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Reviewing The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, a review
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I must be one of the few people in the world who hasn't read Rhonda Byrne's bestseller The Secret, I did get it out of the library a few years back, but I just couldn't get into it and I had some juicy whodunnits to read instead!

I have been told that books come into your life at just the right time and I think that this is true with The Magic.

The basis of this book is showing gratitude which is the basis of most spiritual teachings from Christianity to Buddhism.   Whatever your belief system this book is a great way of teaching you how to practice gratitude in your life.

I like the book because it's short chapters, each of which has an exercise for you to do and it's designed to be read one chapter a day.  I found this easy to add into my morning routine and was enjoying doing the exercises as well until I came to one chapter and just could not complete that particular exercise!

After a number of days, I decided to leave that chapter and carry on with the rest and there were a few that I found I couldn't complete.   My daughter is reading the book now and I'll revisit it in a couple of months when I can hopefully complete all of the exercises.

I didn't find that the book taught me a lot that I didn't know, but by doing the exercises and really thinking about my blessings and showing my gratitude I have noticed a few things in my life have changed.

I really recommend this for everyone, personally, I was finding myself becoming very negative about a situation in my life (and I hate being negative I should add, I much prefer the positive side of myself) and I credit this book with helping me 'find' my positive side again.   I also made an achievement in my work life which I think was directly connected to one of the exercises in the book.

Have you read The Magic?

I'd be interested to know if you've read The Magic and/or The Secret.  I think once I've finished a couple of the books on my list I might try and read The Secret again and see if I get past the first few pages!

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  1. Intriguing review of The Magic, Louanne. I HAVE read The Secret, so I shall now look into this one as I do believe looking on the positive side of life as a whole is important.

  2. I haven't read The Magic, but I certainly prefer anything that encourages positive thinking instead of negativity. Sounds like the perfect way to start a day!

  3. I read The Secret many years ago. I've not heard of The Magic. I probably should read it. I'm developing a bitter and negative attitude and it's been really hard to focus on the good things in life with so much stress at work. I appreciate the review.

  4. I believe I tried once to delve into The Secret, as I had heard so much about that book. Most of the books I seek out are the type of books that generate the things I most value in life (being grateful is one of those things). I'm glad this book had a positive impact on your accomplishments and outlook (positivity, etc.). Thank you for sharing your experience in this review. Any book that helps us grow in a positive direction is well worth reading.

  5. Love the idea of gratitude, I did read The Secret and found a few gems, would be interested to read The Magic too!

  6. I have not yet read either of these two books. They are new to me! I must have been hiding under a rock when the Secret came out. It sounds like the kind of book I would enjoy. So now my summer reading list has been expanded by two again. Thank you for your candid review.

  7. I'm afraid I've not only not read The Magic, but until now I've not even heard of it. I like your honest review that lets one know what to expect. I agree that sometimes we start to read a book before its time has come. No two people will have exactly the same response to the same book.

  8. I haven't read The Magic but I'm very intrigued about the daily exercises. Am very much into that sort of thing. I have watched The Secret (in fact I know one of the main creators of it) Since I know this person, and trusted him in our youth, I was able to get a lot out of it. Am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction - You are What You Think. No doubt in my mind. Thanks for the heads up on this book, I'll have to get it :)

  9. Definitely on my reading list! Loved The Secret, but do consider it rehashing of other ideas. Gratitude is a lovely thing to help your life so will read this too.

  10. I've "done" The Magic several times. "Done," rather than "read," since it's really a series of things to do. It completely changed my life and helped me change my habits and remove many character traits I didn't like about myself, by allowing me to finally make changes. I hold workshops, and ALWAYS recommend it. We do a couple of pages to get people started. I stock a few copies to sell at my cost so people will get started. It has brought blessings and abundance and good changes into everyone's life that I've known to do this book. The Power by Rhonda is definitely a Must Read. You can skim it if you feel the need, just lighting on certain parts. It is also part of the life change I mentioned. I think every person should read both, and that they should be required reading in schools. The Secret is wonderful too, but even reading it and watching the DVD, it didn't speak to me. I needed The Magic and The Power to really get through. I am so grateful for Rhonda B. !!


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