Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Island Coconut Coffee K-Cups Reviewed

Coconut Flavored Coffee

island coffee
Delightful flavor of coffee for any time of day
Recently, I tried Island Coconut coffee as something different to drink. I was not disappointed! Normally, I drink a stronger bolder cup of coffee but I decided to give this variety of k-cup a try because I do love coconut. 

When I brewed my first cup, I was pleasantly surprised at the aroma of coconut wafting through the kitchen. What a lovely scent to be greeted with along with that wonderful smell of coffee brewing! 

Island Coconut coffee is a light roast which means that the beans were not roasted beyond that first crack in the roasting process. This gives the coffee a light body with more of the bean flavor since it hasn't been roasted away from a longer process. The result in this flavor is incredibly good! You really do taste coconut. The box states that the k-cups have natural and artificial flavors so the coconut must be added. It sure tastes like they used real coconut but I can't guarantee that because I can't find any information to validate my assumption. I am going by the taste which is delightful!

So, if you enjoy a flavored coffee once in a while or every day; I can recommend this as one to try especially if you love coconut. I find it very enjoyable as a break away from my usual coffee selections. Since it is a limited edition, I plan to order more to keep on hand for an occasional treat. Something that I might try; although I don't know if it would work is to add some chocolate to the cup...chocolate and coconut go really well together! Yum!

What about you? Do you have a flavored coffee that you prefer? I would love to hear your favorites. It often gives me ideas on new things to try for myself and my husband.  

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  1. Coconut flavor in coffee -- sounds delicious, Bev. I prefer my coffee flavorless most of the time, but I am a big fan of coconut and would like to try this flavor. My son-in-law, a BIG coffee drinker, has a favorite flavor -- Hazelnut. Excuse me.... have to go get another cup of coffee now that we are talking coffee. LOL.

  2. I am most definitely familiar with Green Mountain Coffee. I have tried several of their blends and have always enjoyed them. I have not tasted the Island Coconut coffee though. Putting it on my list as a "must try" blend. I can almost smell the coconut now just from your description.

  3. Oh Bev, I'm not a flavored coffee drinker myself. I am addicted to the taste of coffee and coffee alone. My one indulgence is that I will quite often have a cup of coffee with some really good chocolate on the side. Take a small bite of chocolate and then help wash that down with fresh hot coffee. That is my idea of heaven on earth! I do like coconut though, so maybe I need to try this combination sometime. Thanks!

  4. I've never heard of it... but it sounds delicious! I might have to give these a try.

  5. Oh my this sounds very good! Love coconut, I'm quite curious to try coconut coffee now. That's a different flavor; bet it's yum.


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