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A TV Series about a Digital Afterlife - Reviewed and I Was Glued

A personal review of the Prime Series "Upload" - About a Digital Afterlife

Upload is available on Amazon Prime.

Before I tell you about the series, let me start by saying that I broke every one of my own rules about binge-watching! I started watching late at night, didn't get up for snacks (lol), watched every episode .... and the worst part, I chose a series with only 1 season!

Ok. That's off my chest.

Are You a Fan of Shows About the Afterlife - If So, You'll Enjoy Upload

My favorite types of movies are time travel, the afterlife, catastrophes, new planets, life exploration, spiritual revelations, and mankind lessons. Weird right? Lol. I know.

After reading what Upload was about I knew I'd be giving this one a try. It's a fun and interesting look at preserving a person's consciousness after death. Personally, no thanks - let me go. But hey, the creative aspect of this is futuristic, and who knows what the future holds.

The Story Line of Upload

In the year 2033 when a human passes away, they have the choice of uploading their consciousness into a virtual afterlife.

The premise of this show is that the main character, Nathan, is uploaded prematurely. The plot is about this mystery, and why.

It offers love, manipulation, humor, and some dark comedy.

Making Money on Selling an Afterlife, WHAT!

Omg. I was actually mad about this (in a disgustingly funny way), but it's critical to the story - it's part of the story!

There are expensive afterlife locations and cheap ones for those with less money. Capitalism in death, sheesh. Get this, in this story, your living loved one pays for your stay in the virtual afterlife location of your choosing, and also pays for the things you use there. LOL - like a hotel! Go easy on the afterlife minibar?

So unless you have a lot of greenbacks, your afterlife is destined to be low quality and low budget! If your bills aren't paid, your consciousness is frozen until more gigabytes are purchased or the bills are paid.

There are a Few Shocking Bloodless Scenes

I almost want to tell you what it is so you don't jump out of your body like I did! But I won't. Or should I? No. I won't. I'll give you a hint; when Nathan is being 'Uploaded', get ready for what happens, because that's one of the parts where you'll jump out of your seat.

Do I Recommend This Series?

Yes. If you're curious where a writer goes with a topic like this, you'll enjoy it's dark, fun creative aspects.

Apparently, Upload has been renewed for a second season. Yippee, I'll be watching.

The Trailer is excellent - Watch it on Prime.

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  1. I have literally just finished watching this series, I loved it and can't wait for season 2.

  2. Might appeal to Sci-Fi fans, but don't think it's for me... LOL. A bit too futeristically impossible to believe. :) Fun to read about your experience with this TV series though, Barbara.

    1. Yah, it's absolutely about what you like in shows - I'm so curious to see where a writer takes stories like this

  3. Ok, this would not be a series that would appeal to me normally, but since you recommend it, I just might venture into this digital future sitcom. Sometimes, I do enjoy unrealistic movie/series entertainment. As I watched the trailer, I couldn't help but think how your "keeper" better have lots of money to "waste", and not more on to someone new in real life. You would definitely be an expense that would be easy to cut in economic recessions.

    1. So funny because those thoughts about running out of money crossed my mind as well! lol. Was thinking, ok, what happens after your previous generation is gone, are they still keeping up the payments, did the payments go up, hahaha - I love to watch these shows to see where a writer goes with these concepts

  4. While this doesn't sound like my cup of tea, I think my husband probably would love it! I'm going to show him your review and let him decide, but I'm pretty sure he'll bite. ;) Thanks for a great review of what sounds like a really interesting series!

    1. Margaret, the writers and the way they think fascinate me on subjects like this lol. I think John will get a kick out of it.

  5. I was curious about this series too. I did sit and watch all the episodes, but have to say, that I was not terribly impressed. There is just too much of me that is grounded in reality I guess. It scares me to think that someone in this living life, has the power over me in the afterlife.....Not somewhere I want to go. But glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Olivia, I get what you're saying about someone having control over you in the afterlife - funny I thought of that too, and for that reason alone, no digital upload for this consciousness lol!


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