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How to Make a Very Easy Afghan with Loop Yarn

Almost anyone can make a loop yarn afghan! No needles or hooks are required. All you need are your fingers and small scissors.
Almost anyone can make a loop yarn afghan!   

Even someone with arthritis who can no longer grip a crochet hook or knitting needles can make a loop yarn afghan that is beautiful.  This would also be the perfect afghan project for those who don't know how to knit or crochet.

Loop yarn is not a normal string of yarn, it is made with loops.  Most of the patterns either say knit or crochet, but you really are not doing either.  No needles or hooks are required.  You only use your fingers to weave the yarn.

When I first spotted Yarnspirations loop yarn, I knew I wanted to make something with it.  Normally, I would find a pattern and want to make a specific item.  However, in this case, it was the yarn that called to me.  I bought the yarn, then went on a search for a pattern.  I knew exactly what I would make when I discovered this afghan pattern that resembles a cable stitch. 

The Bernat Alize loop yarn is the softest yarn I have ever touched.  When my son first touched my afghan while I was making it, he said if felt like a chinchilla.  He is absolutely right!  I had been saying it felt like petting a baby rabbit, but it really is softer than a bunny.  This yarn truly is a joy to work with and to touch.

Loop Yarn Easy Afghan Pattern

I discovered this fabulous video that taught me how to make the pattern I love.  Instead of trying to write out instructions, I'll share the video.  It is very easy to follow and makes a lovely design.  

I do have a few tips to share before you begin.  

  1. Have a pair of small scissors available.  You start the project by cutting a few of the loops open.  You will also need them each time you start a new skein of yarn.
  2.  Decide how wide you want your afghan before you start.  I opted for a throw size afghan (100 loops - 60" wide), which is approximately half the size of a standard throw. 
  3. I originally purchased 10 skeins of yarn, but that was not quite enough for my desired length.  I actually needed 12 skeins.
  4. After you have completed the first few rows, the pattern design is easy to see, which makes continuing each row very easy.
  5. Instead of sitting at a table, I use a lap desk that sits on the arms of my recliner.  That allows me to watch a movie while making my afghan.

As you can see in my photos, I used a variegated denim blue & white colored yarn.  This yarn is available in 10 - 12 different colors (see below).  I highly recommend using the Yarnspirations Bernat Alize Loop Yarn.


My Lap Desk

In case you are interested, you can purchase a lap desk similar to mine on Etsy.  Clearly, you can use the lap desk for a lot of other things as well as crafts.  It even has a groove on each side for pens, pencils, markers, craft tools, etc.   

Click my image below to see where I purchased mine. You can choose one that fits your own needs. 

 Lap Desk Available on Etsy

To See Several Colors Available, Click Here!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the yarn and the pattern you chose for your afghan. I would love to try this. I do knit, but it has been eons since I have made anything. Thanks for sharing your lovely project. You inspire me!

  2. This yarn looks yummy in both colors and softness. Your afghan project makes one want to cuddle up with this afghan immediately. ^-^. And your handmade lap desk looks like the perfect place to work.

  3. Oh this looks like so much fun....even with my fingers on bad days, I think I could do this without any problems. Thanks for showing me a new way to make something lovely. I just might have to start a new project! Thanks Pat for this lovely review on something I know I can do.

    1. Ooops I gave credit to Pat when I should have given credit to Sylvestermouse! Sorry about that!

  4. Cynthia!! You know I love yarn and I'm in the yarn stores often. And I love Bernat Blanket yarn (which feels the same, just doesn't have the loops) but I had ZERO interest in using the Alize yarn. UNTIL NOW. I didn't realize the pattern of loops that it made when completed. You've done a beautiful job. Thank you for sharing your yarn, blanket, and experience.

  5. I would LOVE to do this. I know for a fact I'd find it very addictive and it would be goodbye internet! lol, truth. If I ever start crocheting again, my laptop would collect a lot of dust. I've always loved these afghans and I know at some point in my future there will be a lot of yarn!

  6. This looks perfect for me to try as my fingers just don't like me knitting any more.

  7. I love this yarn I made a blanket and I was very easy it took 6 big ones for a big size queen

  8. I can't wait to try this! I have some yarn and will be attempting it today!


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