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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Crown Reviewed

Series for the Anglophile

My husband and I have just watched Season 3 of The Crown on Netflix. Have you been watching this series? If not, I think you should. Not only is it entertaining but there is a whole lot of history packed into this original series made for Netflix.

the crown
A Crown
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I'll admit that I'm a bit of an Anglophile (person who admires the United Kingdom). My fascination with the country goes pretty far back. Being a bit of a history nerd, their history is one aspect of my curiosity and the Royal family is another. I think it might be why this series has grabbed my attention. This series documents in a artistic way a history that I have lived for the most part. Queen Elizabeth was named queen the year that I was born, her coronation was a year later. So, obviously I don't have a memory of that but there has been a lot of historical ground covered that I do remember.

Viewing history from the palace 

One of the take-a-ways for me while watching this series is a better understanding of how the Queen and Parliament work. I realize a lot of this is written for entertainment and there are probably some liberties being taken for a story but seeing the interaction of the Queen and the different Prime Ministers she has worked with has been quite interesting. Realizing that she and the royal family as a whole might have an opinion on different aspects of governing but are not often at liberty to voice what they really think or feel has given me a different perspective on a lot of history and even the leaders of today. 

The Crown, even though it is historical fiction, has made me appreciate different members of the royal family in ways that I hadn't even considered before. It is easier to see them as people instead of figure-heads. I hadn't really considered that they sometimes have insecurities, feel unappreciated, get their feelings hurt, and all of those emotions that us 'regular' people do. They don't live what we consider a normal life but they are human and experience many of the same things we do in our lives. 

If you haven't watched this series, I recommend that you do. It can be purchased on DVDs, if you don't happen to have a subscription to Netflix. I don't think that you will be disappointed, not even kind of. I'm looking forward to a season four already.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Goliath Season 1 Reviewed

An Excellent Crime Drama To Stream

judges gavel on gavel stand
Judge's Gavel from
If you are looking for a good crime drama to stream, I can highly recommend Goliath (Season 1) currently available with an Amazon Prime membership. My guess is that later on, you may be able to purchase episodes without the membership but I don't know that for certain. 

My husband and I love to stream both movies and series on a regular basis. I have to say that every original series or movie from Amazon has been most excellent including the series released in October of 2016...Goliath. 

Billy Bob Thornton plays the character of Billy McBride who was once a very powerful attorney. He is now pretty washed-up and burned out and at first glance is nothing like the man he once was. He lives in a motel room and spends a lot of time in a bar that happens to be next door to the motel. In the beginning episode it is difficult to imagine that this guy helped start one of the most influential law firms in the city. Well, looks can be deceiving!

McBride is approached to help with a wrongful death suit with the idea that it will never go to court and that a settlement can be reached quickly. McBride was never one to go for an easy case and at first says that he is not even remotely interested. When he starts to hear the facts of the case, he quickly sees that there is something way more sinister at play and agrees to take it on. Oh, he doesn't plan on a settlement, he wants to expose just how wrongful the death was and make the bad guys pay for their crime. His approach is unorthodox in many ways but his results are intriguing and remarkable. 

This series is so well written and the actors and actresses chosen for the roles are superb.

I should warn you that if foul language offends you, you may not like this show. Personally, I think it makes the story more believable because unfortunately people do talk that way. There are also a few scenes that would never make it on prime time television but they aren't too horribly revealing with the nudity. Just want to give you fair warning if you find those sorts of things offensive.

My husband and I have really enjoyed watching these episodes and applaud Amazon for taking risks and finding series and movies that no one else will produce and providing them for their members. Goliath has turned out to be yet another "I'm so glad we watched it!" kind of streaming experience for the two of us. 

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