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Durable Insulated Lunch Box Tote - Reusable Cooler Bag Reviewed

insulated lunch box tote cooler bag
Several year ago, I purchased this insulated lunch tote for our son. Even after much use, it still looks new and keeps his water cold!

As we approach the hot days of summer, I am reminded of why I selected this particular lunch tote for our son.  He needed an insulated bag for his bottled water which sustains him throughout his work day.  

Because several bottles of water can be heavy, I wanted a durable tote with a sturdy zipper.  This lunch box tote certainly meets, and exceeds, those basic standards. 

Since it easy holds 3 large (24 oz) bottles of Propel water, I am certain it would hold almost any regular lunch someone wished to carry.  Most importantly, with the thin reusable ice packs I purchased separately, his water stays cold all day.

I selected the black lunch bag for him, but the lunch tote comes in several colors. I especially like the midnight blue, which looks a lot like denim.


Features of The Upper Order Durable Insulated Lunch Box 

As I mentioned above, the zipper is very sturdy and the tote is insulated, but there are several other features to love about this lunch tote bag.  

 Upper Order Durable Insulated Lunch Box Tote
Reusable Cooler Bag
Check Price
  • Insulated
  • Strong, Durable Fabric
  • Strong, Durable Zipper
  • Sturdy, but Fabric is Flexible to Accommodate Bulky Containers
  • Inside Wipes Clean 
  • Outside Wipes Clean of Dust & light dirt/debris
  • Inside Pocket
  • Outside Pocket
  • Carry Handle
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap 
  • Slim Design - 11" x 10" x 3.6"
  • Professional Appearance
  • Inexpensive  

This lunch box tote can easily slip behind his drivers seat (which is pushed back for longer legs) to sit on the floor board for easy access getting in or out of the car.   


Would I buy this insulated lunch box tote again? Absolutely!

 GrayCheck Price UPPER ORDER Reusable Insulated Lunch Box for Men and Women (Black)Check Price BlueCheck Price


Recommended Ice Packs

I purchased a pack of thin ice packs.  Only one is required at a time, therefore 3 are left in the freezer for future use.  We simply alternate them each day.

 Healthy Packers Ice Pack for Lunch Box - Freezer Packs - Original Cool Pack | Slim & Long-Lasting ReusableCheck Price


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  1. This looks like the perfect lunch box - room for several bottles of water and a way to keep them cold. Plus lots of room for packing a nourishing lunch. A far cry from the small lunch boxes we used as children. This insulated lunch box tote would fit into anyone's working world.

  2. This looks like a handy lunch box. I'm in need of a new one for the 2 days a week that I do work. This will be perfect for our vacation drive to South Carolina for water and snacks in the car. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I love not only the functional features of this lunchbox (which are the #1 selection criteria for me for this type of item), but also the sleek, unisex design that doesn’t look like the bearer borrowed their child’s or kid sibling’s lunch bag or box. Great recommendation! I might need to get one for my husband when he no longer works remotely again.

  4. My grandchildren have these lunch bags for their school lunches (when they are in school) and it really does work well at keeping cool things cool. They are going on their 3 year of use and are holding up so well. I'm truly impressed with them!

  5. This looks a very useful lunchbox with excellent practical features. I think it would be perfect for our long days out on nature reserves and when we go walking. Also for drives out on holidays for snacks and drinks.

  6. That's an excellent lunch kit. I sure holds a lot. When my kids were little I used something quite similar to this. I loved that the it was insulated. We used them to go for walks and picnics to the park as well.

  7. Thank you for this recommendation. For years, off and on, I have been tempted to buy an insulated lunch bag. Not just for work, but to carry a few cold items up to the land when I don't want to haul a cooler. I have literally picked up bags from the shelves only to put them back. I didn't want to spend money on something that would end up in the landfill too quickly. You've sold me on this brand.


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