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Review: ROK Hardware

It started innocently enough … but don’t all DIY projects start out with the best of intentions until you hit the DIY speedbump. Years ago the kitchen cabinets were refaced with new hinges and hardware and all was well. All was well for about 12 years until the first evil click sound occurred when the cabinet was opened. The “click sound” was in conjunction with an itty bitty little black dowel from the interior of the hinge which would break and fly to the floor. The cabinet would then not open as easily or as wide as designed.  So occasionally part of the hinge would need to be replaced. No problem.
Shop with ease at ROK Hardware for all your hardware needs. Great selection, great prices and great customer service!

The DIY Speedbump

The speedbump occurred when the company discontinued the style of the original hinge and replaced the beloved model with a new model.  Aesthetically  the hinges look the same and function the same, but through the years the “little black thingy” that broke off from the hinges became a known issue on the internet.

A known issue because the search was on for the original model. First, the hinges were still available from brick and mortar hardware specialty stores, but as those supplies diminished the internet became the place to find the hinges.

ROK Hardware To The Rescue

I found ROK Hardware while searching for a supply of the hinges to replace the remaining cabinet hinges in bulk. Clearly the lifespan of the remaining hinges with the “little black thingy” was at an end and I need a supply of hinges to complete the cabinet DIY. As you can see I ran into a little speedbump with the hinges and needed a few hinge plates (which is why the pantry door is NOT on the cabinet.)

ROK Hardware offers a huge selection of hardware at low prices and great customer service.

Why I Recommend Rok Hardware

  • Huge selection – Cabinets, Hardware, Home, Kitchen, Bath, Furniture Hardware, Tools
  • Easy to Search Inventory
  • Easy to Use Shopping Cart and Website
  • Very Quick Delivery
  • Low Prices Compared To Manufacturer Cost
  • Brand Name Merchandise
  • Can use with Amazon Prime membership for fast and free shipping

I have become a huge fan of ROK Hardware whose tagline is Build It Better For Less. I love a company that delivers as promised! If you are seeking a hard to find part or replacement part bookmark ROK Hardware to comparison shop and I doubt you will be disappointed by the selection, price or shipping speed.

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  1. Thanks, Tracey. Always good to have a solid recommendation for hardware products. It seems we need one or more at the most inconvenient times (like your failure of the "little black thingy".... love your description!) and it's handy to have a ready source to go to. A very helpful review all around!

    1. Those "little black thingies" are a challenge!Happy to have a resource I can count on :)

  2. Oh, my! A problem with the hardware on your kitchen cabinets would be a nightmare since they are used daily. Sure glad you found a solution and shared it with us in the event that our hardware needs replacement parts. Definitely filing that company name away in the memory banks of my mind. Thank you!

    1. One never knows how much you appreciate a properly hinged kitchen cabinet ... until its' gone! This online store has been a cabinet saver!

  3. Yes... many DIY projects do start out so innocently. Alas, there seems to always be at least one pesky element that takes what seemed like a simple project and makes it into a bit of a marathon. Since I purchase a great deal of hardware, I appreciate your recommendations here. Thank you and may your hinges always open and close smoothly from this day forth.

  4. So true, some DIY's turn into a marathon! Only the strong survive! :)

  5. Oh my, thank goodness I have not run into this problem.....yet! I know it's just timing. Now that I have a go to place to get replacements I feel a lot better. I would hate to replace all the hinges because I could not fix the broken one. Great information and thanks for sharing it with us Tracey. Now I have to go share this great resource with others.

  6. Sounds like just the place to look for the showerhead I need. That showerhead is another project that didn't go quite as I expected. I had not heard of Rok Hardware before.

  7. Sounds like a place to keep in mind. Good to know for those surprise projects that come up when you need a certain gadget.

  8. Thanks for the great recommendation. I noticed that have great reviews every where online. Definitely will check them out for my next woodworking home improvement project :)


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