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10 Reasons to Consider a Combination TV Stand and Fireplace

Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Even though we have a gas fireplace in our family room, we've had a combination electric fireplace tv cabinet for several decades. The photo on this page is the actual unit we purchased. 

Ten Reasons to Consider a TV Electric Fireplace Cabinet:

1. A Secondary Heat Source

Currently, this unit is in my office. The room gets chilly in the winter, so this solves that problem. Of course, it houses a TV as well, which is ideal on those days I prefer to work while watching the tube. 

2. To Save Space

If you'd like both a fireplace and a TV in the room but don't have space for it, you'll want to consider a unit like this. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, so you're sure to find one that ties into your existing decor.

3. To Add a Fireplace Where None Exists

If your home or apartment doesn't have a fireplace, it's the ideal solution; you add to
Electric Fireplace TV Stand
in my office
the ambiance, decor, and practicality with one piece of furniture.

4. To Warm Up a Finished Basement/Recreation Room Area

Often times finished basements don't have or can't have a gas fireplace. An electric fireplace solves the problem. It brings additional heat in the room, provides extra storage and of course, is a place for the TV.

5. When You Move, Take it With You

Renters, in particular, benefit from moveable TV Fireplace Stands. Now you don't have to eliminate apartments without fireplaces; just add one of these units, and you'll achieve that cozy feel you're seeking.

6. It's Easily Relocatable

We've had our fireplace tv stand in multiple places in our home over the years. In fact, it was in our master bedroom for over five years before we moved it to my office. Previous to that, it was in the living room. 

7. Add a Gaming System to the Stand

Some tv fireplace stands come with enough room to hook-up a gaming station. In our particular unit, there's a Play Station attached to the TV for kids and grown-ups alike. On the side of the unit are glass doors where we place the controllers and games.

8. Extra Compact Storage Space

Some units come with cupboards and others with convenient storage areas. At the bottom of this article you'll see a link to a page that features various designs and styles; take a look at all the choices.

9. A Fireplace Remote

Ok, pretty much all electric fireplaces come with a remote control. However, it's especially convenient when you're in bed, on the couch or at your desk, and need the heat on! Reach for the remote and start-up your fireplace.

10. It's A Lot More Affordable than Installing a Fixed Fireplace

Although the prices of fireplace tv stands vary from lower to higher ranges, they're less expensive than hiring a contractor to install a gas or electric unit.

Various Designs and Styles

Unfortunately, I can't give you a link to the fireplace unit in our home as it's been there for decades. We've never had a problem with it either. It certainly was worth the money. It cost us approximately $1200.

However, I did put together a collection of various designs and styles from multiple stores. You'll notice there's a broad range in prices, colors, and styles to fit just about any decor theme.

Just a reminder, if you have little kids or pets, don't let them touch the fireplace! Like any fireplace unit, gas, or electric, it gets hot!

Stay Warm

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. As you point out, Barbara, this is the perfect solution for renters like me and for portability for home owners who may move. Clever home d├ęcor and functionality.

  2. Your combination fireplace-tv stand is beautiful, Barbara! We also have a gas fireplace in the main room of the house, but it would be useless for heating the other rooms in the house. I would love to have a unit like yours in my kitchen, where I spend most of my time.

    1. Great idea for the kitchen, hmmm, I'll have to think about that idea for down the road :) - This unit holds a huge tv as well, but we kept the big tv in our bedroom, it actually looks better with a larger tv in it - a 42 inch I think is the maximum for this unit - would be lovely in the kitchen!

  3. I have one of these fireplace tv stands too. Mine is dark wood and has glass bookcases on the side of the fireplace. It really puts out heat too. And no wood to deal with. So yes I agree, great idea for decor!

  4. I love this idea and your corner stand is beautiful!

  5. This just might be something I consider for our apartment. While it is never cool in here, we could turn down the heat and just enjoy the sight of flames in our fireplace. Thanks for pointing out a great decor idea to warm up any room.

  6. Sounds like an ideal solution for those who need both a fireplace and a TV stand. We have an existing gas fireplace and we never use it. Too bad we can't make a TV stand out of that. But it's too far from the cable connection. I really love this idea.

  7. I really want a fireplace unit. Unfortunately, I can't install one like your featured model due to the limitations of solar power. I am looking at gas fireplaces, though I would rather have a more eco-friendly option (since gas isn't renewable). I think any kind of fireplace adds such ambiance to a room and I could certainly use the heating boost.

  8. Love this idea! A practical yet warm and inviting solution for the "tv stand"!

  9. We're fortunate to have two built-in fireplaces in our house and we have a large-screen TV above the fireplace in our living room. But for most of my life, I lived in apartments and always dreamed of having a fireplace! One of the units like you've shown here would be perfect for someone living in a house or apartment that doesn't have one. And having the TV above the fireplace means that the seating arrangement only has to work for a single focal point (a factor in our decision to mount our TV above our built-in fireplace). Since this type of unit is a standalone piece, it can move to a new place whenever you do. Practical and attractive!


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