Monday, May 25, 2020

Favorite Hand Lotions Reviewed

How chapped are your hands after this barrage of hand washing with soap and water! Clearly frequent and substantial hand washing will remain part of the daily routine and the hands are taking a beating!

hand lotion banner

Rough, dry, cracked, chapped hands can be just darn painful at times. So the search was on for a new lotion which helped sooth the hands; I've tried a few lotions before with limited success and was happy to find two new lotions that worked.

Amlactin Lotion

Amlactin Lotion

This is my new favorite lotion to use after washing hands. I was referred AmLactin by the local pharmacist and it was a very good referral to sooth chapped hands especially after frequent hand washing.

AmLactin is an alpha-hydroxy therapy which uses 12% lactic acid to soothe dry skin. The lotion is fragrance free and paraben free and not greasy.

I appreciate a lotion which has substance and penetrates the skin without leaving a slick residue. With the amount of hand washing now required per day I noticed a quick and huge improvement on preventing chapped and dry hands but using a dab of AmLactin immediately after hand washing.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

I've been a fan of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line since discovering the line about 2 years ago. The range of products have increased and after battling the chapped hands scenario with such frequent hand washing I decided to try another Hydro Boost product.

neutrogena hydro boost

Hyrdo Boost is a light and fluffy whipped balm and uses Hyaluronic Acid to sooth dry skin. The balm is paraben free and does absorb very quickly. The Neutrogena line is available online and at local drugstores.


Hand lotions are indeed a test and trial product. I've definitely used and purchased a few different hand lotions with mediocre results over the past years.
I've been very satisfied with AmLactin and Hydro Boost balm with the cavaet that these are pricer lotions. I have found the rewards of the lotions are worth the price.

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  1. Hand lotions have become more necessary than ever these past few weeks, so having your good recommendations is very helpful, Tracey. Definitely going to check these out.

  2. Oh I so agree with this. While hand washing has become a necessity, so has giving your hands a balm to soothe the dryness that results. Thanks for this review, I have not tried either of these but I will now.

  3. Neutrogena has been a trusted name brand for most, if not all, of my life. I must admit though, the fragrance free Amlactin lotion certainly calls out to me. I can't tolerate any fragrance, especially of my hands. My husband suffers from chapped hands, even to the point of bleeding. He has tried several soaps trying to find one that will soothe his hands. He isn't too keen on lotions, most likely because of the greasy feel so many have. I'll have to have him read your review and ask him if he would consider trying the Amlactin. I have some lotion that Bev recommended right now, but I just might switch when that bottle is empty after reading your high praise review.

  4. Tracey, I've been using Amlactin Daily moisturizing lotion as a body lotion for several years and it's great. It not only moisturized but also gently exfoliates, and the skin on my arms and legs, in particular, regained its smooth, youthful feel after I started using it in my early 60s. Great recommendation!

  5. Thank you for the recommendations. I'm a big Neutrogena fan, especially their suncare products for the face. I use lotion every single time I get out of the tub or shower, and have been doing so for decades. I haven't heard of AmLactin, and I'll be looking to check it out - sounds good.


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