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Reviewing 3 Natural Ways to Relieve a Headache

3 natural ways to ease a headache
Headaches are no fun, but did you know that you don't have to reach for your bottle of asprin or paracetamol/tylenol when you feel one coming on. 

There are a number of natural remedies that you can try first.

I'm going to review 3 different ways to help relieve a headache that I have tried myself and have found successful. 

I have studied aromatherapy and herbology in the past, but I am not a doctor so if you have persistent headaches please consult your medical practitioner.

Using Aromatherapy to Ease a Headache

A very effective way to ease a headache is with lavender oil.   Now if you headache is caused by stress then relieving your stress levels is a great idea so check out this article -

Aromatherapy for StressReviewing How Aromatherapy Can Help Relieve Stress
If stress is getting you down then you need to use a little aromatherapy magic. Let me show you what essential oils you need to use and exactly how to use them to effectively ease stress.

Now back to lavender oil.  This is one of the few pure, essential oils that you can use undiluted.  Simply tip the bottle upside down onto your index finger on one hand and then do the same on the other.  You should end up with a drop on each finger.

You massage your fingers into your temple like the photo below -

relieve headaches by using these massage points
Photo courtesy of Lou's Designs

I used to try this for migraines (which I used to get every month before I had my daughter), it used to reduce the severity of the headache, although it didn't help with the lack of balance and light sensitivity (but you can't have everything!).

When it comes to just a standard headache, if I'm at home with lavender on hand this works really well.

Eating Almonds, Not Asprin for a Headache!

Now when I was told last year that merely eating almonds could help a headache I was a little skeptical, but then I tried it with success.  Initially I wondered if it was just a coincidence, but I have tried it a few times now and it has worked.

I have also looked into why this works and when I saw that almonds are a good source of magnesium I realized that's why they're effective.  Magnesium actually helps to relax your blood vessels and it's often when your blood vessels are tight that you get headaches.

How many almonds to take?  The recommendation is 10-12 almonds, but when I've tried them I've only taken 6-8 each time, then again when I have resorted to taking paracetamol/tylenol I only take 1 not 2.

Hydration is Vital for Keeping Headaches at Bay!

I read somewhere that dehydration is one of the leading causes of headaches, now I don't know exactly how factual that statement is, but it wouldn't surprise me.  Most people I know just do not drink enough water and by consuming more processed foods we are also digesting less water through our meals as well.

When my daughter complains of a headache the first thing I ask her is 'have you drunk much today?' the reply is usually no!  Now when you're dehydrated just drinking water sometimes isn't enough to ease the headache quickly as you need to get electrolytes into your system too.

If you have any watermelon on hand this is an excellent source of natural electrolytes and it has the added bonus that most kids who don't want to drink water will happily consume a slice or two of watermelon!

Another option is to have an electrolyte drink (often marketed as sports drinks).  This will work, but the side effect with most of the ones on the market is that they tend to be really high in sugar.  This is one of the reasons (I believe) that after drinking them you are sometimes left feeling even thirstier.

One drink that I use and also give my teenager is Arbonne's Complete Hydration as it's much lower in sugar and is formulated to hydrate on a cellular level.   This means that it doesn't leave you feeling thirsty.

Have You Tried Natural Ways to Ease A Headache?

I'd love to know if you've tried any of these three ways to ease a headache or if you have a different natural method to help your headaches.

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  1. Lou, excellent article. I had no idea about the almonds and I'm going to pay attention in the future. I have had chronic migraines since the 80's. Lavendar oil doesn't work for me, but peppermint oil sometimes does. I keep a little roll-on bottle with me. Dehydration is definitely a factor for me, in causing the start of headaches. One more natural thing that helps me sometimes, that seems counter-intuitive, is that I stretch or exercise if I feel a headache coming on. Some yoga stretches that get my heart rate up or taking a fast walk. I'm not sure if its the change in heart rate or the chemicals my body releases when I move, but that sometimes stops a headache that's starting.

    1. Interesting that lavender oil doesn't work for you, I find peppermint oil works great if it's a sinus headache but otherwise not that good for me, however drinking peppermint tea sometimes works. Isn't it interesting how people are affected differently?

      I would say it's probably the endorphins that your body releases when you exercise that helps you as opposed to getting your heart rate up, but I'm not a doctor so .. do let me know if you try the almonds :)

  2. Interesting solutions to relieving a headache, Lou. I agree with the dehydration issue. I seldom get headaches, but have noticed that being thirsty and having a headache seem to be connected. Thanks for your review filled with these natural headache remedies.

    1. By the time you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated which is why so many people fall into this trap!

  3. Am always interested in the ways to use essential oils ! Almonds I had not heard of for headaches - interesting!

    1. I really love aromatherapy as you can probably tell! I do find it interesting when I discover a 'food cure' as Hippocrates said 'let food be thy medicine'.

  4. There was a time in my life where I could have really used this advice! When I worked outside of the home, I got headaches a lot more often, and a lot more severe. Most likely due to stress or dehydration. However, I do still get them from time to time. I see that I need to add almonds to my diet! It would be nice to be able to completely eradicate them without having to take Advil. Still grateful for the Advil though when needed. Thanks for the great suggestions!

    1. I try to always have a small container of almonds in my bag, they're a great source of protein if you're out longer than you mean to be and are hungry as well as being good for headaches - my go to nut!

  5. Good suggestions. The almonds idea I hadn't heard of. I feel for people who suffer with headaches, it's brutal. I rarely get headaches so when I do get them I notice it! I take a magnesium supplement daily maybe that's a bit of prevention or something based on the almond/magnesium relationship you've researched.

    1. I'd say the magnesium supplement has definitely been helping you :)

  6. Wow Lou, that is really good information. I don't get headaches very often, so having a natural way to relieve them would be great. I am not a pill popper at the best of times and if I'm suffering from a headache I probably would not get the pills out either. Thank you for this really good information!

    1. Thanks Grammie, I never like taking pills if I can help it either!

  7. I don't get headaches as often as I used to, but I'm beginning to get sinus headaches now because I can't take antihistamines with my new heart medication. Do you use the peppermint oil the same way you use the lavender oil? I eat a lot of almonds and other nuts and seeds daily and take a magnesium supplement, and I also drink hot tea if my head aches -- sometimes peppermint tea, but almost anything hot helps my sinuses drain.

    1. You shouldn't use 100% pure essential peppermint oil neat so I usually use it in a diffuser as opposed to rubbing it into my temples. You could put a few drops of the peppermint oil into a carrier oil such as sweet almond and keep that on hand to use to massage into your temples.


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