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How NOT to Binge Watch a Series - The Three Rules of Survival

How NOT to Binge Watch a Series!
Save Yourself Before It's too Late
Tongue in cheek. Well, sort of. I kind-of mean every single word.

In the scope of life problems, this doesn't even rate. But that's why I'm writing about it. Since there's too much going on in the world, mindless drivel is temporarily appealing, almost necessary.

So, you probably guessed by now that I'm the recent victim of binge-watching a series. I can feel the professional binge-watchers rolling their eyes. Still, the pros need to remember, they were newbie-bingers once.

Let's Review the Three Rules:

1. Don't Pick a Series With Only One Season

For gawd-sakes, before you even scroll through Amazon Prime or Netflix, decide that any series with only one season is off-limits.

Want to know why?

Because when you're finished watching Season 1, you'll be googling to find out when Season 2 is coming out.

Then you'll toss your perrier in the fireplace when you find out it hasn't been renewed for a second season. Or if it has been renewed, that filming doesn't start until March of 2020, which means the fall of 2020 before you get to watch it again - one darn episode at a time!

Yes, I binge-watched 'Another Life' on Netflix last night and yep, one season only, and season two doesn't start filming until March 2020. I have this uncontrollable urge to see if they'll hire me on the crew so I can get a heads-up on the story. I need help.

Since I mentioned the series 'Another Life,' are you wondering if I recommend it? Well, if you like Sci-Fi with a connection to Earth as we currently know it, then I hate to say this, but you're going to love it.

Warning, resist it because you'll only want more. Or go ahead and keep me company for a year until season two starts. I'm already looking forward to Fall 2020, how sick is that?

2. Don't Start Binge-Watching at Midnight

Yah. I did that too.

So there I was, scrolling Netflix for a movie. You know, one that's maybe ... like ... 2 hours at the most. I had noticed 'Another Life' before, and that it was a 'series,' and avoided it for that reason.

Last night, I was powerless. I gave in to my 'no series' rule and couldn't fight the urge to not click 'watch next episode' all.night.long.

I figure if you start watching around 7pm and decide to binge, then there's a good chance you'll be heading to bed before 4am. Plus, there's also the chance that life intrusions will prevent you from watching every episode at once! At midnight, there's no one awake to rag on you.

Ok. I did have some discipline, I only watched eight episodes and viewed the final two this afternoon. I can't get this show out of my head, can you tell? I'm so curious about the next season. Grrrr.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Use the Pause Button

It seems logical, right? When you need to take a break, hit the Pause button, and go do your thing. I mean, we're not Gremlins that can't be fed after midnight, are we? But come to think of it, I was more like Stripe last night.

Apparently, that's too much common sense for me, and I held it way too long. Sheesh, I wasn't even stuck in a vehicle.

So, pause your series for snack and pee breaks. When you're really into your show, you'll resist stepping away, and all I can say is resist the resistance -  'taint good for the bladder.

Here's the trailer for Another Life, to lead you into temptation :)

Is There a Series with More Than One Season that I Recommend?

Omg, that's a screaming YES!!

My all-time favorite program in the history of programs is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon! I know I'm screaming again. It's based on the books, and The fans, me included, are chomping at the bit to watch Season 5, which starts in February of 2020!

So guess what, if you binge-watch all 4 seasons of Outlander, you'll be able to start watching Season 5 right away with the rest of us crazies.

I'm so obsessed with this show that I follow it on Twitter and Instagram? I need an intervention.

Oh, here's a heads-up warning:

When you get to the episode called 'The Wedding,' umm, watch it without kids in the room. The wedding night is very, very very and very physical with a lot of nudity. If that's not your thing you can skip it, but I must say, it's pertinent to fully appreciate Jamie and Claire's connection.

I'm leading you into temptation one more time with the Trailer for Outlander Season 1, but this show has 4 seasons to consume your life - a much better way to get lost in space.

I'll close by saying that I don't watch a lot of TV. Don't laugh, it's true. However, when I do watch, I apparently go all in?

So let's summarize the three rules:

1. A show with more than one season
2. Don't start binge-watching at midnight
3. Take breaks

Or ignore them, and watch what you want, when you want :)

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  1. TV is a dangerous animal. I did not watch TV for almost 5 years and I'm hooked on some shows from those years when I wasn't watching! I love The Good Wife, Bosch, New Amsterdam and all those medical type shows. Now I'm hooked on the TV again....I'm not sure it's a good thing. P.S. I use all your "rules" especially the pause! LOL

    1. Lol about now being hooked on the shows you didn't watch when you weren't watching tv back then - it tracked you down anyway! I've missed so much as well that I could be glued for years in front of that mind-sucking box, but I resist too :)

  2. What a great review! I love your style here. I don't watch much television, but I have found some series on Amazon that I really enjoy and binge watch (think animal-related and veterinary shows). Better than binge eating or drinking, eh? Thanks for a fun romp.

    1. Thank you :) - Yep, I would certainly guess animal related for you, makes total sense - and lol, yes better than binge eating or drinking

  3. I've found when it comes to binge watching a series, if I stop in the middle of an episode, I can go to sleep. It isn't calling my name all night to watch to see what happens next. Sometimes, I really do need the escape of binge watching a series, but I also need my rest. I won't even think about starting "Another Life", regardless of temptation, for 3 years :) Btw, I read all of the Outlander books and loved them. I started the tv series, but it didn't hold the same appeal as the books for me. Yes, you guessed it. The wedding night scenes ruined it for me. Since I know the story, I knew the rest of episodes were going to be too much "adult content" for my personal preferences, but I enjoyed the story line of the books a lot. It is very easy for me to understand why anyone would like the shows.

    1. Good tip about stopping in the middle of an episode; I'll do that on the next series if I ever start another one. We've all sure changed the way we watch movies and tv now haven't we. I can just imagine in 50 years where all this will be - holographic tv in your house!

  4. My son & I have always been big fans of NCIS and can watch older episodes over & over. Then he moved and had his two sons from his first marriage every Tuesday night (in addition to every-other-weekend) for about 3 years. Because he was busy with dinner and helping them with homework and bedtime, he never got to see NCIS on Tuesday nights. Now those boys are grown and he's re-married and his wife now works nights. So he has Netflix and has been binge watching about 6 years worth of episodes he missed. He tries to limit his 'watching' to 2 ~ maybe 3 ~ a night as he also has to get up for work in the mornings, but it's sometimes hard to stop. LOL. He often texts or calls me after a particularly good episode as I've already seen them and we have fun discussing them. So I perfectly understand how you can get 'hooked' on binge-watching a show you really enjoy. Fun review, Barbara. :->

    1. It's great that your son gets to watch six seasons! So convenient to watch tv this way. I have never seen Game of Thrones, and was thinking about starting to watch it (Game of Throne fans would be really mad at me reading this, not being a viewer of that show, *hides head in shame*)

  5. Boy, can I relate to this, lol! John and I are notorious for finding a series we love, binge-watching it and then feeling bereft when it ends (especially without a satisfying ending because it wasn't renewed) or when we have to wait a year or more for another season. That's why we've started watching old series, ones where we know how many seasons were filmed and can emotionally prepare ourselves for the end. (Yes, we can get very attached to a beloved series!) Your review is hilarious as well as being spot on, my friend!

    1. I'm planning on doing what you and John are doing as well, choosing older series! I'm actually shocked at how popular Amazon Prime and Netflix are for series - and they're pretty good, most of them. I remember watching a series early last year I think it was called "You" (I think that was it? on Netflix) - I watched it to the end at the time and honestly it was so upsetting - I had to stop watching it! Gheesh, lol.


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