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Review of Flights of Fancy (American Heiresses Book #1) by Jen Turano

Flights of Fancy Book Review
I truly enjoyed reading the entire American Heiresses series by Jen Turano.  Each book has been equally enchanting, humorous at times, and a delightful read.  

Book 1 of the series, Flights of Fancy, is a wonderful beginning for a great series. It introduces us to Miss Isadora Delafield, who finds herself being pushed into an undesirable relationship with a duke from Europe simply because her mother desires a "titled" son-in-law.  Being a member of New York's Four Hundred isn't enough for Hester Delafield. She wants her daughter to be a duchess!  Never mind the duke is twice her daughter's age and is a widower multiple times.

When we think of wealthy heiresses, we assume their lives are easy, perhaps even enviable.  However, when you really sit back and think about how difficult it would be to know if someone was interested in you or in your money, it doesn't seem quite as enchanting.  Place the heiress in historical times when a husband controlled everything, including the heiresses inheritance, then the whole idea becomes downright dismal. 


Flights of Fancy (American Heiresses series) Synopsis

Hester Delafield may be thrilled that the Duke of Montrose has taken a special interest in her daughter, but Isadora is not.  Something about the duke makes her skin crawl and Izzie is rather disgusted by the lecherous fiend. Plus, he makes no secret of the fact that he is seeking a 4th wife who will hopefully succeed where the others have failed.  In his words, he is "in desperate need of an heir and a spare".  Not exactly a courting phrase that makes a young girl swoon, especially when delivered by a creepy old man. 

 Flights of Fancy
(American Heiresses Book #1)
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When Izzie's butler reveals his own concern for her safety based on what he has learned from the duke's previous staff, he helps her run away.  He even writes her a letter of recommendation so she can get a job in a household and hide out in domestic service.  After all, who would search for a heiress among the staff of a household in another city.

All the fun and laughter for the reader begins when Izzie arrives at a farm in rural Pennsylvania, answering a newspaper ad for a housekeeper.  There is no way anyone would look for her in a home with two elderly people, 3 children, several cows, goats, chickens and ranch hands.  It is the perfect hideaway!  However, she is totally clueless on how to cook, clean, or care for any of them, which makes her less than perfect for them.  Or does it?


If you are seeking an easy read that will leave you cheering at the end, then I highly recommend "Flights of Fancy".


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  1. I found the ending to your review of Book 1 of the American Heiress series to be very amusing and appealing. How funny to run away from an unsuitable relationship and hide out as a domestic when you have no skills in cooking or cleaning. I seldom read romance fiction, but Izzie's situation sounds like a delightful read. Thank you for your recommendation, Sylvestermouse.

  2. Sounds like a fun book to read. I always like cheering on the underdog and I'm guessing that we have a happy ending here. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Mouse, this story - and this series - sound absolutely delightful! I love historical fiction, especially with a bit of romance. If these novels are available as audiobooks, they also might be perfect to listen to as “bedtime stories” just before I go to sleep, since I have difficulty falling asleep and listening to a fun and relaxing book for half an hour while I am lying in bed with the lights out usually helps me drift off. Thanks for introducing me to another series that is right up my alley!

  4. I like the sound of this novel. Izzie sounds a wonderful character and with the courage to leave.The farm sounds a great place to hide and quite an adventure for her! Thank you for this review and recommendation.

  5. This book sounds delightful. I like a good story that takes you to places you might not otherwise be. Caring for a small farm seems like a great way to hide from the "uppercrust" and I can just imagine some of the trying times Izzie would find herself in. Going on my "To read soon list!" Thanks for this review.

  6. This series sounds like one that would make a good Hallmark TV series or movie! Thanks for the review.

  7. Oh I love movies, books, tv shows that leave me cheering at the end - and as you put, I already despise the "lecherous fiend" - lol - and yes I could see how being mega-wealthy would cause a person to wonder whether the interest is in them or the their money - and how horrible to live in a time when everything would go to the male spouse - I wouldn't handle living in that time very well - I know I'd be a rebel!

  8. Flights of Fancy sounds like a good book and series, Cynthia. Thanks for the recommendation. I especially enjoy hearing when a book is humorous. A bit of humor goes a long way!


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