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Propel Water: Bottled & Powder Packets Reviewed

propel water in bottles and propel packets
For several years, I have been drinking Propel water, almost exclusively, instead of any other flavored cold drink.  

I started drinking Propel water because it is so hard to find tasty tap water when we travel and I prefer to avoid the unnecessary calories in soft drinks.  

Bottled water has served travelers well for many years.  I simply prefer the flavored water that Propel offers, especially if we are walking or hiking a lot.

I've been told that it is rude to carry a bottle of water into a restaurant.  I don't doubt the validity of that statement.  While I have no desire to offend anyone, I also have no desire to drink the equivalent of pond scum.  One only has to travel abroad once to recognize the very real reality of the revenge that some tap water will take on a body.  

Tourist cities, and countries, are accustomed to travelers who prefer bottled water.  As a matter of fact, many sell bottled water at local places of interest, on their tour observation buses, and in their restaurants.  I noted the last time I went to Florida, even the hotel was selling bottled water.  I applaud their desire to accommodate a variety of guests with individual preferences or health concerns.  That alone would make me choose that hotel over another when I return.

Why I Prefer Propel

 Propel Powder Packets Four-Flavor Variety Pack With Electrolytes, Vitamins and No Sugar (50 count)Check PriceAs I said earlier, I prefer flavored water.  In addition to being tasty, Propel has 0 calories.  Compare that to the calories in a soft drink, and you can easily see that benefit.

Propel is also vitamin enriched!  For me, that is just a nice side benefit.

My preference to Propel is not just limited to the flavor and calories.  Propel offers individual powder packets!  I can use a powder packet to flavor our local tap water.  When I visit my parents or friends, I don't have to carry a bottled water with me.  I simply carry a powder packet to add to tap water. 

Even at home I use the powder packets.  They take up a lot less storage space and are relatively inexpensive.  I always have bottles of Propel in my refrigerator though for when we make day trips.

Propel is made by Gatorade and is promoted as an exercise drink, enhanced with electrolytes to replace what you lose through sweating.  I did ask my doctor if there were any negatives to drinking Propel water every day.  He didn't know of any negatives. However, his nurse did tell me that Propel will skew a blood test.  Therefore, I don't drink propel after midnight the day before I have an appointment.  

My Preferred Water Bottle

 The Best Water Bottle to Carry Around A few years ago, our own contributor, Barbara Tremblay Cipak, introduced me to the Contigo Water Bottle.   I selected a blue bottle in a slightly different style, but it is still the Contigo brand that Barbara recommended.

I now own 2 bottles so I have one in constant use even when the other is in the dishwasher.  The non-spill lid allows me to keep my water on my nightstand while I sleep.  Now, when I wake up and need a sip of water, it is right there for me.  Plus, it is so nice to have a bottle I can drop, or knock off the table, without spilling the contents on the carpet.

For Propel water, I fill my Contigo water bottle to 20 ounces (not full) and add one packet of Propel powder.   

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, nor am I offering any medical advice.  Drinking water is required.  I am not recommending replacing all water consumption with Propel water.

I Buy My Propel From Amazon! It is Nice to Have it Delivered to My Door!

 Propel, Kiwi StrawberryCheck Price Propel Zero Calorie Nutrient Enhanced Water Beverage MixCheck Price Propel BerryCheck Price


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  1. Propel water sounds like the perfect bottled water to take with you on hikes, walks, workouts and daytrips. Lots of flavors to choose from, plus I noticed that they offer an unflavored variety, which appeals to me. A way to get the electrolytes and vitamins your body needs during and after a workout when just water replacement needed and flavor not desired. Thanks for your review, Mouse.

  2. Cynthia, I drink a sugar free, flavored electrolyte supplement drink every day as part of my very low carb lifestyle. And, like you, I try never to be rude. But after having experienced severe, prolonged gastric distress (to put it politely) many years ago during a vacation, when I failed to heed more experienced travelers’ warnings to drink only bottled water, even for tooth brushing, I no longer worry about the etiquette of BYOB where water is concerned! As you know, I love my Thermos double-wall insulated stainless steel hydration bottle and bring it with me everywhere, at home or on the go. So glad Propel and your Contigo water bottle that Barbara recommended has made bringing your own water with you tasty as well as convenient!

  3. Oh thank you for the water flavoring tip! I'll check those out. Thanks for remembering my fave water bottle as well - very thoughtful. Glad you're using it. In fact, mine is beside me pretty much all the time. I've cut half a lemon into it and have been enjoying lemon water for a few days. The convenience of the propel water powder sure has my interest!

  4. Thank you for this review. I don't like the taste of water from the tap either. Our water supply is good, but I am not a big water drinker because I don't like the taste. Now I have a zero calorie additive that just might work for me. I need to drink more water, so this hopefully will help me.

  5. I totally agree with you. I too have been drinking Propel for years and I love it. Great review.

  6. I wasn't aware of the packets, great conveninence!

  7. Been drinking this product since 2007. I have high bp and thought this was best drink daily for me. Today I learned about the fake sugar that it contains...not good for me...I'm 83 and quit healthy...when i questioned about the ingredients in the powdered version I got two different answers about sweetness. One answer said stevia, and one answer was about the A. S., and S!. Now, what type of sugar ingredient does you all use in both products, bottle and box!

    1. I looked at the ingredients listed on both a bottled water and a powdered packet. Both state sucralose (which is sold as Splenda). I don't know if it may vary by flavor, but the bottled water that I have on hand is lemon and the powered is berry. I hope this helps!


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