.  I love it!  It is my new second favorite (sorry, the marshmallow can't be beat).  I also tried the caramel for the first time ever.  It is good, but the competition is stiff.  Still, if I run out of my marshmallow and peppermint, I'll be more than happy to enjoy a mug of caramel hot cocoa.  All of the flavors are fabulous!


How to Make Swiss Miss Cocoa Packets 

It is very easy to make hot cocoa with the Swiss Miss packets.  Simply pour the packet of mix into a mug, add 1 cup of hot water & stir.   It is important to note that you should only add 1 cup (measurement) of water.  More water will dilute it and diminish the chocolatey flavor.  

You can add fresh marshmallows, peppermint, or other toppings to create your own fun flavor of hot cocoa.


How to Get Your Own Set of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Tins

 Swiss Miss Gift Pack Tins Gnomes Characters, 6.9 Oz pack of 4. LIMITED EDITION. Milk Chocolate, Peppermint, Marshmallow and Caramel FlavorsCheck Price Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Variety Pack (4 Flavors), Hot Chocolate Mix, Hot Chocolate Variety, Hot Chocolate Swiss Miss, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Instant Hot ChocolateCheck Price


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Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Collectible Gift Tins Reviewed by:
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  1. These collectible gift tins by Swiss Miss are fabulous. How clever for a company to package their products in attractive tins that can be repurposed into other uses - like a craft room. So, in addition to having a delicious product to enjoy, you acquire a useful and attractive storage tin. The perfect gift.

  2. Sylvestermouse, the gnome designs on these collectible Swiss Miss tins are absolutely adorable! For many years (before I started making luscious hot cocoa from scratch with low carb ingredients), Swiss Miss was my go-to instant hot cocoa mix. (There is only one brand I preferred, and it’s only available directly from the manufacturer or one of its retail stores.)

    I also used to collect cookie tins, which I would then fill with my special assortment of fancy homemade Christmas cookies to give as gifts to family members and special friends. These very cute Swiss Miss gnome tins would have been perfect for filling with cookies for someone who lives alone and wouldn’t be able to finish a large tin of sweet treats.

    Clearly, your sister-in-law seems to have the same knack for choosing thoughtful gifts that reflect insight into the recipient’s interests and preferences as the rest of your wonderful family members!

  3. This sounds like a great gift for those people who are hard to buy for and/or really don't want things that clutter up their lives. Tins make excellent storage for those small craft items and like you I find that I never have enough of them. So I think I need to go shopping! Thanks Sylvestermouse Cynthia for this great review!

  4. These look really great. I love the reusable tins.

  5. I love these tins by Swiss Miss. They would be great for attractive storage of all kinds of things. I collect jars and tins and keep dry foods in them. I also find them very useful for seed packets and loose seeds, labels etc for gardening! Like you I love chocolate and chocolate drinks too :) These tins would be a lovely gift idea. Thank you for this review!

  6. What a great idea for the perfect gift for that cocoa lover. There is nothing I like better than a nice hot cocoa on a cold winters day. I think that the Marshmallow would become my favorite also. It seems that the tins and jars have many uses. I use them to store screws, nuts, and bolts in my garage.

  7. While I am a chocoholic, I have never been a fan of hot chocolate. But these tins!!!!! What great gift ideas. I can think of several people who would love this gift.


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