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Reviewing The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

In a nutshell The Slight Edge is about applying the principles of compound interest to your life or at least that's how I understand it!

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
Photo by Lou16 featuring the book & my Green Ogre Drink!

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be reviewing personal development books I would have thought you were nuts.  In my mind personal development books were great for some people, but I didn't need them - I'm sure a few of you can relate to this!

It was really during 2018 that I started reading these books and mainly because they were being recommended to me by a very positive and supportive network of friends that I had.   I have struggled with a few of them and loved others.   If you're new to the world of personal development reading I think you will love this book.

The first personal development book that I found the most beneficial was The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, this was mainly because you read a chapter a day and there were tasks to do each day.  This is a great introduction to personal development.

I have found quite a few great books to read, but I had missed The Slight Edge for some reason (even though it had been recommended to be several times) so when I saw it on the end display at my local library I snapped it up.

The way Jeff Olson writes makes this book very easy to read and the slight edge he talks about is so, so simple to apply.   As he explains how little steps every day works you realize just how simple (note I said simple not easy) having success at whatever you want is.

I realized that there have been many times in my life where I have applied the slight edge and it has worked, but I also realized how many times I have done the opposite.

As I said at the beginning of this review I really think the slight edge is the same application as compound interest except it's about your life not money.   Jeff talks about a couple of fables in the beginning and one of them I have seen repeated online in different forums as a great example of compound interest.   In fact I used the story to explain to my daughter about the importance of saving money from her pay every week (I started my own super fund when I was 19).  It's a story about an old man and his two sons, let me know if you've heard it (or a variation of it) before.

An old man called his two sons in to see him and gave them both a choice they could choose$1 million which he would give them in 31 days or they could choose 1 penny which would double each day and at the end of the 31 days he would give them that amount.

One son took the million dollars, but the other chose the penny.   At the end of the first week the penny had turned into 64 pennies, but by day 31 (and the power of compound interest) the penny had exceeded $10 million.

I really recommend The Slight Edge as it really does just make total sense and really makes you think about the actions you take every day which turn into habits.   I will add that I have added The Slight Edge to my shopping cart for the next time I place a book order something I never do when I have already read a book through my library.

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  1. I find the concept of The Slight Edge very intriguing. I have lately been thinking that I have become somewhat ingrained in poor habits and it was time to change. It sounds as thought this book would help set my feet back on a more direct path. Thank you for this helpful book review, Louanne.

    1. Lou, have to tell you I am currently reading The Slight Edge. It is a very easy and very fast read. Jeff Olson is really a good writer and the book is holding my interest. I began my "long put off" exercise program yesterday (figured the 1st of the month was a good starting point) even before I've finished reading the book. You have to start somewhere :). Thanks again for recommending this book.

  2. This does sound like an intriguing book. Thanks for your review Lou.

  3. The power of the penny. Often, it is the little things that add up the most. I'm hoping to do a few little things today that will pay dividends in my life over time. Thank you for introducing this book to a broader audience. I'll have to check it out. I am always in the process of growing and learning.

  4. It sounds like this book could be called the secret to success. Of course, I've heard of Jeff Olson before because of his seminars, but I haven't read any of his books. Sounds like this would be the perfect place to start. Thanks for the review and recommendation!

  5. Okay, this sounds like a book that I could really get into. I'm with you on thinking that these kinds of books are not really for me, but, I have read a few and been blessed with some really good insights into how to live life fully. Thanks, I will put this on my must read list.

  6. You've peeked my 'interest' for sure. I'm going to have to read this book. I've gone on personal development courses and weekends, and seminars throughout my life. They were a positive experience and I still carry many of the lessons from them to this day. Thanks for the review on this one, going to check it out.

  7. I love your compound interest analogy! This book sounds like something whose simple, yet powerful, premise could benefit most of us. Thank you for sharing!


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