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2022 In the Garden ~ A Review

2022 In the Garden will be a time of renewal, rebirth and refreshment of the earth and you! If you ask any gardener they will certainly tell you that time spent in the garden is Time Well Spent.

garden with pink flowers

Whether you choose to garden for beauty or for bounty, one thing is sure, you should start with the best seeds that are available.  I like ordering my seeds from West Coast Seeds.  They supply seeds that are NOT TREATED!  This means that there are no chemicals added to your seed supply,  making it a much healthier choice. They have a wonderful website (https://www.westcoastseeds.comthat is full of fantastic articles to help you become a great ambassador of your part of the earth.  

I have been gardening with my family since the early 1960's and that is a long time ago now.  What I learned from my parents was that the earth needs us to be responsible for what happens in the ground around us.  We were composting and tilling the earth with organic matter long before it became chic to do so.  

In the years since then, much has changed in the gardening industry.  Many companies are selling you products that have been Genetically Modified (GMO). These plants are just now coming under scrutiny and producers are being forced to let you know if what you are purchasing is chemically modifiedWith West Cost Seeds you don't have this problem at all.  Everything they sell is grown right and seeds are organic and Non-GMO!  This makes me very happy!  I don't want to grow anything that isn't natural or has been modified genetically.

West Coast Seeds is not only dedicated to helping people become better gardeners, they also want to educate them on what are best practices for sustainability and renewal of the ground.  Their website offers so many learning opportunities.  Articles on sunflowers, growing a garden that is bee and butterfly friendly, to squash pollination and more is all available to you.  You will even find recipes to use for all the produce you get from your gardening efforts.  This website and the company are tops in my books! 

Learn to Grow

I do hope that if you have some questions about gardening that you will take the time to check out West Coast Seeds website.  You will be amazed at the amount of information available to you!  West Coast Seeds will ship all across Canada and the USA!  

The season for gardening and growing has just begun, now is the time to order your seeds and get them started so that your bounty will be overflowing when it comes to harvest time.  

Happy Gardening to all of you!

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  1. I am looking forward to all the things that will be growing in my garden this year! Flowers and vegetables will be my focus and hopefully yours too!

  2. West Coast Seeds sounds like an excellent place to get your vegetable seeds and gardening advice. This review is perfectly timed for the Spring planting season. Thanks, Olivia.

  3. Lots of good tips on this post. Love your photos too!

  4. I don't think I have ever heard of West Coast Seeds. I usually buy any seeds that I need from my local store. However, you have brought up an important fact that I have not previously checked. I have no idea of the local store carries seeds that have been genetically modified or not. I will definitely visit the West Coast Seeds site this week. I haven't bought any seeds this year and I like what you have said, a lot! Thank you for the timely recommendation.

  5. Olivia, I try hard to buy organic, non-GMO produce and would love to be able to grow my own if I had a sunny area to plant in. At some point I am hoping to build or buy a grow light shelving unit and will bookmark your review to help me remember to check out West Coast Seeds if and when I finally tackle that project. I so appreciate your recommendation of this excellent, reliable supplier and information resource!

  6. Thank you for the resource, bookmarking West Coast Seeds!

  7. I completely agree with you that it is important to buy good quality seeds for growing vegetables and flowers.I love growing from seed, it is such a rewarding activity to do and such a sense of achievement when they grow into big strong plants. Thank you for this information and resources on West Coast seeds.

  8. Thank you for the introduction into West Coast Seeds - I had no idea we are genetically modifying plants? My goodness what I don't know about gardening is a lot!


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