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When You Need Ideas on What to Write Inside a Greeting Card, Check Out These Words of Inspiration

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When Words Fail You

One of the quirkiest things I've enjoyed doing as a hobby for decades is coming up with sayings to write on the inside of cards.

Since my friend and I were young twenty-somethings, we've been drawn to card shops. You could usually find us in a local card shop pulling the funny cards, laughing as we blurted the creative sentiments to each other.

In those early years, I remember thinking, if I had to do it all over again, I'd go into the advertising business so I could write funny lines for cards and create commercials.

Then came the internet, where I discovered I could put all those useless one liners rolling around in my head to good use.

Thus Was Born My Hobby - Writing Sayings for Cards

You'll find sayings for many types of cards: For a new home, a new driver,
Review These Sayings You Can Write in a Card
engagements, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, sympathy, friends, to say thank you and much more.

It's a crazy knack to be able to write card sentiments in no time flat.

On a good day I'm able to sit down and pump out 50 to 100 ideas in an hour or less. Sometimes those crazy one-liners just keep coming. Of all the skills, THIS is the one I got??

When You're Stuck, Use These Sayings

For those who struggle with what to write inside a card, don't sit there racking your brain trying to find the best words.

Simply go to one of my card saying pages and choose something to put on the card, or just use a blurb as inspiration to write your own personal note.

Writing funny card sayings is my favorite thing to do, however, I've written just as many that are serious and even somber.

If I had to select, I'd say the sayings I've written for Sympathy Cards are the most useful. When dad passed away we received cards from all over the country with personally written notes and they meant so much to us.

I was completely shocked at how reading those notes eased my pain for a few moments. The thoughtfulness put into a few kind words meant more than I can express. That moment was my inspiration to put together a list of written sayings for sympathy cards.

Personally I always write a note when I give someone a card. You don't have to write long paragraphs either, just one or two lines of thoughtfulness can make all the difference.

Have fun finding the best sayings that fit your special someone. Here's a card already completed with the saying on it. It's oozing sarcasm for that friend who loves sarcasm :)

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  1. Barbara, I've read your greeting card sayings posts in other places, and I knew you wrote poetry, but did not realize these one-liners were your original ideas! They are terrific and what a fun and clever hobby to have. I LOVE funny lines and gravitate toward cards that tickle my funny bone and just about any occasion for any person. Love and laughter are the two most important aspects needed to carry us through this weary world at times.

    BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed your post about funny things to write in a card to a new driver when my 16-year-old grandson passed his drivers test last month. You have a talent for coming up with just the right saying for every occasion. Well done... and keep it up.

    1. Pat, thank you so much! I’m right with you on the funny cards. I love reading humorous cards just to see where the writers head is at lol. Having my boys pass their drivers tests over the year and one still left to go, I totally get the hidden humour in a parents panic lol. So thank you for relating your family’s time marker of your grandson getting his drivers license to my cards for drivers page. And congrats to him; wishing him safe travels.

  2. I am one of those people who definitely needs help coming up with what to say in a card. I am thinking about the person, or remembering them obviously if I am sending a card, but I never know what to write. Thank you for all of your helpful posts and articles giving me that much needed help.

  3. Maybe we are twins separated at birth. I have always loved card shops and creating my own lines of greeting cards. I'm not as prolific as you are, but I believe we would make a good team. I appreciate your many gifts. My kindred spirits are always those who are drawn to laughter and creative pursuits. I'm sure everyone who receives a beautifully written sentiment from you forever holds that in their hearts. I look forward to checking out more of your creative work.

  4. You shouldn't complain about your gift, it's unique and it fits you perfectly. What a great help to someone whose words do fail them! Thanks for this thoughtful way to engage with family and friends.

  5. Thanks for the ideas. I am often stuck, particularly on sympathy cards.


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