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Site Review: Drageda - The Heart of Country Music

Reviewing the Heart of Country Music.
I am in a mood. I don't want the television on - polluting me with all of it's negativity. I'd rather listen to some music. Only trouble is, I'm tired of the local radio stations that play the same songs every hour. When I'm in this mood, a song that I love quickly becomes a song that grates my nerves due to the repetition. Today, I'm in the mood for a specific type of song, a country song that makes me feel good. So I turn to a familiar website for inspiration. Since you may not be familiar with I thought I'd do a quick site review and introduce you. - The Heart of Country Music

Our very own Review This! contributor, Barbara Tremblay Cipak (Brite-Ideas) is the creator of  I am not writing this review because she is a co-writer on this site. Rather, I am writing this review because I truly find her personal website to be heart-felt, informational, and helpful.

What is ? is "not your typical find a country song site".  Barbara has created the site to assist with finding the right country song for your feeling, special occasion, or that particular moment in your life. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, or memorial.... whether is about family, friendships, love, break-ups, or grief and loss... Barbara reviews and categorizes songs to fit the moment in time.

What in the world does Drageda stand for ?

Drageda stands for Don't Ride Alone Get Emotional Daily Assistance.

Why I Recommend

Even though I listen to country music (I like many genres, and am a radio station surfer, but I tend toward country the most), Barbara's reviews have introduced me to new artists and new songs. 

All of her reviews are heartfelt. She provides the links to the music or videos, her interpretation of the songs, and portions of the lyrics. 

The site is easy to use. There are a variety of categories that are easily accessible via the links at the top of the page. This includes the categories: Breakup, Family, Friend, Funny, Hope, Happy, Love, Perspective, Time Passing, and Death & Loss. There is also a Country Gifts category. Some of those categories have sub-sections.

If you can't find what you need there, or just for fun, check out the Country Song Lists page. While on the website, that link can be found in the very top left corner of the page. You'll be taken to a page where the categories of songs are searchable and listed by category phrases (in 4 different tables) such as:

  • Thank You: I'm feeling so grateful for the people in my life
  • Date Night: Songs for a night of just kissing
  • Cheater: Support songs if the MoFo cheated!
  • USA or July 4th country songs
  • Canada country songs
  • songs to honor Dad
  • songs to celebrate Mom
  • and many more categories
In addition to the specific song reviews, on the right side of the page, there are two itunes sections that list the current top 10 country music videos and the current top 10 country music albums.  Using those sections, I have found songs/videos I wasn't familiar with and because that section links to itunes, I am able to listen to song samples for free (I really like free). 

Finally, and sometimes most importantly to me, there is a noticeable absence of ads and pop-ups. I really find those "subscribe" pop-ups, ads, and websites that are as full of ads as they are content so annoying that I'll sometimes immediately click out of a site. I appreciate that Barbara (whether intentional or not) is so focused on the feelings of the music and the music itself that disruptive ad placement is excluded. What a breath of fresh air these days.

There is only one small addition that would be helpful for me personally on That would be a section just for music that celebrates country living and the natural world. When I'm in this mood, that is the music I lean toward. However, even without this specific section, I was able to find the perfect song (and it turns out an entire album) that fits my mood today.  Celebrating "country" and the natural world.  

Son of the Sun
by: Dierks Bentley 
album: The Mountain

This is probably a song I would not have found without help from Drageda.comI'm glad to have found it. My home is filled with feel-good music and songs that fit my emotional needs for today. Just how Drageda intended.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”



  1. What a delightful review of and what fun to learn what the name stands for. I've enjoyed Barbara's musical interpretations of a wide variety of subjects through her country music site and it is wonderful to have her honored today through your review. Thanks, Dawn Rae.

  2. Dawn, what a kind and thoughtful review. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the time you took to write this review, I feel very honoured and quite moved as well. I’ll have to add the section you suggested, you have me curious and wanting to go on the hunt for songs about natural living and the country world. One I can think of right off the top of my head is Mountain Man by Dean Brody. That song reminds me of one of my stepsons who is an avid outdoorsman. Oh and thanks for noticing that I have few to no ads on my site, I wanted to keep it focused on the music as much as possible. Again thank you so much for this excellent review.

    1. Barbara, you are very welcome. It was an easy choice for a review after I realized that I was there once again to listen to music (and I look forward to your addition of Mountain Man - I don't think I'm familiar with that song).

  3. What a lovely tribute review. I appreciate your generous spirit and spotlight on a reviewer who always gets it right. Enjoyed hearing a new song, too. I know I will like the new category you suggested.

  4. Drageda is a fabulous website for music! I frequently listen to Barbara's recommendations myself. Like you, I hate all of the advertising on so many sites and I do appreciate the organization on Drageda. Excellent review Dawn and fabulous reminder of the best place to find great music!

    1. Cynthia, thank you so much for your kindness and support over the years. It's always appreciated and I treasure our online business relationships and friendship. <3

  5. Drageda has long been one of the best-organized, most helpful music sites I've ever seen. Even though I'm not a huge country music fan, I love reading Barbara's heartfelt and helpful descriptions, and have discovered songs I never might have listened to if it weren't for her site. Thanks for the great review, Dawn Rae, and for the great music guidance, Barbara!

    1. Margaret, you're an absolute doll, thank you so much for your kind words and your support and your honest advice when I was designing the site as well xxoo

  6. What a great review of a really good music site. Barbara has a knack for finding all those songs that you just know you will need to hear at some point in time.... I love the choices and the genre of music as well. Thank you for this beautiful review and Barbara for putting together something that everyone will need at some time in their lives.


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