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A Review of Sock Days

A pair of socks with ladybug designs
Source: Pixabay
There are seven major holidays celebrated in the U.S. every year and many others celebrated around the world. Then there are innumerable just-about-daily holidays that are obscure, bizarre, weird, wacky, and downright funny. 

The majority of these are UN-official holidays, dreamed up by people to celebrate a favorite activity, craft or food. Many of these holidays have no known origin, but are fun to celebrate. Some are serious 'special days' to bring awareness to - and help for – animals facing extinction or medical conditions.

Today we are going to look at a group of funny sock holidays, including National Sock Day (December 4), Silly Sock Day (April 3), No Sock Day (May 8) and probably the funniest one ~ Lost Sock Memorial Day celebrated on May 9.

National Sock Day 

National Sock Day is an annual celebration observed every year on December 4th.  It began as a company promotion by Pair of Thieves, an American basics apparel company which makes socks, underwear, and shirts. Founder Cash Warren gave a simple explanation for the company name, which exemplifies the team's witty, mischievous spirit. “Who steals the sock that goes missing after doing laundry?” he said. “Pair of thieves.” 

The company had a celebration on December 4, 2016 where they walked through offices at Honest, Facebook, and Red Bull  with a band and Santa Claus, to spread cheer, and socks. Check it out here. 

Silly Sock Day

A row of various socks
Source:  Pixabay

Despite it's funny name, Silly Sock Day is actually an annual awareness raising day held  on April 3rd  during Autism Awareness Week to help support autistic individuals by raising funds and awareness.  It was begun to bring awareness to autism in East Midlands, England. It is easy to celebrate – just don your most ridiculous socks and share them on Social Media with the tag #SillySockDays.

No Sock Day

We celebrate National No Sock Day on May 8th.  It's a day to free your toes from socks, and give your feet a breath of some fresh air.  The holiday was created by Ruth & Thomas Roy of

Lost Sock Memorial Day

A single sock hanging on a branch
Lost Sock. Source: Pixabay
This is the day (May 9) we commemorate lost socks.  This unofficial holiday was invented to encourage people to finally let go of all those single socks they keep in a 'lost sock drawer' hoping to find their partners one day. Believe me, it's not going to happen. 

My mother kept a whole drawer just for those lost socks and over the years the drawer was stuffed full of single socks from a family of six. Us kids used to be given the job on laundry days of trying to match up the latest single socks with one in the sock drawer –  and we never once found a match. We used to kid that the washer or dryer 'ate' the socks.  True story!  

So, unless you like wearing unmatched socks, give it up and use May 9th Lost Sock Day as the time to get rid of those single socks without a partner. Or, alternatively, recycle those single socks as cleaning cloths. Or make sock monkeys or sock puppets out of them for the kids.

FAQs about Socks

Source: Pixabay

Q: How long should a pair of socks last?
A: If worn once a week, a pair of socks should last about a year. 

Q: What is the origin of the word SOCK?
A: The word sock comes from the Old English word “socc”, which means 'light slipper'. 

Q: What  is the Sock Capital of the World?
A: The Datang district in eastern China is the top producer of socks  in the world. It has become known as “Sock City” because about 40% of  the world's socks are produced there. It is estimated that in one year they make enough socks to supply two pairs for every person in the world.

Q: What are Baby Socks called?
A: Booties!

Baby Booties

That last Q&A above I just made up...  LOL. There actually ARE socks for babies, but booties are a nice alternative to baby socks and often come as a match to infant outfits. I mention booties here as a way to show off my handmade baby booties on Etsy.

Baby Booties in Crochet

Handmade baby booties
Handmade Baby Booties on Etsy
A pretty pair of baby booties hand-crocheted in a pastel ombre yarn in white, pink green, yellow and blue acrylic yarn.

These pastel booties are sized for a 3-6 month old baby measuring 4 inches from heel to toe. They have a folded down top (roll over ankle) and white ribbon ties.

Darling handmade yarn booties to keep your baby's toes warm. Also perfect for a new baby gift or a baby shower gift.

These pastel baby booties are available in the Etsy Shop of Coastal Crochet Crafts. *Note: these booties have sold, but another pair can be created upon request. Please just visit the Etsy Shop listed here.

Sock Reviews by Contributors

Feet showing fancy socks
Source: Pixabay

Sock Daddy Socks – Review by Wednesday Elf

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Sock Days Review written by (c) Wednesday Elf – 5/9/2020

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. So I'm wearing a mismatched pair for today's holiday. I sure am glad I'm timely if nothing else. Yesterday, well might have been "no socks day" but, here it was just too cold for that. I love silly holidays and look for those crazy days just to celebrate something different. Thanks for this and those booties are just the cutest.....I know where to come to should I need some.

  2. Thanks, Olivia. I LOVE these silly/funny/crazy days throughout the year. Such fun to celebrate. Hope your feet stay warm in your 'mismatched' socks today - (LOL). We are having a sneak preview of winter in the middle of Spring, so socks needed to keep our toes toasty. :)

  3. What a fun post to read. I didn't wear socks all say yesterday, but had no idea it was National No Sock Day. The FAQ's are very interesting, and I learned a few things. Thanks Pat, I'm on my way to look for some lost socks :)

    1. LOL, Sam. I've had my share of lost socks over the years.

  4. I hate to admit it, but I have socks I have been saving for their "mates" for years. I would swear the washer or dryer really does eat the socks! They never seem to turn up and yet they should if they are simply kicked under a bed or "sticking" to the inside of a shirt. Can I let them go in honor of lost sock day? I don't know! I'll think about it; tomorrow :)

    I love your baby booties! They are absolutely adorable and I'm sure they are very soft and comfortable.

    1. Good luck deciding what to do with your lost socks, Mouse. You could always wait for a sock holiday to deal with them. :)

  5. This post certainly brought a smile to my day, Elf! In his book, "The Hogfather," the late, great British novelist Sir Terry Pratchett (who wrote the fabulous and hilarious Discworld series) had a character called The Eater of Socks, a small, elephant-like, low-level "monster" with a flared trunk who eats one sock from each pair (which is why you can never find the matching ones)! Now I feel an almost irresistible urge to shop for a fun, silly pair.

    1. Margaret, I would love to meet The Eater of Socks. It would explain what happens to those missing socks.

  6. LOL! Love all these wacky sock holidays, hahaha - but I have a beef, no-sock-day needs to be in the summer :) - Cool beginnings as well, so interesting. May 8th, I have to say, guilty, I wore socks!

    1. It's Okay, Barbara. I wore socks too on No Sock Day. I ALWAYS wear socks. :)

  7. Ms. Elf, I love this! I had no idea there were so many different sock/no sock holidays. I prefer being barefoot. But if I must wear socks, I like silly or extra plush/thick socks. (Thank you for including a link to my sock reviews. I appreciate you.)

  8. You are so welcome, Dawn. Thanks for stopping by.


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