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Reviewing the Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

I know someone who recently adopted a dog. I ordered a gift in celebration and welcome.  I sent them the large Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed. They both, human and dog, like it so much I thought I should share a review with you.

Reviewing the Veehoo Elevated Large Dog Bed

Radley, the dog, was adopted from a shelter. During the search for the right dog, the human noticed that all of the shelter dogs had raised beds in their kennels. I decided that Radley needed his own bed in his own home and perhaps an elevated bed would be something familiar or comforting as he gets settled in.

I chose the Veehoo Elevated Dog bed after reading many good reviews. It is made of durable mesh material and powder coated steel frame. The bed requires assembly. But that assembly does not require any tools. Veehoo offers this dog bed in a variety of sizes. Part of the reason I chose this bed was the reported durability as well as the non-skid feet. Radley is a rambunctious puppy and he's a huge 50+ lb puppy. 

Raised beds with mesh are thought to be comfortable to dogs due to keeping them off the floor. The mesh provides ventilation for cooling. Add a doggie blanket to provide warmth. Also, Radley is far too big to be a lap dog. His own bed in the living room provides him with his own spot near his new family.

Radley's human is very pleased with the Veehoo bed. He confirmed that the bed was easy to assemble and is plenty large enough to be comfortable for this big red dog. 

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Five months later, there have been no problems with the bed itself and Radley clearly loves it! 

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  1. That looks like it would be a wonderful dog bed. I bet it's nice and light too, making it easy to move about. Radley is one lucky dog to have so many people caring for him. I wonder if my newest little French Bulldog would like this too! Hummm, I will have to check with his humans and see. Thanks for a great review.

  2. We use elevated beds similar to this at our dog shelter (Kuranda beds). It keeps the dogs from getting skin sores, provides ventilation for their bodies, is more comfortable than lying on a hard surface, and the beds are easy to keep clean (we just hose them off). Also, these beds are less likely to get chewed on and can't be ripped apart. I think for a big dog, an elevated bed is easier on the joints. This was such a thoughtful gift... especially since Radley was used to this type of sleeping surface. It probably made him feel at home immediately. It's nice for a shelter dog to have some familiar comfort while acclimating to a new situation. Nicely done!

  3. I wasn't aware of these elevated dog beds, but I can tell from your description that they are a superior type of dog bed. So nice of you to gift your friends one for their new shelter puppy.

  4. Oh, wow! What a wonderful way to help our puppies stay cool when they are sleeping. I hear my big dog get up and move around several times in the night. I know the floor gets hard and he gets hot. This bed would be awesome, especially in the summer when no amount of tolerable air conditioning seems to be enough for our furbabies.

  5. This sounds like such an upgrade from the typical dog bed! This really was a wonderful gift, especially for a shelter dog accustomed to an elevated bed like this. I wasn't aware of these before now, but if I ever get another dog (I just have to persuade my husband, but no luck yet!), this will definitely be one of my first purchases. My sister is getting a new puppy next month, so I'll definitely share your review with her!

  6. That looks very comfortable, and also, what a terrific gift idea. It seems portable as well, ideal for travel and to keep doggie off the floor.

  7. We've always used raised beds outside for our dogs, leaving them in a sheltered and shaded area they've always used them instead of their kennels (don't know why we still have kennels actually!) when we're out during the day. I've never used them inside though.

  8. I have always wondered if dogs like that type of bed! Especially for aging pups - thanks for the review!

  9. Really it's amazing. Noting is good than this in terms of keeping them worm. Very good review indeed.


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