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Review of Spring Photography

lilacs in springtime photo by mbgphoto
Lilacs in the Springtime

Spring is such a wonderful time for photography.  Flowers are blooming everywhere including my own backyard.  I love to go for walks in the neighborhood each day and see what new flowers and flowering trees and bushes are blooming on that day.  In the area of the country I live ,  midwest USA, the beauty begins to unfold in mid March.  From that time and for the next 2-3 months there are new delights to find each day!  On this page I will share with you, through my photography,  some of my favorite springtime flowers.

Early Bloomers

Tulips are one of my favorite early spring flowers.  There are different types of tulips that will start blooming in our area throughout April and May.  The photographs taken below were captured during the first week of April.

red tulip photo by mbgphoto

pink tulip photo by mbgphoto

This next photo was taken in late April.  This tulip is fully opened and still beautiful.

tulip photo by mbgphoto

Zazzle Cards from my Tulip Photos

I love creating cards to send to friends and family from my photographs.  Here are a couple I made on Zazzle.

Yellow Tulip
Yellow Tulip
by mbgphoto


Flowering Trees and Bushes

In the springtime flowering bushes and trees are a wonderful sight to behold.  I particularly like the Lilac bush as seen in the photo at the beginning of this article.  In addition to being beautiful they have a very fragrant smell and I love cutting some off my lilac bush and bringing them in to my house. They make the whole house smell good.

The red bud tree is another beauty of springtime.  In the spring you can see them all over the hillsides in our part of the country.  Here is a photo of one that I took at a park near our home.

flowering tree photo by Sylvestermouse

One of my favorite trees is the dogwood tree.  They can be found in both pink and white flowers.  Here is a photo of each.

dogwood tree photo by Sylvestermouse

flowering tree photo by Sylvestermouse

Later Spring Flowers

Once spring is well under way, in late April or May, the Iris's start to bloom.  They are such beautiful and stately flowers.  I love to photograph them.  This first  photo is an Iris from my friend's garden.

iris flower photo by Sylvestermouse

I really like the two toned colors.  Here is another two toned Iris, this one was taken on a walk I took at the Missouri Extension garden.

yellow and purple photo by Sylvestermouse

A solid white Iris can be quite striking.  Here is one taken at Missouri Extension garden.

white iris photo by Sylvestermouse

Wildflowers in the Spring

Spring is a wonderful time for wild flowers.  You can see many of these native plants along the sides of roads, in parks and in some peoples gardens.  Here are a few that I found beautiful.

wildflower photo by Sylvestermouse

flowers photo by Sylvestermouse

flowers photo by Sylvestermouse

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  1. April and May are such beautiful times of the year! The weather if perfect for those daily walks to discover new blooms. I was extremely excited to see my own purple iris had bloomed yesterday. It endured a shock 3 years ago when we had to move a tree. This is the first year it has bloomed since then. I feel quite blessed by it's stunning beauty again. As always, your photos are gorgeous, Mary Beth and I enjoyed the virtual walk around your neighborhood.

  2. I, too, love the beauty of the flowers and of flowering trees each Springtime. The bursts of color after a drab winter here in the Midwest are such a joy. Lilacs have always been my favorite and we used to attend the well-known yearly Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY each May when I was growing up. You have beautifully captured the gorgeous colors of Spring in photos.

  3. Such beauty to behold and so well pictured too. Mary Beth you are a master at taking perfectly great pictures with such sense of balance and just great composition......I love them all.

  4. So much beauty in your world. Thank you for providing all of us with a lovely bouquet. The iris is my personal favorite. I have wild ones that grow on my property (yellow). May the beauty of spring sustain us all at this time of turmoil and uncertainty. We can always count on the certainty of nature to touch our spirits in healing ways. Beautiful work, as always, Mary Beth.

  5. What terrific photos capturing spring's floral beauty! Lilac was my grandfather's favorite flower, and my mom planted it in his honor. The fragrance always says "spring" to me. And irises are one of my favorites! We have some royal purple oriental irises in our side yard, and I always look forward to their blooming. Even though we live in the cold northeast, some of our have started to blossom. Makes my heart happy. Thank you for sharing the natural beauty of your environment in your gorgeous photos!

  6. Your photos are beautiful as usual! Love the Lilac photo, so nice. A lot of us are in the mood for flowers I suspect and even seeing them here in an article is relaxing!

  7. I've always been partial to white irises, but all your iris photos are beautiful. I also love your tulip photos. Spring flowers add so much beauty to the world.


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