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Review of Spring Bird Photography

young sparrow photo by mbgphoto
Young Sparrow
Spring is one of my favorite times to photograph birds.  It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning and hear all the birds singing in the trees.  Each day I look through my camera zoom lens and try to locate new birds to my area.  Some are just passing through during their migratory routes and others will stay here for the summer.  Still others are year round residents that are growing their families in the spring.  The photo above shows a young sparrow that I captured on our back fence.


mockingbird photo by mbgphoto

I was walking in our neighborhood park when I spotted a group of Mockingbirds.  I have rarely seen them in our yard so I was excited to see several in the park.  As I watched the birds, I soon saw a young Mockingbird in the same area.  They look quite in a disarray with their feathers all fluffed out.  I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first but I took some photos and looked them up in my bird book when I got home. 

mockingbird photo by mbgphoto

mockingbird photo by mbgphoto

Changing to Spring Clothes

Some birds change their colors in the springtime.  One that does this in our area is the American Goldfinch.  In the winter the bird has a brownish coat but as warmer weather approaches the feathers molt into a brilliant yellow color.  They are a delightfully colorful little bird that I always enjoy seeing at our finch feeder.

american goldfinch photo by mbgphoto

The below photo shows the American Goldfinch in their winter coat. You will note they just have a touch of color under their beak.

goldfinch photo by mbgphoto

The Birdbath a Popular Spring/Summer Hangout

The birds seem to love the birdbath in the warmer weather.  Most birds just stop by for a drink, but the Robins love to hop right in for a splashy bath.

robin taking a bath photo by mbgphoto

It seems like we are having a lot of Robins this spring.  They don't really go to the feeders but they do love the birdbath.

New Bird for Our Yard

I am always on the lookout for new birds in our yard.  This spring I spotted a white crowned sparrow.  They are quite a stately looking bird.

white crowned sparrow photo by mbgphoto

Whenever I see a new bird, I try to photograph them from several different angles.  I then pull out my bird identification book and look for them.  I also post photos online and ask for help or confirmation for my identifications.

The book below has been a big help in my bird identification.

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  1. I always enjoy your photos Mary Beth (and I'm a huge bird lover), but I especially love your robin photo I feel like I can almost hear his thoughts :)

  2. Wonderful photos of birds, Mary Beth. You do such a marvelous job capturing them with your telephoto lenses (and I'm sure a lot of patience). :) The Mockingbird is my very favorite bird, so delighted you found some to photograph.

  3. Such lovely pictures Mary Beth, I love seeing all the juveniles in their molting process. All fluff and stuff with a lot of learning going on at the same time. Your pictures are amazing as always. I'm still trying to figure out whether the birds would find a small bath on the 18th floor of our place.

  4. The crowned sparrow is beautiful! I don't believe I have ever seen one before and I already love him. Our mockingbirds dominate (not by numbers, but by attitude) our backyard. I always appreciate how they will even take on a hawk threatening their nests. I didn't remember, or realize, the American Goldfinch changes colors with the season. Fascinating! Birds are always a splendid example of God's artistry in our world. It is like he took a tiny paintbrush to their feathers. They are always such a delight to see and a wonderful reminder of God's care for every creation.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to enjoy nature so? I share your enthusiasm for the simple pleasures that arrive on the wings of these precious creatures. So glad you share your photo delights.

  6. Mary Beth, I always enjoy your nature photography! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely shots of your avian neighbors with us.

  7. Love your photos, wow! Gorgeous job on those. My close friends are avid bird watchers and lovers and this book would be a fantastic idea to get her hubby for his birthday or the holidays! Hope he doesn't have it, because this is what I'd like to get him - usually I send him a new calendar featuring Italy landscapes, and a second gift - this book would be perfect.

  8. Love these! We have a robins' nest on top of the porch light this year. Hope I can get some photos of the babies!


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