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A Summer Romance Hallmark Movie Reviewed

I can always depend on Hallmark to provide wholesome entertainment!

A Summer Romance
Hallmark movies have been called "cookie cutter", "unrealistic" and "predictable".  Okay, that may well be true, but who cares.  I love Hallmark movies!  

Hallmark movies are what I call easy watching, like easy listening music.  Not especially profound or deep, but they leave me feeling happy and relaxed.  For me, that is most important when watching movies.  I don't personally need depressing or upsetting, or even realistic all of the time.  But, I'll take "happy" anytime!

I happened upon "A Summer Romance" recently, starring Erin Krakow, who I think is adorable.  It did take me a few minutes to adjust to her character in this movie.  After all, I see her as Elizabeth in "When Calls the Heart" which is an awesome Hallmark series.  She also stars in a Christmas movie I previous reviewed, Finding Father Christmas.  She does an excellent job of acting in all of these movies and has quickly become my favorite Hallmark actress.  Krakow is not exclusively "Hallmark".  They just happen to be where I have seen her most often.

"A Summer Romance" is another sweet romantic movie that ends exactly the way we all hope it will.  Still, it's fun to watch, especially when they take a boy out of the city and introduce him to an unpretentious country girl.  

Plot of the Hallmark movie, A Summer Romance

 A Summer RomanceCheck PriceSamantha Walker is now the sole owner of the Montana ranch that has been in her family for generations.  Unfortunately, a large ranch is expensive to maintain.  Repairs have required Sam to take a bank loan, which she is several months behind on with payments.  That leaves her ranch vulnerable to vultures who desire to build a country club on her land.

Richard Belmont (Ryan Paevey) has already developed a plan to acquire a certain ranch in Bighorn, Montana.  He is certain he can persuade the owner to sell.  What he doesn't realize is that the owner has plans of her own to make her ranch profitable.  

Sam is weighing all of her options, which is why she agrees to meet Belmont and consider his offer.  But, the ranch has been in her family for generations and it is home.  When Richard arrives in Bighorn without reservations for a room, Sam ends up inviting him to stay in the guesthouse on the ranch.  

As Richard spends time with Sam and the residents of the ranch, they all actually become friends.  That is not the best alliance for the man, and the company, who plans to buy the ranch home out from under the owner, now friend.  

Richard only thinks he is completely in charge of the deal.  Sam only thinks she is making the decision.  And, yes, you will have to watch the movie if you want to see what happens.

Currently, "A Summer Romance" can be purchased on DVD linked above, but is available on Amazon with a subscription to the Hallmark Channel.  

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  1. I love Hallmark movies, too. Like you I will take happy anytime! A Summer Romance sounds like another good choice.

  2. Sounds just like a plot I read in a Daniele Steel book. I wonder if movie was basic on book. Good review. Thanks

  3. Hallmark movies always fit the bill. Lighthearted story with a happy ending. Doesn't get any better than that for a relaxing respite from everyday life. Good movie review, Sylvestermouse.

  4. I think Hallmark movies are popular precisely because you do know what you are getting. Kind of like going to your favorite restaurant because you can count on the meal being exactly what you expect and like. No big surprises, but plenty of feel good moments to relish.

  5. Nice easy watching are great for summer TV! I do like to sit back and be entertained in a positive way. Romance under a summer sky is a winner in my books. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

  6. In a time of so much darkness, sadness and stress, a sweet summer romance with a guaranteed happy ending sounds like a welcome escape for an hour or two! We can all use some "feel good" experiences, and now more than usual. Thanks for the great review!

  7. Your Hallmark Movie Reviews are helpful. I run across these movies on TV and many times because of your reviews, I'll now take the time to watch them. My mom watches them at times as well. What I like most is the peace, love, kindness and goodness that these movies are about. The world needs mountains of this to get it back on it's axis!

  8. I just got the movie today at Walmart! I love the movie. No swearing, no sex stuff,extra! It was a refreshing good movie! From 1 to 10? It's a 12 in my books! I'm glad I bought the movie.

  9. I would love to watch the film with the preferences of yours on the post- Could you tell is this film available on any of the streaming platform like Netflix, PrimeVideos or Any.

    1. It is not on Netflix, I did check that for you. The only place I could find it available today (9/4/20) is to purchase it through Amazon Prime Video and watch it there.

      I am sorry to say that I could not find it on free streaming anywhere.

    2. I check Hallmark. If you happen to have the Hallmark channel through a cable service, it is scheduled to air on 9/5/20 @ 9am or 9/17/20 @ 8pm.


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