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The Crown Reviewed

Series for the Anglophile

My husband and I have just watched Season 3 of The Crown on Netflix. Have you been watching this series? If not, I think you should. Not only is it entertaining but there is a whole lot of history packed into this original series made for Netflix.

the crown
A Crown
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I'll admit that I'm a bit of an Anglophile (person who admires the United Kingdom). My fascination with the country goes pretty far back. Being a bit of a history nerd, their history is one aspect of my curiosity and the Royal family is another. I think it might be why this series has grabbed my attention. This series documents in a artistic way a history that I have lived for the most part. Queen Elizabeth was named queen the year that I was born, her coronation was a year later. So, obviously I don't have a memory of that but there has been a lot of historical ground covered that I do remember.

Viewing history from the palace 

One of the take-a-ways for me while watching this series is a better understanding of how the Queen and Parliament work. I realize a lot of this is written for entertainment and there are probably some liberties being taken for a story but seeing the interaction of the Queen and the different Prime Ministers she has worked with has been quite interesting. Realizing that she and the royal family as a whole might have an opinion on different aspects of governing but are not often at liberty to voice what they really think or feel has given me a different perspective on a lot of history and even the leaders of today. 

The Crown, even though it is historical fiction, has made me appreciate different members of the royal family in ways that I hadn't even considered before. It is easier to see them as people instead of figure-heads. I hadn't really considered that they sometimes have insecurities, feel unappreciated, get their feelings hurt, and all of those emotions that us 'regular' people do. They don't live what we consider a normal life but they are human and experience many of the same things we do in our lives. 

If you haven't watched this series, I recommend that you do. It can be purchased on DVDs, if you don't happen to have a subscription to Netflix. I don't think that you will be disappointed, not even kind of. I'm looking forward to a season four already.

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  1. The Crown does sound like a fascinating series, Beverly. I have ancestors who came from England (as well as Scotland), so, I too, have always been interested in all things British and especially the Royal Family. I do not have Netflix, so will have to check out the DVDs. Thank you for the review.

  2. I've heard only great things about this series - hope to see it soon!

  3. I have seen the promotions for this series and wondered if it would be any good. Thank you for the review and reommendation!

  4. I think I would enjoy this series for all the reasons you shared. Thanks for the encouragement to check it out.

  5. I must admit I wasn't thinking I would watch this series and then my husband decided he wanted to see it so we watched the first two seasons and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We're planning on watching season 3 soon especially as Olivia Coleman is playing the Queen in that season and I can't wait to see her interpretation.
    Having grown up in the UK and following a lot of royal history when I was younger I didn't really have any surprises (although I had forgotten a couple of things), but my husband was asking me questions after every episode as there were lots he didn't know.
    I would thoroughly recommend Victoria to you (I've watched the first two seasons) as I think you'd love it as well.

    1. Coleman is superb as the Queen!!! Also the actors playing Prince Phillip and Prince Charles. We love the series Victoria!

  6. I adore the PBS series "Victoria" with Olivia Coleman in the title role and I have no doubt I would love "The Crown" as well. In fact, it's one of several shows that periodically make me consider subscribing to Netflix! If I can't persuade my husband that we should pay for a Netflix subscription on top of our Comcast/Xfinity on Demand cable service, Acorn TV and our Amazon Prime membership (which, collectively, provide more good shows than we have time to watch), I might put the DVDs of "The Crown" on my holiday wish list. :)

  7. I have watched a few episodes, but not the whole series. I think I should give it another go! I do enjoy learning about history and seeing this series might fill in a lot of blanks that I have. Thanks for this review Beverly.

  8. Hmm, I've been thinking of delving into a Netflix series but haven't decided which one. After this review I may consider this one. English program themes don't interest me like it does my mother, but I'm sure I'd enjoy this. I may not scroll past it now.

  9. I don't subscribe to Netflix. Every now and then I regret that. This is one of those times. This sounds like an awesome series.


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