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The Gregory Sisters: When Love Calls - Book 1 Reviewed

The Gregory Sisters: When Love Calls - Book 1 Reviewed
I recently read a delightful series of romantic fiction books set in the early 1910s.  The books provide a clear picture of what life in America was like for women a hundred years ago.  Specifically, women who were not married and clearly needed a way to earn a living.  They serve as a reminder of how thankful I am that I was not an adult female during the Progressive Era.  What a difference 60 years can make!

The Gregory sister's lives are turned upside down when their parents die.  Not only are they grieving the death of their parents, but they cannot afford to payoff the mortgage and family debts.  They are faced with losing their home while having to make major life changes and decisions that will effect the rest of their lives.  Neither sister has a husband, fiance, or even a prospective husband.  And, neither sister has a job.  Actually, they are all still in school, albeit, the two oldest are in vocational schools.

The first book, When Love Calls, provides the background information for the series.  The 3 sisters are in all of the books, but each book has a primary sister character.

When Love Calls Book Synopsis

 When Love Calls (The Gregory Sisters Book #1)
A Novel
When Love Calls focuses on the oldest sister, Hannah, who is in law school.  When her parents die and the family home is repossessed, Hannah makes the difficult decision to leave school and go to work.  After all, someone has to earn money for rent, food, clothes, etc., for all 3 girls. 

Hannah feels extremely blessed when she is hired as a "Hello Girl", a switchboard operator for the telephone company. Unfortunately, the very thing that would make Hannah an excellent attorney, is the part of her personality that makes her a problem by company standards.  Hannah has a mind of her own.  She doesn't make a very good conformist follower.  Still, she tries hard because she really needs the job.

There are so many changes all at once in Hannah's life, it makes it hard for her to know who she can trust.  When the very attorney who represented the bank in their home foreclosure seems to keep turning up, Hannah isn't sure if he is trustworthy, yet she needs his help.  As it turns out, they have a lot in common.

My Opinion of "When Love Calls"

I suspect this book was named "When Love Calls" because Hannah is a switchboard operator.  However, it could easily reference how she changed the entire direction of her life because of her love for her sisters.  She answered the "call" to care for her sisters instead of finishing law school. 

Because of her life changes, she meets someone and falls in love.  Of course, he does call her on the phone occasionally.  Regardless, what is clear is that love dictates Hannah's actions. 

There are many changes in the Gregory sister's lives over the course of the series.  The one thing that is consistent is the bond between sisters.  Regardless of trials, failures, fortune, or life choices, these girls remain committed to supporting each other.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a wholesome and uplifting story of love and family.

 When Love Calls (The Gregory Sisters Book #1): A NovelCheck Price

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  1. That would be quite a sacrifice to go from law school to switchboard operator. I imagine it's easy to love a sister who is willing to be selfless in the cause of loving her family. You want really good things to happen for that individual and her siblings. Sounds like you have found another excellent series. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. She is probably my favorite of the sisters in this series, although I really do like all of them. Sometimes, the oldest sibling in a family gets the most attention, but they also get the most responsibility.

  2. Nothing stronger than the bond of siblings, especially sisters. The Gregory sisters coping with sudden lifestyle changes in the first decade of the 1900s would present a challenge. This sounds like an intriguing series.

    BTW, I happened to see a blurb online about the author and see she is from Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is directly across the state from me. :)

    1. I really enjoyed the entire series, Elf! It was easy to read, plus I found the stories delightful. Exactly the type of book I prefer, especially right before I go to sleep.

  3. Oh I love these kinds of stories and all the changes that happen to the characters in them. I agree though, I would not have liked to be a woman in the early 1900's and fear that my temperament would have me in a lot of trouble in and out of the family. Reading about courageous and forward thinking women is something I know I would enjoy. Thanks!

    1. I do think you will like these books Olivia. They are not as "adventurous" as the last series I reviewed (Daughters of the Mayflower), but they are sweet stories. Plus, they did leave me thinking how I'm thankful for the time I was born. I probably would have been considered a real hoyden in the 1910s.

  4. Your book reviews are always interesting. Here's another book you have me thinking about reading! I do love period pieces, going back in time and living through the eyes of the people who lived then. Sounds like a good book.

  5. The Gregory Sisters sounds like an interesting series, Cynthia. I, too, am glad to live in a different world.


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