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How to Have Warm Feet at Night

I hate cold feet when I go to bed almost as much as I hate sending a large amount of money to the local utilities company. This creates a dilemma in cold climates. I will review my cost saving solution to going to to bed with warm feet. 

Reviewing how to have warm feet in bed.

The nights have turned cold and I dread turning on the furnace. I don't mind living in a cooler environment but I can't stand crawling into a cold bed. It takes forever for my feet to warm up on cold sheets. The solution is an electric blanket. If you have cold feet in bed, or have a partner that puts their cold feet on your warm feet in bed, this may be a helpful solution for you too.

In my drafty old apartment, it is far less expensive to use an electric blanket than it is to try to heat the entire apartment.  So every evening as I'm preparing for bed, I click on the electric blanket and turn the thermostat way down. By the time I crawl into bed, there is a warm, toasty spot for my feet.

I've tried electric blankets before but I got too hot when I was completely covered with a heating blanket. Perhaps you would prefer that kind of all-over warmth. If so, buy an electric blanket to match your bed size.

I tend to just have a problem with really cold feet at night. The rest of my body remains at a comfortable temperature at night. A throw-sized electric blanket just at my feet worked better for me than a full-sized blanket.

But since I'm a restless sleeper, the problem became a waded up blanket tangled around my feet.

When I began placing the throw-sized, sherpa-lined blanket under the fitted bed sheet, at my feet, all of my problems were solved. The electric throw remained exactly where I placed it. The cord with the control is long enough to reach the outlet and be easily accessed. My feet stayed toasty warm but not too hot (I'm starting to feel like I'm Goldilocks, looking for the bed temperature that's not too cold, not too hot, but just right!)
plush faux fur throw

And best of all, I pay a much lower bill to the utilities company when I'm not trying to heat my drafty apartment and half of the great outdoors. It is a small way to help my finances and to decrease my impact on the environment. And every little bit helps in both of those areas.

Winter is coming in the US. If you don't like to be cold but don't want to give your entire paycheck to the utilities company, consider using an electric blanket and turning that thermostat down.

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  1. I still remember the hot water bottle solution for those cold winter nights of my childhood (to warm feet in bed). Wow... I must be old. You found a great comfort solution. I need to teach Finn to lay on my feet when I first go to bed on really chilly nights. Thanks for sharing a simple way to achieve the right amount of warmth this season. I'm all for getting into a warm bed when the ambient temperature is way cold.

    1. Ah hot water bottles, I had forgotten hearing about those. I did know about warmed rocks from the days of the settlers. I tried that once when I was camping, rolled over on it, and gave myself one heck of a burn blister! I'm glad they've invented a safe way to warm my feet.

  2. I'm the same way about cold feet in bed. If my feet are cold, the rest of me cannot get warm no matter how many blankets I pile on. This throw-size electric blanket sounds like the perfect solution. Thanks, Dawn Rae.

    1. Elf, I just don't know what it is about cold feet. Just plain miserable!

  3. I have to agree completely with you Dawn! Only my feet seem to be cold and it does take forever for them to warm up. I have an electric throw blanket that I keep close to my couch, but have never thought to try it for the bed. I love you idea of keeping it in place with the fitted sheet! I hate the wadded mess of blankets myself. Thanks for the awesome review and most excellent suggestion!

    1. Ms. Mouse, you'll have to let me know if you try it. You are very welcome. I'm always looking for the most inexpensive way to be comfortable. I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of this.

  4. I'm always cold in winter, especially my extremities (as my circulation has slowed down with age)! I usually wear thick, knitted sock-slippers to bed during the worst of the winter, but I'm a restless sleeper and I often wake up to find that one or both of them have come off during the night and become buried between the bottom and top sheets at the end of the bed. Your solution sounds like it might be just the ticket for me!

    1. I have the exact same problem with wearing socks to bed. And finally gave up on that option. If you try this, I hope you let me know how it goes.

  5. What a great idea to prep your bed with an electric blanket before you crawl in. We love flannel sheets but an electric blanket would be nice as well. I remember 30 years ago or so we used to have one on our bed. Funny you say that about your feet, I put socks on last night before I crawled in bed, was freezing! We resist putting the furnace on for as long as possible too. Hate those bills!! But I've been running the electric fireplace in my office quite a bit, so our bill will be higher. Actually, I prefer to be cold and bundle up. Looks like a nice product too, and we love those Sherpa blankets.

  6. Oh I hate being cold too! My problem is that I'm really cold through the day and then at night I'm so warm that I can't sleep. I need this blanket for daytime use only I guess. Thanks Dawn for giving me that option to control my cool through the day....


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